Decade in Review

Music Industry Milestones


CD Baby

Delivers to French streaming service Deezer.

Reaches $100 million in payouts to artists.

Partners with Spotify.

February 2010

The iTunes Store reaches 10 billion songs sold.

March 2010

A year-and-a-half after its founding, Spotify announces plans to enter the U.S. market.

Pandora Radio reaches 50 million users.

November 2010

Spotify integrates with music-discovery app Shazam.


March 2011

Spotify reaches one million paying subscribers.

June 2011

Pandora Radio goes public on the New York Stock Exchange.

July 2011

Spotify launches in the U.S.

October 2011

Rhapsody announces its purchase of Napster from Best Buy.

November 2011

Apple launches iTunes Match, a cloud-storage service for music.

Google launches Google Play Music.


CD Baby

Reaches $250 million in payouts to artists.

Partners with Amazon Music.

1 million songs administered on YouTube.

Digital catalog reaches 5 million songs.

Active artists reach 500,000.

August 2012

10 years after its debut, Shazam announces it has identified five billion songs.

December 2012

Spotify reaches five million subscribers. (It also adds the catalog of formerly streaming-averse band Metallica to its database.)


CD Baby

2 million songs administered on YouTube.

February 2013

CD Baby Pro Publishing Administration is launched.

February 2013

The iTunes Store reaches 25 billion sales. Apple also reports an average of 15,000 songs sold per minute.

April 2013

Pandora reaches 200 million users, 70 million of which are monthly active users.

The iTunes Store turns 10.


CD Baby

CD Baby partners with Apple Music before its launch in 2015.

May 2014

Spotify reaches 10 million subscribers.

June 2014

Amazon launches Prime Music, its first streaming service, free for Prime members.

August 2014

Apple acquires Beats Electronics and Beats Music for three billion dollars, laying the groundwork for what will become Apple’s own streaming service.

October 2014

Shazam announces it has been used to identify 15 billion songs.

November 2014

Taylor Swift becomes first major artist to pull her music from Spotify.


CD Baby

3 million songs administered on YouTube.

June 2015

CD Baby delivers catalog to Apple Music for its launch date.

January 2015

Jay Z’s company Project Panther Bidco Ltd. pays 56 million dollars in takeover purchase of Norwegian lossless music streaming service Aspiro.

March 2015

Jay Z – along with several notable artists including Rihanna and Kanye West – launches Tidal. The new streaming service uses Aspiro’s platform to offer paid-only, high-quality lossless streaming. This is in direct competition to the lossy quality of Spotify.

June 2015

Apple announces Apple Music in early June. They officially launch the new service at the end of the month with a fee of $9.99 per month.

November 2015

YouTube Music launches as a free streaming service.

Pandora buys technology, intellectual property and other assets from on-demand streaming service Rdio.


CD Baby

Reaches $500 million in payouts to artists.

January 2016

Apple Music reaches 10 million subscribers.

March 2016

Tidal announces three million subscribers.

June 2016

Rhapsody rebrands as Napster in the U.S., keeping consistent with its branding internationally.

July 2016

Almost nine years after its launch in October 2007, Google announces YouTube Content ID has paid out $2 billion to rights holders.

September 2016

Pandora signs licensing deals with major labels Universal Music and Sony Music, along with dozens of other labels and distributors.

Shazam crosses the 1 billion download mark and officially achieves a profit.

October 2016

Amazon launches Amazon Music Unlimited, a streaming service with tens of millions of songs; a much larger catalog than Prime Music.


March 2017

CD Baby Pro Publishing reaches 100,000 songwriters.

June 2017

Taylor Swift puts her catalog back on Spotify.


CD Baby

May 2018

Offers artists monetization for their music in Facebook videos.

August 2018

CD Baby Pro Publishing reaches 1 million songs.

May 2018

YouTube Music launches an ad-free paid service for $9.99 per month.


CD Baby

February 2019

Begins delivering music to Instagram.

November 2019

CD Baby Pro Publishing reaches 275,000 songwriters.

CD Baby reaches $750 million in payouts to artists.

Digital catalog reaches 9 million songs.

Deezer starts the year with 7 million subscribers and 14 million total users.

January 2019

Apple Music reaches 50 million subscribers.

May 2019

YouTube Music reaches 15 million subscribers.

June 2019

Apple announces plans to close iTunes and split the service into three distinct areas: Music, TV and Podcasts.

July 2019

Amazon Music reaches 32 million subscribers.

September 2019

Amazon Music launches Amazon Music HD, a streaming service offering lossless quality files.