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Advertise your music on the world’s biggest sites

April 15, 2014{ 1 Comment }

It’s time to infiltrate the mainstream

Advertising with major music outlets has always been an afterthought for most independent artists. Not that the exposure wouldn’t be welcome, but let’s be honest: a lot of us just haven’t had the budget to play with the big boys.

Times have changed.

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CD Baby not affected by Heartbleed

April 14, 2014{ 1 Comment }

220px Heartbleed.svg  CD Baby not affected by HeartbleedYou may have heard a lot over the past week about a newly-discovered internet security bug called Heartbleed.

Our IT staff has been keeping track of the Heartbleed flaw since news first broke in security forums, and we wanted to let you know that CD Baby was not affected by this bug. Our systems remain secure and your data, including your financial and login information, is safe.

That being said, this IS a serious bug. While all CD Baby sites are secure, many other sites on the Internet were impacted — and some are still working to make their sites safe. So we think it’s a good idea to change your passwords as soon as possible for ALL sites, regardless of their vulnerability to Heartbleed. 

Yes, we know: MORE passwords to remember!!! Ah, the Internet.

How one band collected $1800 they didn’t even know they’d earned

April 8, 2014{ 1 Comment }

OrionImage How one band collected $1800 they didnt even know theyd earned“With CD Baby Pro, we’ve already made $1,800 we wouldn’t have made otherwise.” – Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience

The Orion Experience has never toured internationally, yet since signing up with CD Baby Pro, the NYC-based indie-pop band has been paid $1800 in foreign mechanical royalties — royalties that, had they not been claimed, would have eventually been paid out to major-label artists.

Success can come from unusual places.

With so many ways to make money from original music, each successful band is bound to connect the dots differently. In the case of The Orion Experience, a few unpaid song placements on MTV and Nickelodeon started generating a lot of publishing royalties in foreign territories, but they had no way of knowing this money was out there.

With the help of CD Baby Pro, though, The Orion Experience set themselves up to collect all the money their music was generating from international download sales, global streaming, and more. Singer Orion Simprini now finds himself in a far more promising position than when he was signed to a major label more than a decade ago.

I was in a signed band in the 90’s that never made a dime,” he says. “But now we’re able to fund our projects with the money we’re making.”

Now that their hard work is paying off, The Orion Experience is thinking differently about their musical goals. They’re taking their concerts, Read more »

Press release: CD Baby Sync Licensing hits $1.2 million mark paid out to independent artists

April 2, 2014{ No Comments }

shutterstock 29874241 300x205 Press release: CD Baby Sync Licensing hits $1.2 million mark paid out to independent artistsLatest quarterly payout shows continued growth in YouTube monetization for DIY musicians  

CD Baby, arguably the world’s largest distributor of independent music, working with over 300,000 acts, has announced that it paid out a record $400,000 in royalties to artists involved in the CD Baby Sync Licensing program for the fourth quarter of 2013. That’s a 70 percent increase over the previous quarter and 150 percent more than the same period in 2012. It sends the total that CD Baby has paid in Sync royalties rocketing beyond $1.2 million dollars.

“This is just the beginning,” says Kevin Breuner, CD Baby’s director of marketing. “It’s gone far beyond ‘found money’; this is legitimate income. When YouTube begins its streaming service it’s just going to grow exponentially. We did a test, seeding out YouTube channels with a subset of album artwork videos. Within a few days we had over 50,000 views and hundreds of channel subscriptions. That’s huge. We haven’t even begun to tap the possibilities yet.”

Although trade press headlines have focused on moves by Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio, it’s YouTube that’s become the music streaming destination of choice for young teens. It’s already bigger than Sirius XM, Spotify, and Pandora combined, and unlike most of the other services, YouTube is already profitable. Soon they will be launching their music streaming subscription service.

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March Madness means you save $61 on web hosting

March 12, 2014{ No Comments }

HBMarchMadness0314 mainimage March Madness means you save $61 on web hosting

It’s that time of year again!

March Madness at HostBaby is here, and that means it’s your chance to get a year of hosting for way below our normal price. All you have to do is log into your account, pay $199, and you’ll receive 13 months’ worth of hosting credits.

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CD Baby hosts second annual showcase at SXSW

February 26, 2014{ No Comments }

Screen shot 2014 02 26 at 7.17.40 AM 1 CD Baby hosts second annual showcase at SXSW

Last year’s CD Baby showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX was so successful that we decided to highlight even more great independent bands this year. The Second Annual CD Baby Showcase at SXSW will be held on March 13th in the Gibson Room at Maggie Mae’s, 323 E. 6th St.

The SXSW spotlight will be on six CD Baby artists who are breaking through and taking their careers to the next level. Three of the acts are from CD Baby’s hometown of Portland, Oregon and three are from the Lone Star state. If you’re in Austin for SXSW, we hope you’ll check out these artists’ live performances. If you’re not going to Austin this year, check out our Spotify playlist of CD Baby artists who’ll be playing at SXSW: CD Baby SXSW 2014.

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40% off our BIG download stickers!

February 13, 2014{ No Comments }

CDBDLStickersFeb14 mainimage 40% off our BIG download stickers!

The partner that never stops supporting you and your music.

CD Baby’s cover art download stickers are the perfect companions: If they’re not going home in a new fan’s pocket, they’re being redeemed for your album or single. And when they’re done doing that, they stick anywhere and everywhere, featuring your CD-sized cover art and giving you BIG promo, no matter where they end up.

See some in action right here!

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Congratulations to Grammy-winning CD Baby artists!

January 28, 2014{ No Comments }

grammy2 Congratulations to Grammy winning CD Baby artists!I caught enough of the Grammys the other night to see Paul Williams speak on behalf of Daft Punk and to watch the credits awkwardly roll in the middle of a Queens of the Stone Age song as the crowd thinned out.

But I was very excited to see the complete list of winners yesterday. Why? Well, contrary to the Pop Culture spectacle you see on TV, independently-distributed acts are actually WINNING Grammys, including a number of artists that sell their music worldwide through CD Baby.

Many congratulations to:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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New CD Baby members site — plus $6.95 for single-song distribution!

January 28, 2014{ No Comments }

CDBSingleJan2014 mainimage New CD Baby members site — plus $6.95 for single song distribution!

If you’ve checked out CD Baby in the last week, you probably noticed some big changes! Our Members site has an entirely new look, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

In fact, we’re so excited that we’re offering a great incentive to check it out right away: through February 2, 2014, you can distribute your single for just $6.95!

Use the code NEWBABY when you check out, and the discount will automatically be applied.

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Ethos Magazine presents: the CD Baby experience

January 27, 2014{ No Comments }

In this video from Ethos Magazine, the Low Tide Drifters‘ Nathan Moore talks about why he chose CD Baby to distribute his band’s music worldwide, and why he’s loved working with us ever since.

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