“I’ve earned almost $600 in publishing royalties from streaming alone”

Phillip Wilkerson - ambient electronic musicianYou don’t need a hit song to generate real publishing revenue.

Phillip Wilkerson, a prolific ambient musician and long-time CD Baby artist‚ recently told us about the additional income CD Baby Pro has brought to his music career:

“In the past three months, I’ve earned almost $600 in publishing royalties from streaming alone. That’s on top of my mechanical royalties for international downloads and the performance royalties I earn when my music gets played on the radio and on services like Pandora.

I wish I could point to a clear cause & effect‚ but I think it’s just the culmination of having many releases spinning out there in the universe. Those cumulative pennies and nickels really add up.”

For a busy musician like Phillip‚ enlisting CD Baby Pro to collect his royalties doesn’t just offer peace of mind knowing he’s earning every cent he’s owed; it also allows him the freedom to spend more time creating.

This is the power of Pro, CD Baby’s publishing administration service.

Whether it’s collecting money you know you’re due or discovering money you didn’t even know you earned‚ CD Baby Pro finds it and pays it directly to you – for as long as your music is being listened to and purchased. Your one-time signup (or upgrade) fee covers you for as long as your music’s online‚ and makes the impossible task of tracking down royalties a cinch. Let us handle this stuff so you can get back to doing what you do best: making music.

Want to learn more about CD Baby Pro? Watch our video:

Want to upgrade a current title to Pro or sign up a new one? Click HERE!

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[Photo from Phillip Wilkerson’s Facebook page.]

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