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Creating multiple revenue streams for your music

December 12, 2014{ No Comments }

Webinar: CD Baby tools for musiciansIn this exclusive webinar, Dave Kusek of the New Artist Model talks to Kevin Breuner, VP of Marketing at CD Baby, about many of the tools we offer and how you can use them to earn more money from your music.

Learn how to:

1. Earn royalties for the usage of your music on YouTube

2. Sell more music on Facebook

3. Sell new music using CD Baby Free

4. Get paid publishing royalties

5. License your music for film and TV

6. Grow your fanbase with Fanbridge

7. Fund your next album, video, or tour with PledgeMusic

To learn more about how CD Baby can help you grow your independent music career, check out this FREE webinar. Read more »

CD Baby changes Terms of Service agreement to help you collect unclaimed royalties

November 26, 2014{ 1 Comment }

Sell More Music with CD BabyWe’re changing the CD Baby Member Agreement so we can collect unclaimed royalties for you

On December 10th, changes to our CD Baby Member Agreement take effect that will allow us to administer on your behalf any unclaimed Digital Performance Royalties being held by SoundExchange, a not-for-profit entity that has the exclusive right to collect and distribute non-interactive royalties.


* If you’re already claiming your own royalties directly from SoundExchange, these changes will NOT affect you; SoundExchange will still pay you directly. Our Terms of Service is being amended so we can help artists that haven’t yet registered with SoundExchange. We don’t want them to miss out on collecting revenue that their music has generated.

* If you’re NOT claiming royalties directly from SoundExchange, but do NOT want CD Baby to collect them for you, simply opt out within your CD Baby members account dashboard.

Why would artists miss out on royalties?

Well, after three years, SoundExchange releases any unclaimed royalties into the sunset, which basically means that money gets scooped up by the major labels.

We don’t want your royalties getting paid to some major label that had nothing to do with the creation of your tracks. That’s why we’re changing our Terms, to make sure you don’t lose out on YOUR money.

Can’t artists get these directly from SoundExchange?

Yes you can, and many artists do. If you want to go direct to SoundExchange, by all means do so. However, we have found that the SoundExchange registration process can be confusing and tends to trip up artists. Therefore many CD Baby artists have never registered to collect these royalties. We’re stepping up now and informing SoundExchange who the rights holder is, and collecting on behalf of unregistered artists the royalties we can.

So what does all this mean in layman’s terms?

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How to get your music on YouTube Music Key, YouTube’s music subscription service

November 13, 2014{ 23 Comments }

Move over Spotify and Rdio. YouTube Music Key is finally here.

After much anticipation, YouTube has just announced the launch of its subscription streaming service: YouTube Music Key.

YouTube Music Key, available in the US and 6 European countries, will let subscribers listen to ad-free music (including full albums in high quality audio) AND watch music videos — even when offline — for $9.99/month (though the introductory price is $7.99).

And YOUR music (and “Art Tracks” videos) could be available on YouTube Music Key soon!
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For a limited time, we’re going to offer 1¢ shipping on CD orders

November 7, 2014{ 8 Comments }

Special discount on CD Baby shipping

We’ve never done this before.

We want you to sell more CDs this holiday season. To help you do this, we’re going to offer standard domestic and international shipping for CD sales through CDBaby.com for just 1¢. Yes, that’s ONE PENNY. It’s (almost) free shipping!

Starting December 1, 2014 (Cyber Monday), and running for 3 days, we’ll take the hit on shipping costs to encourage music fans to buy more of your CDs from CD Baby. It doesn’t matter if they order 1 CD or 100, standard shipping – domestic AND international – will be $0.01, TOTAL. And of course, we’ll still be shipping these CDs for you, and your fans will get them in plenty of time for the holidays.*

This will NOT affect what you make from your CD sales or the pricing you have set. This is coming completely out of our pocket (and not your fans’). We just want to do what we can to help you sell more CDs this season!

How can you prepare?

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CD Baby’s customer service team: it’s people — PEOPLE!!!

November 4, 2014{ 1 Comment }

A video posted by CD Baby (@cdbabymusic) on

Ok. Maybe the Soylent Green reference doesn’t really make sense in this context, but I just wanted to say “it’s people, it’s PEOPLE!”

Here’s the point: as proud as we are of all the things CD Baby offers (digital and physical music distribution, sync licensing and YouTube monetization, publishing royalty collection, and  more), if you were to ask me what REALLY sets us apart from other online music services, or online services in general, I’d say it’s the fact that a team of amazing people — most of whom are musicians themselves — are happy to pick up the phone and help you along in your musical journey.

It’s a simple recipe: actual awesome humans answering calls and emails. It’s PEOPLE! (And some of them of shown in the video above). If you ever have questions about CD Baby or your music distribution, always feel welcome to call 1-800-Buy-My-CD or write to cdbaby@cdbaby.com. Read more »

Save 30% when you upgrade to CD Baby Standard or Pro

October 14, 2014{ No Comments }

Upgrade to CD Baby Standard or Pro

Act now and pay a little for an upgrade that’ll do a lot for your music.

Selling and sharing your music with CD Baby Free is a great way to get your work out there, but what’s your move when it’s time to take things to the next level? Simple: bump your music up to a standard or Pro CD Baby distribution package and sell your tracks and albums all over the world!

Between now and October 22nd, use the following coupon codes to claim your discount when you upgrade to CD Baby Standard or Pro:

* Upgrade a Free album to standard – UPGRADE30

* Upgrade a Free song to standard – UPGRADESONG30

* Upgrade a Free album to Pro – IWANTPRO30

* Upgrade a Free song to Pro – IWANTPRO30S

* Upgrade a Standard Album to Pro –UPGRADEPRO30

* Upgrade a Standard song to Pro – UPGRADEPROSONG30

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Stream FULL tracks on CDBaby.com

September 18, 2014{ 18 Comments }

Stream full tracks onlineCD Baby enables full track streaming on our music retail store

30-second clips or full tracks: the choice is yours.

Some people are reluctant to buy an album or single if they can’t hear the whole thing first. Other listeners are fine hearing a short sample of the music — getting that quick taste — and then deciding if they want to order the whole meal.

The way we see it, no one knows YOUR fans better than you do. So when it comes to streaming your music on CDBaby.com, YOU are in control.

Want to let your fans stream all your original music from CD Baby?

Right now the track preview setting for all albums and singles is defaulted to 30-second audio clips.

To allow listeners to stream full tracks of your original songs*:

1) Log into your CD Baby members account

2) Go to the edit menu for the album or single

3) Click on the “Track Preview Option” link

4) Select “Full Track” Read more »

CD Baby Free: sell your music directly to fans, even if you’re being distributed by another company

September 3, 2014{ 3 Comments }

CD Baby Free: sell your music onlineIntroducing CD Baby Free — a no-cost way to start selling, streaming, and sharing your music online

Yes, you heard us correctly: CD Baby Free!

Artists no longer need to pay a one-time signup fee to sell digital downloads on CDBaby.com or via our free promotional tools such as the CD Baby Music Player and MusicStore for Facebook. We’re opening the cdbaby.com retail site to every musician on the planet.

There’s no upfront fees and no cancellation fees, so you have nothing to lose — and we only take a 15% cut of your sales (which is comparable to other, similar services like Bandcamp). If you decide at some later point to upgrade to our full distribution service (which gets your music onto platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon), you’ll make even more money per sale, as our share of your digital sales will be reduced to just 9%.

If you already distribute your music through another company, no worries; you can still use CD Baby Free to tap into our huge base of independent music buyers (1.5 million unique monthly customers). Read more »

Vote for our proposed SXSW panels

August 18, 2014{ No Comments }

SXSW Panels for 2015It’s that time of year again – SXSW panel picker time! And even though Austin’s premier music conference is still more than six months away, now is the time for YOU to decide which workshops and panels will take place during the event.

CD Baby has four panels up for consideration this year, and we’d love your votes and comments.

If you like what you see below, please give the panel a “thumbs up” and if you’re feeling really generous, leave a comment explaining why you’d be interested in the proposed panel (comments are even more valuable than votes).

To get started, you’ll have to create an account, but it only takes a few seconds. The polls are open!

CD Baby’s proposed panels for SXSW 2015

Indie Revenue Stream Breaking Through: Real Data — http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/36193

Self Releasing for Success — http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/33903

How to Live Your Dream Without a Support System – http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/40443

Micro-Licensing: The Fast Growing Future of Sync – http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/40158 Read more »

CD Baby featured in The New York Times

August 13, 2014{ No Comments }

CD Baby in the New York TimesHey, look at THAT. We’re in The New York Times! 

What a nice thing to wake up to on a Wednesday morning.

Larry Rohter’s story about CD Baby and the independent artists we serve appears in the music section of today’s print edition, but you can also check it out HERE online.

Larry covers it all: our history, our future, our headquarters, our mission, the many ways we help people make money from their music, the diversity of the music we distribute, and —most importantly — the stories of our artists.

[Photo by Leah Nash for The New York Times.] Read more »