8 Ways to Promote Your Music with Vine

How to Promote Your Music Using VineUsing Vine to engage your fans

Vine is a new app for iPhone that lets you quickly shoot and edit 6-second videos, upload them to your Vine account, and share them instantly with your fans on Twitter and Facebook.

For the doubters amongst you, it’s worth pointing out that over 100,000 videos were uploaded to Vine last weekend alone. (I was responsible for 3 of them).

I wrote about Vine a little while back on this blog. Truth be told, I’m obsessed with Vine. It’s fun and easy to use, and I think there are tons of possibilities for promoting your music with the video app.

But my enthusiasm has been met with some skepticism. Only 6 seconds? What can I do in 6 seconds that’s worth sharing with my fans?

How to promote your music using Vine’s micro-videos

1. Shoot video of your load-in, sound-check, or your band’s name on the marquee 

This can be a great way to get folks excited about your show that night.

2. Capture a memorable moment in the studio

Keep your fans engaged while you’re working on new material, and give them a taste of what the new stuff sounds like.

3. Titillate the gear-geeks

Show people what guitar, sampler, or harpsichord you used to get that crazy sound on your latest single.

4. Edit a stop-motion montage of your accommodations on tour

Those roach-infested motels and cold hardwood floors can seem mighty romantic to your fan who’s sitting in a cubicle.

5. Ask your fans to shoot Vine videos of your next concert

And make sure they tag those videos with your band name!

6. Show ’em the view from stage

Take some video of your fans while you’re on stage. Afterwards, they’ll want to see if they can spot themselves.

7. Shoot a miniature music-video

Hey, 6 seconds is a lot easier to tackle than 4 minutes! And if it’s cool enough, you’ll entice folks to listen to the full track at a fraction of the cost of making a full video.

8. Posters, buttons, T-shirts, CDs, vinyl, oh my!

Let your fans see the latest merch you’ve got available as it’s being taken out of the box, fresh from the manufacturer, screen-printer, or Kinkos.


As more and more folks start using Vine we’ll see a bunch of new ideas for how to promote your music with micro-videos.

What do you think? Have you used Vine in an interesting way? Or do you think it’s just one more social media distraction?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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