Proof you don’t need a budget to make interesting music videos

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Ingrid Michaelson pieced together a music video for her song “Hell No” one snap at a time. It’s fun, cheap, silly, and somehow works with the music.

Sure, this might be the type of thing Ingrid can get away with and seem charming because she’s sorta famous already, but I think it’s a good example of how you don’t necessarily need a production budget to make a video that adds something to the music and interests your fans.

For some tips on how to make a no-budget music video, click HERE.

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  • Shannon Hurley

    The video for “Hell No” is great (albeit a little terrifying, haha). I’m a fan of Ingrid Michelson’s ability to always top-notch quality songs and doing things her way.
    My band Lovers & Poets just put out a video for our song “You + Me In The Summer” which costed next to nothing. We basically paid a photographer friend $100 to get footage of us walking around beaches and shops for an afternoon. Then I download the free trial of Final Cut Pro and edited the video myself.

  • Robert Hanlon

    I made this video for less than $1000.00.

  • Jameson Tabor

    I totally agree! This is not only clever, but Snapchat got a huge push! I’m curious what they paid her to do it if they did. 😉 Anyone who can tap into a social trend or phenomenon, and do so creatively always wins in my book. Seems like a simple and solid strategy for anyone whose marketing means are fairly slim.

    There is also a bunch you can do with just a couple of friends and some knowledge of the tools you have at hand. The music video for my cover of Year’s & Year’s’ “Eyes Shut” was shot on a $0 budget, using a little creativity and a lot of precision editing on Final Cut Pro which my friend has access to through school. We shot most everything on iPhone 6, and did the nighttime footage with a friend’s nicer camera she owned and then another friend’s cellphone light! (LOL) All in all, I think the thing turned out pretty great! Check it out below: