Sync Licensing- How to Feature Your Music in Movies, TV, Commercials, and more

Increasingly, TV shows, films, and ad agencies are seeking out new indie music for their projects. They need the perfect song to fit the mood, and since Sting is probably going to charge them a bazillion dollars to use one of his songs, they’re turning to lesser-known acts to make the magic happen.

When your music is used in a TV show, video game, film, advertisement, etc., (when it is “synchronized” to a moving image) you are paid a sync licensing fee. For indie artists, these fees aren’t usually enough to retire on, but they can amount to some significant income.

The CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast recorded a 2-part special on the topic, looking at:

  • What is sync licensing?
  • How does sync licensing work?
  • How do you attract music directors to check out your tunes? Etc.

In Part One (episode #23), we interviewed CD Baby artist Gavin Heaney (Latch Key Kid), whose music ended up in a recent Super-Bowl commercial, as well as Joey Prather, who owns Blue Scout Music, a music licensing company in Portland, OR.

Click play on the audio player above, or visit the full podcast page HERE.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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