Make money with YouTube’s Partner Program

June 16, 2010{ 9 Comments }

YouTube has recently stepped up promotion efforts for their partner program, and many musicians and bands are already finding that an active presence on YouTube can equal some real income. However, there are still plenty of artists who have been asking, “What exactly is the partner program and what is required to start making money from┬ámy YouTube videos?” Well, your questions have been answered. The folks at YouTube recently produced an informative video that explains exactly how their partner program works, and what you need to do to start making money with it.

  • I wonder if I qualify? I think I'm going to apply since I have over a million views total of all my videos.

  • One thing that is hard to deal with is when a musician want to broadcast a brand new song. As we all know it takes FOREVER to copyright a song/album…I have had ads removed on newer songs because I could not provide proof of copyright.

    That being said…I'm still thrilled to be a partner.

  • I am a proud YouTube Partner since march 2010 with a film available for rent on youtube called Outside My Window Documentary you can also see my music video Money Green feel so good music video please support my documentary by renting my film on YouTube.

  • I can see this working for independent artists but I still think that the licensing through the audioswap program is the best I've seen so far. I submitted some of my own tunes through Rumblefish ( and have been able to generate some income from random people using my tunes through audioswap ( I'm also not sure about the level of popularity you need to have in order to be accepted to this – I have a feeling you've got to have thousands of views before they'll even bat an eye at you. I'd love to know if this is working for other artists…anyone?

  • Roo

    Im a youtube partner myself for about 1,5yrs. My biggest video had about 70.000 views when I joined. My channel dramaticaly grew up since.

    It has been really great so far. I have some nice incomes from it. I wish I find time to upload more but Im very demanding from myself so I try to upload stuff Im only really happy with. It is an easy way to get easy royalties doing NOTHING. Pushing a bit myself uploading more, Im confident I could make a confortable living of it.

    Of course, there are less positive things about becoming a partner. You can't upload covers anymore, neither advert for a music shop or an endorser… I had to remove a couple covers myself. (At YT, covers get always more views than own material..) You're also tempted to upload material that can get you more viewers and to compromise the quality. So you start to regret afterwhile that this "half good video" eventually reach 1/2millions views and get spotted by many "haters" & lame comments…

    Also uploading constantly videos (alone) is time consuming. If you are touring with a band or even teaching, it is tough to upload often. I always had problems with my recording gear..

    Althrought being a YT Partner get your channel more traffic is doesn't dramaticaly increase your CD/dvds sales. 99,9% of the youtubers are there because YT is FREE and are interested only in FREE material.

    Send me a email if you need for infos but overall I would recommand the Partner Program.

  • omondi

    what kind of copyright YouTube is talking about I thought that copyright laws are clear that the moment you recorded your own song the song is automatically copyrighted.

  • I've just become a partner but i would like to know when filling i the enble revenue form, what is the best thing to put in the box saying that I own the copyright etc. as i don't have any documents saying i own the copyright?


  • i want to be started with yuotube partner program

  • Stefan9603

    i want to be started to be a youtube partner