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When you place a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in your Facebook feed, viewers will have the ability to “like” and “share” that particular post. However, when they share it with their friends, there are no guarantees that all those folks out there enjoying the content you created will actually visit YOUR Facebook page. But thanks to a little-known Facebook feature, you’ll ensure that every person who watches it (no matter whose profile or page they’re looking at) will have the opportunity to “like” (become a fan) your Facebook page.  Of course there is nothing wrong with using YouTube links, but if you are trying to use video to build your fan base on Facebook, this strategy might be a big help. Here is how it works:

1. From you Facebook artist/band profile page, click on the video icon in the Status Update Box

2. Choose to record a new video or upload one from your computer

3. Once the video is processed, it will show up in your feed.  As the video gets passed around, Facebook users that have not “Liked” your artist/band Facebook page will see this.

Have you tried posting videos on Facebook using this method?  Did you see any benefits?  Share in the comment section below.

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  • Why not do both!!

    I always jump start a new video with support from every Social Site – Promoting the You Tube release and hopeful viral break.

    Once a clip has been shared all over kingdom come as a Youtube clip, I then post it to 6 other sites and start a smaller version of the same thing there. Encourage sharing, viewing, and promotion of that Face Book page or My Space page on that social.

    I will wait 3-4 weeks until I see that video traffic slow on Youtube before going to plan B. Since I have many FB and MS pages, it gives me a chance to do a subcategory posting to the appropriate page and then promote that sub page to my possible fans that have not 'liked' it yet.

    1. You Tube release
    2. Promote all Socials and Sites to YouTube release
    3. Follow stats – still focused on YouTube
    4. Release on Socials and side sites
    5. Work whatever benefit and attention to that Social or Site
    6. Move on to next clip – always tracking Stats on YouTube and FaceBook – some MySpace.

    Tips on YouTube promotion and FaceBook, MySpace Socials interaction and promotion on my video site – http://www.saxvideo.tv – You Tube Pages Helps

  • Thanks for the tip. I'm working on a live video right now. How much space are we allowed? Is there a max amount of time for a video? I'm shooting a whole concert. Should I just use snippets of each song? Thanks for the advice, Bob

  • It's pretty essential to post to YouTube in this day and age. Posting to Facebook is ok, but it drives me out of my mind since I can't spread the video outside of Facebook. If you're not a part of Facebook, I'm pretty sure the video is inaccessible. I've got at least one instance of this that's crippling my ability to promote a band. So please at least post to YouTube as well as Facebook. YouTube is still the best way to go viral.

  • Rick Davis

    Well, if I could get the videos uploaded to FB, I would, but it wouldn't finish uploading the last one I tried, which was also the first one I tried. I finally had to open a YouTube account, and got it to upload to YT. I'm not impressed with FB's video upload, and not convinced it will work reliably enough for me to use it without spending hours of my time I could be doing something useful.

  • Eternal Sunday

    The problem with Facebook video is statistics… How do you know how many people watched it? YouTube has an excellent statistic service.

  • Hmmmm that's something I'll have to consider. I guess the question is what's more important? Getting people to add to your youtube play # and possibly click through and subscribe? Or become a fan on facebook. I suppose if there seeing your video on facebook they may not even really be a youtube user so at least you can connect with facebook. Now the question I want to know is when will we have a service like tubemogul that adds your video on facebook automaticlly as well as youtube and vimeo etc.?

  • Of course this is a good suggestion, but as someone already added, there's no benefit in specializing, so post everywhere which you deem are sites of value to you. George/ALIEN SKIN

  • Almost every single time I've tried posting a video to Facebook, it's not posted. It just disappears somewhere in the ether never to be seen again. I think out of the 8 or 10 attempts I've made, only two have posted successfully. My band page appears to be cursed…

  • I agree with Greg – post it everywhere. I've done the same thing to track the difference in response. I like Facebook's embedded video player – looks really clean and this new LIKE feature will definitely be a bonus and incentive to upload your vids this way though.

    web fuel for artists

  • Facebook sucks for video and in general for musicians in my opinion. As "un-hip" as My Space has become it still is much better for musicians IMO. As well as your own site and You Tube account.
    And "past around"? Who's writing this stuff?
    Thanks and Peace,

  • What's "face-book"? ^.^

  • Michael

    I believe YouTube videos can contain links. So you could do a link to your FB at the end. Or you could include links in the video summary on YouTube. That way you get all benefits whichever way you go.

  • Kingvegas

    And unfortunately FB videos won't play on an iPhone thus eliminating many potential viewers who may be interested in the moment.

  • For the last 2 years I have found YouTube clips are the best way to get gigs. I no longer send press releases, just a short email with small photos and a YouTube link to one of our favourite live performances, that has lots of nice comments below it. Now we have several live performance clips that have several thousand views, and I think that's impressive to a booker too.

    I have found Facebook to be excellent to get people to gigs. Strangely, I find their "events pages" do not pull, but if we group people into their message utility it quickly grows into a kind of club debate, word gets out we are doing this and ait ttracts people to ask to be invited in and they get excited about an upcoming gig. Works great !!!

  • I'm sure Facebook will like us all to upload instead of using YouTube. I think this tactic may be a good idea in some situations like if you have a band, or are promoting an event using Facebook. If you wish to earn residual income through Adsense or gain a following outside of the Facebook island (which I think is more crucial) then YouTube is a better choice.

    Not to mention the stats that YouTube provides!

  • Another problem w/the FB video method – the Facebook iPhone app will only play Youtube videos, not Facebook videos (something to do with the Adobe/Apple pissing match over Flash content I suspect!)

  • Thanks for the tip… though posting everywhere is probably best…if you have the time…

  • I'm not completely sure how to upload the video to fb. I don't actually have it saved in my computer, only on youtube… so in the past in sharing videos I always just share the links to youtube. Help?

  • I'm very knowledgable on both sites, and I strongly disagree… Facebook doesn't tell you how many views you got and unless you belong to the site you can view it or spread it… Youtube is still he best way to go Viral.

  • Pro YouTube:
    – embed
    – once I upload a video there, shortly after it appears on many other sites with video search
    – with good tags and titles, it appears on the page of related videos, often along with top star artists
    – people are used to it more

    Pro Facebook:
    – sound quality is WAY much better: when I upload my .wmv vids, on YouTube the sounds becomes really crap, while from the very same file, I get a nice sounding video on Facebook. (Maybe it's only me and I would need to know some more technical tricks?)

  • John

    I want to post several videos embedded from YouTube to my Facebook. I created a custom fbml page but the embedded code doesn't work and no videos show up. I know Facebook has a YouTube application, but that only applies to a personal account page and I can't get it on my Musician page. Any suggestions?

  • 1. Shoot your video.
    2. Edit your video.
    3. Post your video everywhere you possibly can.
    4. Stop complaining.

    • s Kayblogs

      That is the way to go

  • The problem with posting a video to Facebook is the 20 minute limit on length. The limitation is more severe on Youtube, being only 10 minutes. For those who perform more mainstream styles of music, this is not a problem. For people performing less mainstream styles like Progressive Rock or Ambient, this is a serious drawback.

    One solution is to divide up a work into two or more parts. However, in some cases, like when my cover band plays the medley from side 2 (remember sides?) of the Beatles' Abbey Road, this just doesn't work.

    I typically post a video on as many sites as possible to reap the benefits each site offers as described in the article above… when I have the time. Even with DSL, uploading a 35 to 40 minute video to Vimeo, where I don't have a time limitation, takes hours, not to mention the processing time involved. But the effort can be worth it.

    • Shyla P

      Also, it currently limits you to 1500mb. I had a 1 minute 1080p video 4gb, and it wouldn’t take it…. so to Youtube it went.

    • Shyla P

      After account verification (or certain length of time maybe?) Youtube allows longer videos. I have no limit on my length. Just stay out of copyright troubles.

  • Pye

    FB's video uploader is absolute rubbish. Plus, not everyone uses it.

  • Seth Otto

    Does anyone know how I can add a "video" tab to my artist page on Facebook?

    I know it should be easy, (it is for my personal profile) but I can't figure it out! Please help!

  • Becca

    This is definitely something I'd like to see more bands doing. It's nice to just watch the video on the page and not be re-directed to YouTube.

    I just read a really good two-part post on how to use Facebook effectively, check it out: http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2010/8/3/new-music-b

  • I am a singer and would like to put one of my songs on FB or UTube but don't know the first thing about it. Do I need a certain software? thanks

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  • how can i tell how many people have watched my uploaded facebook videos????

  • I appreciate everyone’s input here. Like many of you I struggle to get my music seen and heard. I wrote a song about it: “Nobody Looks at My Web Page” which is on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/themandolinmaniac#p/u/5/2vPTo5Yhhhg

  • I'm upset that I cannot upload a 90 minute video. Also I am upset that my video is not very exciting. I'm frustrated that no one will edit my 90 minute video and make it hip. I wish my pets were funnier. I'm upset that my music is not viral. Don't you want to get infected? Watch my 90 minute video. First click on part one. Then on parts 2-9. I am upset that no one but musicians will read this post. I am upset that I am so easily upset. Where are the pharmaceuticals?

    • Larry Hinze

      Very upsetting. Possibly, unsettling.

  • Serves me better to NOT have a facebook page, so when my blog or youtube url goes around, it comes back to where i am

  • Jack

    I normally have no problems loading youtube videos onto Facebook, but for the past 2 days, I have sound on youtube but no video, just a blank white screen, but I can view videos people post on Facebook. I have Adobe installed as well as Adobe Shockwave. Any hints will be appreciated!

  • I routinely look for the best local bands and shoot them on anywhere from eight to fourteen (so far) cameras. Every area has lots of local bands, so much great music is out there that few will ever hear.

    I think once you develop a consistent format, pay attention to quality shooting and editing, and are shooting something worthwhile, people will eventually take notice, but not unless you get it out there. I use youtube, facebook and myspace mainly. Myspace very little lately since there is so much.. garbage that slows the system down. I think youtube and any popular social website in combination works great, but you still have to take the time to push the video out there.

    It also helps to have a domain, but i think only in some cases. Mine is


    It's a web shortcut to my Youtube page at


    I think sometimes using the shortcut can be a problem since many people are reluctant to click on websites they never heard of with all of the crap/viruses/spyware going around these days so i end up using the direct youtube link.

    Probably also important to brand your material, i.e. get a logo, have a niche, post regularly, etc.. For me, the niche would be shooting mainly tribute bands, lately 80's rock (judas priest, black sabbath, tom petty, iron maiden, escape club, aretha franklin, eric clapton, motorhead, ronnie james dio, phil collins, quiet riot tributes, on and on..) All of those shot multicamera so there is a consistant format.

  • I checked out the link, the song is so right. You play a mean mandolin. "Ain't Talkin Bout Love" was awesome.

  • Guest

    This method sucks, Facebook always prevents me from posting because it thinks the music I’m using isn’t mine. Royalty free and it’s not letting me upload.

  • Guest
  • APG

    Eh, I want more people to visit my youtube channel rather than FB. Anyone know how to get my video post to stay at the top of my FB wall?!? bahh…


  • If you are posting subsequent content, your video post will keep being moved further and further down the wall/feed. It all runs in reverse chronological order.

  • One way to make all of this better is to watch this simple yet informative video (lol) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heOvhlVhIvM

  • i posted this moving picture upon the book of faces and everyone liked it… DO YOU?

  • IpawnprozCarloz

    Making your own Icons for Facebook and Facebook chat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qA3BNbpG0U

  • Gamegurueinstein

    I now haz 150 Thousand Views!

    • Larry Hinze


  • Aliasempire

    I haven't tried that yet as need to get my youtube views up but i will with the next video
    here is my last one enjoy

  • Kyriecher

    I tried to post from YouTube to facebook , greeting cards always unsuccessful . Very frustrated

  • Kyriecher

    I wish to post from YouTube , greeting cards to facebook

  • Bloodshot
  • Darby
    • s Kayblogs


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv1UDRbDze4
    check this out Really works perfectly 😀

  • saveourskills

    Guys embed it off youtube. This is not good advice in my opinion. You want as many views on YOUTUBE as possible. Facebook shares aren’t nearly as important as YOUTUBE views. The more your video is viewed on youtube the better.

    In short.. keep it on youtube

  • s Kayblogs

    Hi guys, subscribe to abs Check out my youtube chanel

    drawing sonic: http://youtu.be/g7BnhsfZCkw

  • Shyla P

    FB currently limits you to 1500mb videos. I had a 1 minute 1080p video 4gb, and it wouldn’t take it…. so to Youtube it went.

  • tanny tanny

    I have a question. ?

    If I pay a facebook link and aj link contains a video to YouTube that is adsense can ket a problem.? whether it is illegal or can help me?

    Have any of you tried

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    Videos should be on YouTube. Posting video on Facebook is utterly stupid because only friends and friends of friends can see them. This is NOT the way to promote your music. YouTube is where EVERYONE can find them regardless of whether they are your friend. Uploading videos to facebook is a little like deleting them.

  • Daniel Martiatu
  • David Dwight

    Google “facebook video audio quality” and you will see why musicians should “not” upload using facebook, facebook compression and messes with the audio quality “big time”, this is especially worse when listened back via earplugs from a mobile phone. Also, facebook only shows your new posts to around 20% of your page fans, I would rather stick to youtube and good quality, I have to say it is a shame facebook do not fix this…