CD Baby Partners with Shazam, the World’s Most Popular Music Discovery Mobile App

How to Get Your Music on ShazamHow to get your music on Shazam

Exciting news: CD Baby is the first independent music aggregator to partner with Shazam— and, more importantly, music by CD Baby artists will soon be discovered using Shazam’s popular music IDing app.

[Important note: CD Baby delivers music to Shazam’s database on a daily basis; but as this partnership is still fairly new, it will take some time for them to ingest our entire catalog. If you can’t ID your music on Shazam yet, you should be able to soon. Thanks for your patience.]

You know Shazam, right? It’s a magical mobile app available for iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc.

How Shazam works: if you’re curious about a song that’s playing on the radio or on someone’s stereo (in a bar, cafe, restaurant, car, etc.),  you just hold your phone or tablet up to the music source and Shazam will automatically tell you the name of the artist, song, and album — plus give you a direct link to purchase the track from stores  like iTunes and Amazon. Shazam drove over $300 million in iTunes and Amazon sales last year!

CD Baby artists can now be Shazam’d

Shazam’s audio recognition technology revolutionized the music discovery process, and we’re psyched that CD Baby artists will now be included in Shazam’s database, greatly increasing the chances that their music will be discovered, shared, and purchased. With Shazam, a new fan is only a couple taps away.

Artists who’ve set their digital distribution level to “traditional” or higher will automatically have their music delivered to Shazam.

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