CD Baby turns 20 and goes back to its ORIGINAL pricing!

CD Baby returns to 1998 pricing
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We’re celebrating CD Baby’s 20th anniversary with a return to our original music distribution price from 1998.

Hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years since CD Baby revolutionized the independent music industry by giving DIY artists their first chance to reach a worldwide audience on their own terms.

Since our founding we’ve knocked down the barriers to both physical and digital distribution, as well as:

All of this is done with one mission in mind: empower artists, let them keep their rights and decide what’s best for their own careers, and pay them every single week.

We’re immensely proud of the service we’ve provided for two decades now, and every day we feel honored by the 650k+ musicians who’ve entrusted us with one of the most important things in their lives, their own music.

So how are we going to celebrate?

It only seemed fitting to return to our original, 1998 pricing: $35 Standard album distribution.

We’re also throwing in a $20 discount on Pro Publishing albums too.

Grab your coupon code and use it at checkout:

  • Standard Album: 20YEARS
  • Pro Publishing Album: 20YEARSPRO

Nothing to release right now?

No problem: you can save now and use it later.

Distribute your music worldwide with CD Baby.

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  • It’s TBD, but you can always buy now and use the credit later. Here’s how:

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    • Sorry, but what do the letters TBD mean in this case. Not being a native English speaker I tried to google it and got these results:

      Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
      Category filter:
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      Too Bad, Dude???

      Anyway I’ll try to follow your instructions, since I may have some material coming soon. 🙂