Spotify launches Spotify for Artists app for iOS

Spotify for Artists now an app for iOS
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Customize your Spotify profile, promote playlists, and get fan analytics right from your phone.

If you’ve become a verified artist on Spotify, you know you have access to a Spotify for Artists account that lets you:

  • edit the images and bio associated with your artist profile on Spotify
  • promote playlists from your artist profile
  • pin Artist’s Picks to the top of your Spotify profile
  • access useful analytics on your top 1000 songs, user demographics, playlist performance, and more

Now you can do all that same stuff on your iOS device with Spotify’s new Spotify for Artists app.

Did the person in your band who handles all the online marketing from the backseat of the tour van just breathe a sigh of relief? They (you!) can download the Spotify for Artists app HERE.

Have you used the app yet? Lemme know what you think in the comments below.

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