CD Baby Artists’ Music Now Available in FLAC, MP3-320, or Standard MP3

FLAC Files Available from CD BabyCD Baby now offers your music in a “lossless” audio format

Good news for CD Baby artists (and audiophiles): your fans can now choose between FLAC, MP3-320, and standard MP3 when they purchase your music on

So what exactly is the difference between these file formats?

Audio file formats offered by CD Baby

MP3  — CD Baby encodes MP3s using the standard preset of the lame encoder, yielding Variable Bit-rate MP3s with a target bit-rate of around 200kbps.

MP3-320 — According to ISO standards, MP3-320 is the highest bit-rate MP3 file that audio decoders are required to produce (though some encoders can create MP3s up to 640 kbit/s).

FLAC  — FLAC files are “lossless,” meaning they’ve been compressed without any loss of audio information. They’re CD-quality!


For any customer who wants to purchase the highest fidelity digital files available, FLAC is the answer.

Note: some media players cannot play FLAC files, but you can download free programs like Media Monkey, Songbird, or xACT to play/convert FLAC files.

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