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CD Baby Free: sell your music directly to fans, even if you’re being distributed by another company

September 3, 2014{ 2 Comments }

cdbaby free CD Baby Free: sell your music directly to fans, even if youre being distributed by another companyIntroducing CD Baby Free — a no-cost way to start selling, streaming, and sharing your music online

Yes, you heard us correctly: CD Baby Free!

Artists no longer need to pay a one-time signup fee to sell digital downloads on CDBaby.com or via our free promotional tools such as the CD Baby Music Player and MusicStore for Facebook. We’re opening the cdbaby.com retail site to every musician on the planet.

There’s no upfront fees and no cancellation fees, so you have nothing to lose — and we only take a 15% cut of your sales (which is comparable to other, similar services like Bandcamp). If you decide at some later point to upgrade to our full distribution service (which gets your music onto platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon), you’ll make even more money per sale, as our share of your digital sales will be reduced to just 9%.

If you already distribute your music through another company, no worries; you can still use CD Baby Free to tap into our huge base of independent music buyers (1.5 million unique monthly customers). Read more »

Vote for our proposed SXSW panels

August 18, 2014{ No Comments }

Screen shot 2014 08 18 at 9.48.48 AM 1 Vote for our proposed SXSW panelsIt’s that time of year again – SXSW panel picker time! And even though Austin’s premier music conference is still more than six months away, now is the time for YOU to decide which workshops and panels will take place during the event.

CD Baby has four panels up for consideration this year, and we’d love your votes and comments.

If you like what you see below, please give the panel a “thumbs up” and if you’re feeling really generous, leave a comment explaining why you’d be interested in the proposed panel (comments are even more valuable than votes).

To get started, you’ll have to create an account, but it only takes a few seconds. The polls are open!

CD Baby’s proposed panels for SXSW 2015

Indie Revenue Stream Breaking Through: Real Data — http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/36193

Self Releasing for Success — http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/33903

How to Live Your Dream Without a Support System – http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/40443

Micro-Licensing: The Fast Growing Future of Sync – http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/40158 Read more »

CD Baby featured in The New York Times

August 13, 2014{ No Comments }

13CDBABY1 master675 CD Baby featured in The New York TimesHey, look at THAT. We’re in The New York Times! 

What a nice thing to wake up to on a Wednesday morning.

Larry Rohter’s story about CD Baby and the independent artists we serve appears in the music section of today’s print edition, but you can also check it out HERE online.

Larry covers it all: our history, our future, our headquarters, our mission, the many ways we help people make money from their music, the diversity of the music we distribute, and —most importantly — the stories of our artists.

[Photo by Leah Nash for The New York Times.] Read more »

Promote and sell your music online with CD Baby’s brand new Music Player

August 11, 2014{ 3 Comments }

The new CD Baby Music Player has arrived, and it’s all yours.

Feel the power as you create an unlimited number of customizable players, perfect for embedding on your website and sharing online. Build playlists from any of the tracks in your CD Baby account, and watch the ease with which reviewers and bloggers can use your music in posts and articles. Plus, you can use your Music Player to sell CDs, vinyl, and downloads too.

Did you feel that? Your promo power just kicked into overdrive. Read more »

Come party with CD Baby this Friday!

June 17, 2014{ No Comments }

CDBSC Jun2014 mainimage Come party with CD Baby this Friday!

You’re invited to our FREE party! Come hang out with the CD Baby crew, watch five of our employee artists perform, and grab some free CD Baby gear.

If you’re going to be in Oregon or Washington this weekend (heck, even if you’re from further away and just feel like traveling) — come check out CD Baby’s We Are Indie, a free employee showcase on Friday, June 20th at Rotture, located at 315 SE 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR, 97214. Doors will open at 8:30pm, the show will start around 9:00pm, and the event is 21 and over.

The show will feature five CD Baby employee/artists: Great WildernessGoldini BagwellThe ProtonsDebaser, and Volcanic Pinnacles. This is is a free event, but donations will be accepted for Urban Gleaners, a local charity working to mitigate hunger in the Portland metro area by salvaging food that would otherwise be discarded and giving it to emergency food relief agencies and schools. Read more »

$20k in music gear could be yours

June 2, 2014{ 2 Comments }

sweepstakes 1 $20k in music gear could be yours

CD Baby has teamed up with Sweetwater and Disc Makers to bring you the Independent Musician Sweepstakes.

Enter to win over $20,000 in prizes, including a PreSonus StudioLive mixing board, electronic drums, a keyboard, a bass, speakers, studio monitors, mics, 1000 CDs and 200 vinyl records of your next album, 300 promotional posters, worldwide music distribution, and much more.

It’s everything you need to record, release, promote, and sell your next album.

Enter the sweepstakes now.

Advertise your music on the world’s biggest sites

April 15, 2014{ 1 Comment }

It’s time to infiltrate the mainstream

Advertising with major music outlets has always been an afterthought for most independent artists. Not that the exposure wouldn’t be welcome, but let’s be honest: a lot of us just haven’t had the budget to play with the big boys.

Times have changed.

Read more »

CD Baby not affected by Heartbleed

April 14, 2014{ 1 Comment }

220px Heartbleed.svg  CD Baby not affected by HeartbleedYou may have heard a lot over the past week about a newly-discovered internet security bug called Heartbleed.

Our IT staff has been keeping track of the Heartbleed flaw since news first broke in security forums, and we wanted to let you know that CD Baby was not affected by this bug. Our systems remain secure and your data, including your financial and login information, is safe.

That being said, this IS a serious bug. While all CD Baby sites are secure, many other sites on the Internet were impacted — and some are still working to make their sites safe. So we think it’s a good idea to change your passwords as soon as possible for ALL sites, regardless of their vulnerability to Heartbleed. 

Yes, we know: MORE passwords to remember!!! Ah, the Internet.

How one band collected $1800 they didn’t even know they’d earned

April 8, 2014{ 1 Comment }

OrionImage How one band collected $1800 they didnt even know theyd earned“With CD Baby Pro, we’ve already made $1,800 we wouldn’t have made otherwise.” – Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience

The Orion Experience has never toured internationally, yet since signing up with CD Baby Pro, the NYC-based indie-pop band has been paid $1800 in foreign mechanical royalties — royalties that, had they not been claimed, would have eventually been paid out to major-label artists.

Success can come from unusual places.

With so many ways to make money from original music, each successful band is bound to connect the dots differently. In the case of The Orion Experience, a few unpaid song placements on MTV and Nickelodeon started generating a lot of publishing royalties in foreign territories, but they had no way of knowing this money was out there.

With the help of CD Baby Pro, though, The Orion Experience set themselves up to collect all the money their music was generating from international download sales, global streaming, and more. Singer Orion Simprini now finds himself in a far more promising position than when he was signed to a major label more than a decade ago.

I was in a signed band in the 90’s that never made a dime,” he says. “But now we’re able to fund our projects with the money we’re making.”

Now that their hard work is paying off, The Orion Experience is thinking differently about their musical goals. They’re taking their concerts, Read more »

Press release: CD Baby Sync Licensing hits $1.2 million mark paid out to independent artists

April 2, 2014{ No Comments }

shutterstock 29874241 300x205 Press release: CD Baby Sync Licensing hits $1.2 million mark paid out to independent artistsLatest quarterly payout shows continued growth in YouTube monetization for DIY musicians  

CD Baby, arguably the world’s largest distributor of independent music, working with over 300,000 acts, has announced that it paid out a record $400,000 in royalties to artists involved in the CD Baby Sync Licensing program for the fourth quarter of 2013. That’s a 70 percent increase over the previous quarter and 150 percent more than the same period in 2012. It sends the total that CD Baby has paid in Sync royalties rocketing beyond $1.2 million dollars.

“This is just the beginning,” says Kevin Breuner, CD Baby’s director of marketing. “It’s gone far beyond ‘found money’; this is legitimate income. When YouTube begins its streaming service it’s just going to grow exponentially. We did a test, seeding out YouTube channels with a subset of album artwork videos. Within a few days we had over 50,000 views and hundreds of channel subscriptions. That’s huge. We haven’t even begun to tap the possibilities yet.”

Although trade press headlines have focused on moves by Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio, it’s YouTube that’s become the music streaming destination of choice for young teens. It’s already bigger than Sirius XM, Spotify, and Pandora combined, and unlike most of the other services, YouTube is already profitable. Soon they will be launching their music streaming subscription service.

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