How to Switch Your Facebook Personal Profile to an Artist/Band Page

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WARNING: This article is now more than a year old and Facebook has since changed some of its features. Most people who have switched their personal profiles into artist pages have been disappointed. See the comments section below for details. In short– we recommend you NOT switch. 

Also, it is very difficult to switch a Page back to a personal profile, so be absolutely sure you want to make the change before committing to it. Again, read some of the comments in the section below to hear artists talking about the pros and cons once they’ve switched.

If you’ve been using your Facebook personal profile to promote your music and engage with your fans, you may be wondering how you can switch your profile to a dedicated artist page without losing all your friends. This is a common problem, and now there’s a solution. With Facebook’s new “Profile To Business Page Migration” tool, you can turn your personal user profile into a “Business Page” (their fancy term for an official artist/band page), and all your friends will instantly be converted into “Likes.”

For many artists – especially solo artists and those that started aggressively promoting on Facebook before Pages existed – the dilemma of whether or not to move their Facebook fan engagement efforts from their personal profile (intended for individuals) to a branded Page (intended for business, musicians, bands, companies, and so on) should now be a thing of the past.

If this doesn’t strike you as particularly notable, remember this: A personal profile page will cap out at 5,000 friends, meaning you won’t be able to “friend” any more fans once you hit that mark. With Pages, you don’t have to worry about limits. Plus, now that Facebook allows you log in and post anywhere under your artist name, your opportunities for promotion and connection are bigger than they’ve ever been.

For all the details on how to switch your page, check out the Facebook Help Center article on converting profiles to Pages. We highly suggest you read through the details carefully to avoid any Facebook switching remorse.

Did you switch your Facebook Personal Profile to a Facebook Page? Let us know how it went in the comments below.

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  • So essentially, you could start a new FB profile as an individual, add a few thousand people, and then convert it over to a page with your friends as "likes"? This could be beneficial to most due to the fact that even though you can now act on behalf of a page, you can't add individuals to it; you still have to "suggest" it to them and have them like it…


    • Sasha Agram

      i did this stupidity to merge my individual and fan page and i regret it sooooo much. actually my agent did that. boy i hate him for that. i already have contacted fb people and got an mail back notifying recieving but so far (4 days already) no action was taken.

  • Thanks for posting this! Very helpful.

    I'm curious how people might use this tool. I maintain a personal profile as well as a musician page. My personal profile has about twice as many friends as my page has "likes". I can definitely see the benefit in maintaining both a personal facebook presence and a "musician" presence. On the other hand, Facebook seems to be taking steps to blur the two. It will be interesting to see what directions they go in the future.

  • very cool

  • I don't know. Seems like a sneaky way to get "liked." I don't think my FB friends would necessarily appreciate being automatically turned into "likes" on my artist/band page. We should all be able to make that decision ourselves.

  • I'd switch if they added a message feature to the band page. That way fans could send booking info without having to post it on the wall. Yet it be so much easier if they'd just raise the friend limit on personal pages.

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  • Very helpful…..I'm sharing this on FB and Twitter!

    Ms. Indie Sweet

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  • Debby

    Is this different than a "Fan Page"?? If it is in fact a Fan Page, the downside is that there is not a feature to allow posting of photo albums. A Fan Page has the "Like" button at the top, and as mentioned, you can only "suggest" a person like it, vs becoming a friend.

  • If I already have a fan page and a personal profile can I merge the two? I just went through the trouble of setting up my "Bandpage" at facebook/jackiedaummusic…methinks I will have to do this again if I convert my personal profile (facebook/jackiedaum). Has anyone tried this?

  • I think its a tough decision to change to Artist because I don't think all my real friends are interested in music all the time so I think its better to keep them separate. Even my personal homepage is confused because part of it is music and part of it is personal. I think it is better for the artist pages to be dedicated to artists and personal ones for friends.

    Vic Stathopoulos

  • I think I agree with Vic. We have some friends who only support our music because they are our friends. And we have some fans who really don't cross into our personal life. So I think, for us, best to keep it separate.

  • Leo

    I just transferred profile to page and feel isolated without ability to interact with friends by messages and wall,plus feel uncomfortable by changing
    friends status to the fans without friends consent…tried to reverse back to
    profile,but no success yet

  • Bruno

    hey Leo did you get your page back to what it was , we changed to rock/band and we hate it…we want it back to regular profile we just submitted a request and waiting i was wondering if u got it fixed already.thanks

  • Hey
    I think there is a problem with the blog feature on the website – it only updates a profile and not necessarily a page.
    This might be a facebook problem but it is still annoying…

  • Be careful and think twice about doing this. I WISH I DID NOT! It did not transfer any pictures. Over 1000 in my case. Lost all our important saved emails. Its cool that it turned all contacts into fans but I would rather have them as friends. I hope facebook lets us revert back.

    Where is the hot tub time machine when you need it?

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Carlos, bummer! Sorry you lost those photos. Let us know if you have any luck transferring back.

  • I would like to post my original musical compositions on the page…how is that possible with either a personal page or a "business" page?


    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey Duane,

      You should check out RootMusic, a cool band profile app for your Facebook Page. They have a free, basic service and then a premium one for a couple bucks a month.

  • Thanks for posting everybody! I was JUST about to convert my profile to a page when I read all the setbacks, such as losing photos and the inability to write on walls, that saved me a lotta troubles, gracias!!

    • Fatrix808

      yeah but it CLEARLY warns you its going to do so…. and at the bottom it asks if you want to download all data form the old facebook.. so they are stupid for not reading properly

  • So what happens to your profile page? It dissapears? Why not tell all your friends your migrating and if they dont want to join the move, unfriend.

    My next question is – can you go back and make a new profile page and invite all those who didnt want to move or better yet, tell them to look for you tomorrow when you have set up a new profile?

    • That’s my problem-this sucks. It does dissapear cause you’ve converted it. So then no personal page, you can’t friend anyone, you can like them as your business but certain things I”m locked out of –this sucks!!!

      • Your response is the most important one i’ve read so far! If you “CAN’T” friend anyone (only “LIKE” them as a business/band and they can only “LIKE” you as a business/band) then, it’s not worth it cause you “LOSE” alot of the features a “PERSONAL” page has! Thanks for telling me. Facebook needs to make “ALL” of their pages like their “PERSONAL” pages. “BUT”, include some of the features their business and band pages have as a option for artists and musicians.

  • Dj Mesta

    What if you already have a profile and a Business page, will they be merged together?? (profile)… (business)

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      If you've already got a profile and a page, I'd say you should keep them separate.

  • Im probably just going to create a new profile page…Lost all our important emails from important contacts and venues…been pretty upset about it from the moment I did it. We had bunch of friend requests we had not approved yet from our last tour in the Gulf Coast and shows in New Mexico with Stephen Marley. There is no one to blame but myself. Be warned.

    Whats the use if you cant message your people…is not that what its all about?

    Break a leg everyone!

    • Dustrhinos

      We never do business on Facebook. All your contacts and e-mail should be done with an e-mail client from your computer where you can back up all the info.

  • Jt

    This is simply a bad idea because it doesn't give your friends a choice. You didn't ask them if they wanted to be on the page. That isn't really fair to them.

  • Gem

    can I merge my Facebook Personal Profile and Artist/Band page?

  • Merge your Facebook artist page and your Facebook profile? I don't think that's possible (nor am I clear on why you would want to do that). That being said, you can turn one into the other. See here:

  • I converted my account but none of the apps I use on my band page work on my new 'business page'…

  • Max Vasquez

    All I really want to do is turn my profile 14,000+ fans on myspace into a facebook artist page. Now THAT would be something.

  • Maheshthusitha

    this is not what i want.I can switch my account to a page.but when i again login it is the same profile of me, not my page. can anybody tell me that how to confirm show my account as a page ?

  • You're going to log into Facebook using the same info for your personal profile. Once logged in you can use your personal profile to act as an administrator for the page.

  • ned

    It doesn’t allow you to have a different name for the page to that of your own full name which stops me from doing it. I thought creating profiles for a business/artist etc wasn’t tolerated?

  • I don't think it is. Pretty sure Facebook wants all business/band/artist stuff to be done with Pages. Of course, if you're a solo singer-songwriter who performs under your real name, and if you have a personal profile, the line can get a bit blurry.

  • John

    Before you do this download your contacts, emails and phone numbers. I saw somewhere that there is a way Facebook will download. Also does anyone know if there is a way to merge a profile into an EXISTING page …?

  • Kylebrown432

    artist pages suck you can't converse on walls and all your contact info is gone along with your wall and profile with friends comments. I lost a lot fuckin with this stupid artist thing don't do it and im reporting this cuss i wont my shit back, retarded

  • Brianna Lea Pruett

    I did it, bummer. Now I cannot talk to my friends. Sucky! I appealed to have it undone, hopefully they will. If you decide to do this anyway, download all your facebook content first or you will lose a bunch of stuff. mega bummed

  • Brianna Lea Pruett

    Hey Carlos, did you ever get your photos back or any of your content? I did it too quickly before understanding what would change, and appealed the merge. Just wondering if you ever heard from Facebook on this.

  • Josephinemoore38

    I cant seem to be able to log on to face book

  • I already had a page created, but when I click the link it asks me to create a new page. How do I switch my profile to an already existing page?

  • I already had a page created, but when I click the link it asks me to create a new page. How do I switch my profile to an already existing page?

  • Rosa3

    Just put it back
    the way it was what is so hard about that? You will loose a lot of people this way. I do not enjoy this or use it half as much as I used to, you’re always dicking around with something, Myspace looks better all the time and so does Twitter or Google+ You choose what you want people to see. i’d say Facebook won’t be around for long, once these new once get established.

    • I have to agree. facebook is WAY TOO COMLICATED for musicians and not user friendly. On myspce, I could post mp3’s with no problem and everything was just clearer. uggggggh I agree totally.

  • Ryan Lewis

    How do I switch it back! This is a disaster!

  • Dave

    Why does my Band/Artist page always want me to “create your profile”? The page is already there. When i click “create your profile”, it asks for full name, etc., and says once i do i can start building my friends list. WTH?

  • Dave

    Also, why can’t i search facebook from my band page? Sometimes its there, sometimes its not.

  • Manvanhacker

    If I change my personal page to an artist page will I still be able to be an administrator for a different artist page that I’m already an administrator of?

  • I think they're just trying to sucker you into helping them expand the Facebook empire.

  • That is weird. Not sure. Can you at least always see the search bar when you're on your home/wall page?

  • I'm honestly not sure. That'd be a good question for the FAcebook peeps. I'd probably recommend keeping your personal profile open if you're admin-ing on multiple Pages.

  • Fo

    i accidently converted my personal page into a business page. I don’t even know how that happened.
    please i need your help to go back to my original personal page. I never want this new thing
    I even heard that i might have lost all my personal info, photos, wall posts…etc
    I ve been searching a lot for a solution, am extremely frustrated….wish some1 can give me a help in here. Thank u!

  • In order to get that switched back, you'll need to contact the folks at Facebook.

  • Paulbrett1

    we, Yaaba Funk, just did this. downloaded all our photos etc as directed. it said that "During this process, all the friends of your profile will be converted to followers of your Page" BUT NO!! THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. WE LOST OVER 1000 FRIENDS and this is very important to us as a band who publicise all of our events on FB. FB have lied about that unless someone can tell me otherwise

  • Paulbrett1

    how can we contact fb to change back to a profile – even temporarily? we were 'threatened' to migrate to band page and have lost all our friends. i can't find how to contact fb anywhere, very pissed!

    • They're an elusive bunch. I'm sure the the appropriate contact is buried somewhere on their site.


    Changed our band profile from a personal page to a band page with np problem at all. To have a separate branded band page is invaluable. Not only does it allow people to identify with the band and you can make each band member an admin but you have unlimited fans. Also it’s a great way to have fans send in fan photos and post it on your page.

  • BrittaP

    I already have a page for my band but I want to merge with my profile. Can I do this? And if so how?

    • The switch is the closest thing to a merge, so… not really. No automated way to combine all your friends and all your fans.

  • From reading your post I am cancelling converting my facebook profile to my fanpage. Anyway my profile is strictly for my close friends and family only. Unless you can still do tag and send private message or other facebook profile feature on facebook fan page then I won’t do it. Thanks for sharing

  • Red Zambala

    Perfect! Amazing! I was looking for solution for hours how to delete my fake profile and leave only fan page on my search term!

  • Red Zambala

    Perfect! Amazing! I was looking for solution for hours how to delete my fake profile and leave only fan page on my search term!

  • DJ BlackJesus

    I turn my personal profile to an artist but non of my friends can see me on fb. any help out there?

    • What do you mean when you say they can't see you on Facebook? Are your posts not showing up in their news feed?

  • Guest

    I tried doing this and had a bit of a nightmare as my personal page had a different name to the band page I wanted to merge it with. The two names must be identical so I am unable to merge the two or change the name of my personal (now band) page! If anyone has a solution to this I would be very grateful.. Otherwise I guess I will just be losing these friends / likes. A real shame!

  • Sociedad Virtual

    You wont be able to send messages or updates to your fans. This is one of the changes on oct 2011 to pages.

  • Kurt Corsair

    Yeah, this was definately a bad idea. I lost all my pictures as well and I cant email or contact anyone. If anyone know how to switch it back, I’d appreciate it. This shouldn’t have been put up as an option. Nothing was said about losing all your emails and pictures and contact ability/

  • Yeah. Some folks love it. Some folks hate it. As far as changing back, you have to contact Facebook.

  • ok so when do i get my fan cause i had 5000 friends now i have zero fans?

  • Miko15690

    i want to know how i can return back to normal profile not a page ??

    • Hey Miko, you have to ask Facebook to do that. Word of warning, though: they're not very quick to respond.

  • Fortunate

    I have a question, can you merge all your friends on your personal fb profile to your "existing" fan page? Cuz I already have a fan page on fb and a personal one but I'll like to stop using my personal profile and just have them all on my fan page. Thank you!

    • There's no real migration tool. Best bet is to just invite your friends to "like" your Page, maybe even individually.

  • Marktorgeson

    Recommended: read every Facebook and CD Baby article related to this subject before “switching” to Artist/Band page. This is not necessary; one can have both Personal Profile and band page (Profile Page). With only the band page/Profile page, your networking and activities you took for granted with only your Personal Profile are SEVERELY LIMITED. Think Twice and research.

  • LuciaIcanales

    i didnt like it so i wanna switch it back please help

  • Balls

    friends if they are,,, should like you enough to not mind "liking" your artist page or they are just filler

  • Bryandes

    I want to change it back, how do I do that !?

  • You have to talk to the Facebook peeps.

  • Emilonem

    Please Help me change back to my Profile

  • Unfortunately you have to contact Facebook to get hep with that.

  • How can i use my facebook page to send a message or status to my normal facebook contacts like you do with your twitter contacts

    • I don't think there is any way to "message" personal profile contacts through band pages. But you could always create an event or update on your band page, and then share it from your personal profile.

  • Xx Ii Heart Question

    So then if yu were to accidentally create one, and it has become yur actual personal fb profile.. how would yu change or solve tht?

  • lil_mamas

    how do i change back to my personal profile?

    • Unfortunately, you gotta contact the peeps at Facebook.

      • lil_mamas

        how? lol i think i tryd but nothing happend

  • Minhthanh_fi
    You can try this. But then again, you will have to wait for the response.

  • ste

    Just switched a client (band) page from a 'friend' to a 'page' We're not worried about loosing the content, it's well documented that you should download all profile info before switching but what no-one tells you is that you can't adjust your name if you have over 100 likes (we wanted to drop the word "funk") and secondly you loose the username which knackers a quick URL to your page. such as
    Pain in the @rse! Now I have to bugger about to try and save out quick link.

  • Ewa Klos

    Hello everyone, I have just changed my personal profile into business page, but strangely none of my friends were converted into people who like my page! How come?? Facebook support clearly says that it is supposed to happen. Does anybody have similar problem or knows what the solution is???

  • Danielle Lloyd

    IMHO Facebook "Pages" for businesses are like the worst of both worlds (real and web). You are a static presence that can accumulate "customers" yet are unable to interact with those customers as a real business would. You can only interact with other businesses by adding them to Favorites (that's right, you cannot "Like" another Page). Artists and Performing Artists generally interact with the public on a much more personal level than a regular store/business, and should have some extended capabilities to that end with their Page for communicating with fans/potential fans. This is a big reason why many bands (it seems to me) use their Facebook pages just as a bridge/funnel to their "real" websites and/or blogs, where they have more means at their disposal to engage fans. Something to remember is that Facebook is really only interested in perpetuating Facebook and selling advertising, converting users into buyers, etc. So the sooner one realizes that Facebook is only interested into turning your time into money for them, then you'll understand why Facebook sucks. It can be used as a tool to generate money for you as a band, but don't expect them to be more than they are.

  • Taylor Wagner

    I just converted mine, expecting my 5000 friends to turn into likes. My page says I have 0 likes.. So what was the point of converting it? I want this fixed ASAP

  • Facebook is pretty slow to respond to these requests, but unfortunately you'll have to contact their customer service.

  • Vi

    hi guys.
    I did merge my profile into a band page.
    It now has 2k likes, but when I go on this new page from my friends account, they don't like it at all.
    will it ever come later? does anyone had the same issue than me?

    • I think many folks have had that issue, and have been displeased about it, for sure.

  • Bluesky4373_daisy

    i totally hate it! i accidentally converted my account into a page. how can i convert it back to an account again? i mean there were important messages and not one mesg saved! and one thing, i cant even mesg the people who liked my page. >.< HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  • Mcarewe

    I created a new personal FB and then converted my old FB into a page (musician/band) – I saved the timeline/photos etc – all worked perfectly. And still able to interact with my friends as they are 'likes' who can post on the wall etc. Most I have invited onto my new FB – all going well. Only problem I can't sort is that I would like to be able to administer this 'page' from my new FB account (I already have another 'page' that I created sometime ago for another project and so I know how well that works) However, there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do this so I have to keep logging out of one account to log on to the other…any thoughts anyone?!

  • Avian X

    What about solo Artists who are using different stage name? I am not able to convert (merge) my personal profile with my music one.

  • Mcarewe

    Ok – I have sorted my problem out by 'liking' my band page from my personal FB, then looking through my 'likes' and making my personal FB account an admin.

  • you shouldnt be telling anyone where their business should can or cant be conducted from, maybe they handle business inquiries via email and as he states address fans through facebook, moron

  • Cornelia Amiri

    Since I transferred my personal page to an artist page my 5000 friends became likes but I lost search bar, home bar, I do not have the like on any pages so I can’t like anyone, I can’t see anyone’s posts – I don’t know what to do – I would close everything and just start over I may have the same issue – I think this is all because I no longer have a personal page – I don’t know what to do – I’ve filled out the bug report on FB and sent it with a screen shot but havn’t received any help from them. It’s terrible. I need help.

  • Sorry to hear that. I know a lot of folks who've been frustrated by this, and Facebook is not super responsive to their bug reports. I put a warning up on this post about 6 months ago or so to alert readers to the fact that folks were generally not happy with the results. Maybe I should put that in bold.

  • lovedrumtalk

    when you saved your photos from your personal page, does it save ALL the "Photos of You" all these years including those others have tagged you? i'm thinking of doing exactly what you did but the only thing is losing all those tags in the photos or even the photos themselves… any idea pls?

    • I'm not sure what the answer to this is now that Facebook has switched to their Timeline format, but I do know that many people were not happy once they switched their personal profiles to band pages. (I'm assuming you've already seen the complaints in this section, though, since you're commenting.)

  • It would be nice if they had links on your profile to your page sites…
    Why is this so difficult. I agree Myspace was a LOT easier to set up band profiles

  • Coast2coast123

    Wish i had never turned into a business page and i should of stayed as a personal page at least then i could interact with possible customers.

  • Tay

    wtf,, i have no connection with my friends any more. . .

  • tshila

    I set up my profile before facebook had fan pages and have reached the 5000 limit with an additional 3000 or so friend requests who are mostly just fans. I would like to convert my page but don’t know what will happen to my extra friend requests which I could not obviously confirm… Will they become likes as well or will they be lost forever?

  • I'm pretty sure lost forever. Did you read through all the comments section here? Just want to make sure, since many people who've switched are NOT happy with the results.

  • John Lennon

    Alright so,
    i have a personal page for my life and a band page for me as an artist ( with about 500 likes )

    If i just started again as a new personal page ( but with the artist name )
    Tricked 5000 people into accepting me an turned it into a band page.
    would i be winning ?

    what i want to know is if i turn that new personal page into a band page, will the friends actually turn too likes? because i know it states is does up there ^^^
    but i've seen various comments down there vvvv saying it didnt convert there friends to like .

    SO has anyone actually changed from personal too business an there friends have ACTUALLY been converted to likes ?

    • From my understanding, it USED to convert them, but according to many commenters, that is no longer the case. So… I'd stick with your band page and personal profile as separate entities. My 2 cents.

  • i have a personal page and a couple fan pages. i want to stop using all my pages except one page for my music. if i do this conversion, does it also get rid of my music page i apready have or turn this into that?

    • Your personal profile would be converted into a page. So you might lose whatever you've set up as a separate page already. I'm not sure how admin status works if you've created multiple pages from the account you wish to convert.

    • I would recommend asking Facebook how admin statuses work in case of this kind of conversion. Let us know, if you find out!

  • Anteashby

    Hi! I'm trying to switch my profile to facebook page. Its music/band profile and band's name is Zebrax. But, profile name is "Zebrax bend", what means Zebrax Band. I put "band" because profile requires last name.. Now i want to switch to fb page and i want name "ZEBRAX", but it says "Our automated system has detected that the name ZEBRAX is not same or similar to your profile name Zebrax Bend. Please keep it same or similar and retry." It is similar, how can I avoid this bug?

  • Benjamin Likes

    That was the worst, and most obvious way to try and show off via the internats. Fail.

  • Paulfournier89

    I know I FUCKED UP!!! Im so fucking pissed. How the shit do I get my page back. and yes I should have read theses comments. How do I fix this god awful excuse for a facebook technique.

    • Bummer. The only solution, as far as I know, is to contact Facebook and request that they change it back.

  • Art

    Same thing happened to me, I lost 5000 members and over 1000 susbscriber in my Art n music Page 🙁 Sad

  • pissed off

    you really need to put a VERY LARGE RED BOLD WARNING IN A BLACK BOX at the top of this article stating it is out-dated, inaccurate and a serious detriment to anyone reading it.

  • That may be a blessing in disguise. Did you read the other comments on this blog? Most people HATE it after they switch.

  • Mark Etheredge

    I made an attempt to convert today, but there’s a message saying to try later, as they are working on a fix for getting proper # of likes.

  • Yeah. I just increased the volume of our warning/disclaimer at the beginning of the article.

  • Teo


    I have a question maybe you can help me 🙂 Pleeeeease , pretty please 🙂

    . I migrated from my personal account to a new official facebook page. I had more that 5000 friends on my personal account, so I expected that I would have more than 5000 Likes on my newly migrated page.

    after I migrated from account to page, at first I had only 230 friends…then after 3 minutes I had only 494 friends! And then it stopped! I thought it would take longer for my friends to transform into likes but nothing has changed for more than an hour. I would really like to have my, more that 5000, friends as fans on my page.

    Does it take longer for facebook to transform my friends into likes in my facebook page.

    I would love an answer! I’m a bit panicked!

  • Rhymes Solo

    i guess you can do a artist e card, it cost money, but you can link it to facebook, im in the process of signing up

  • I've been helping my mother out with her fanpage for over 3 years and we still have 420 out of 530 people who have still not liked our fanpage. I keep posting over and over again to "Join our fanpage! This is our personal page and we will discontinue posting here (post link to fanpage)" And then….silence.

    I'm not sure what is up with people and fan pages. Maybe its only the millennials who know how to use Facebook properly. I keep getting friends on the business's personal page again and again from the older folk.

    Yes I agree, we should be able to interact with customers. That is the point of solid customer service, communication!

  • Antonio Fabien Leon

    HI, I have created an artist page from my personal profile, I now want to delete my personal profile but keep my artist page. How do I do that? Thanks for your help


  • BN

    Hello, I am having trouble converting my personal facebook to an artist/band page. It keeps giving me an ‘Error’ message and saying I cannot use the current name that I have for my facebook name, and need to change it? I tried changing it and it still does not work, what should I need to do to get this to work. This is very frustrating. Thanks for the help!

  • Hey B, I wrote this article a while ago and Facebook might've changed their procedure since then for converting a personal profile into a Page. In fact, I'll bet that's what's happening. This link should have up-to-date instructions:


  • Steven Petho

    Can someone please tell me how to disconnect or if possible delete adjacent Face book page with my name on and only keep my Face Book Musician / Band page.

  • jane alissa

    most of YOU WANT TO BE AN ARTIST THATS WHY all of u search this.. its easy just take your #SELFIE it will work :D. haha

  • Remington

    Hi there,

    I am in a band that made a personal profile on Facebook before having a Band Page was available. I understand this article is old, but I still have questions. We are rekindling our social media efforts, and it seems that we NEED to switch to a Band Page, otherwise we would be in violation of Facebook Terms.

    1) If you have 1,000 Friends on your Personal Profile, will they completely convert to 1,000 Likes on your Band Page? I am reading disappointing complaints that not all Friends convert to Likes. Has this been fixed? What can be done to ensure all Friends convert to Likes?

    2) We currently can switch back-and-forth from Profile to Page by clicking the drop arrow at the top-right, “Use Facebook As:” This is confusing. Can anyone explain why we are able to do that?

    Thank you for your help and patience.

  • Based on your second point, it sounds like you already set up with a band page. If you can switch between the profile and page then you should be all set to go. And the reason they let you switch between is because Facebook doesn’t automatically want to assume that if you post something on your band page wall that it’s from the band. In other words, you might occasionally want to post on your band page as YOU — the person.

    As for translating friends into likes, I’m not sure if that process still works. I would honestly recommend just inviting your friends to like your band page. Some won’t, but many will. And after a few months have passed, invite the rest again, just in case they missed it the first time.


  • Liam Jorgensen

    this service doesn’t work, you frequently can’t upload or link tracks from Soundcloud, and if you delete the app from the Facebook page, the Bandpage link still claims the link is extant.

    Terrible service, and generally earns nothing unless your daddy has half a billion dollars and you throw parties for the CEO of NBCU every month.