Here are the key resources to learn everything you need to know on how to get your music featured in Spotify playlists.

  1. Getting Your Songs on Spotify Playlists — This free PDF guide will take you all the way from becoming a verified artist on Spotify, to building a modest playlist presence, to pitching your songs to prominent playlist curators. Download it HERE.
  2. How to Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists, Part 1 — Episode #180 of the DIY Musician Podcast is an interview with streaming promotions expert Charles Alexander, all about building your Spotify presence, pitching to prominent playlist curators,  and getting the attention of Spotify’s algorithm (and in-house editorial team). Listen HERE.
  3. How to Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists, Part 2Episode #181 of the DIY Musician Podcast is a discussion between me and Kevin Breuner (CD Baby’s VP of Marketing) about our own playlisting experiences, some best-practices for creating and promoting playlists, and some common mistakes to avoid. Listen HERE.
  4. How to get your first 250 followers on Spotify — This article explains the importance of Spotify artist verification and how to grow your following on the platform. Check it out HERE.
  5. The 6 primary types of Spotify playlists that can feature your songs — This article provides an overview of the different playlist opportunities out there, as well as a few points on pursuing those opportunities. Check it out HERE.
  6. Same Old Song, Brand New Context: 12 playlist ideas that can breathe new life into your back-catalog — This article gives you lots of ideas for playlist creation that you can use to generate new streaming activity for songs you might’ve thought went stale long ago. Check it out HERE.
  7. How to build a Spotify playlist that shows in a search — Promoting your own playlists is tricky if they don’t show up in Spotify’s search. This article shows you how to improve your playlists’ chances of turning up in Spotify search results. Read more HERE.

If you’re just getting into promoting your music on Spotify, these resources are a great place to start — particularly our free guide, which touches on all of the information shared in the above articles and podcasts. Download it HERE.

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