Is Your Live Show Any Good? – Two Performance Tune-Ups with Tom Jackson

Sure, an audience expects you to sound good– play in time, sing in tune, remember lyrics, etc.

But a great live show takes so much more than simple execution; you’ve got to create memorable moments on stage, and that involves tweaking, practicing, and perfecting all those OTHER things about live performance: the look, the moves, the banter, the set-list, the arrangements, the lighting, positioning, and length of the show.

Are you creating real moments on stage?

We’ve had the privilege of interviewing live music producer Tom Jackson for CD Baby’s DIY Musician Podcast on two different occasions. Tom is a performance coach (and so much more) who’s worked with big-name acts from Taylor Swift to Jars of Clay, helping them craft a concert from start to finish that sends audiences clambering to the merch table.

Click the links below to hear Tom’s advice on how to connect with an audience in a lasting way:

1. DIY Musician Podcast Episode #43: Tom Jackson- Creating Moments on Stage

2. DIY Musician Podcast Episode #111: Tom Jackson- The Live Band Makeover

How have you studied and altered your own live performances to make a bigger impact? Let us know in the comments section below.

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