How To: Sell Your Music on Your Artist/Band Facebook Page

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When it comes to selling your music on Facebook, you have 2 great options: CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook and CD Baby’s Music Store widget! The MusicStore app is specifically designed to work on a band’s Facebook page. The Music Store widget can be placed on any website or social network that accepts HTML. Both are free and customizable. We’d recommend the MusicStore for Facebook app if you’re looking specifically for a solution to selling and sharing your tunes on Facebook. The setup process is quite easy and quick. For your blog, website, or other social networking profiles, the Music Store Widget is a great option.

Use MusicStore for Facebook to sell and share your music with your Facebook fans

CD Baby’s recently launched MusicStore for Facebook is the easiest way to sell MP3s, CDs, and vinyl on Facebook. If you’re an existing CD Baby artist, you can post your customized MusicStore on your band’s Facebook Page for FREE in just 3 easy steps.

1. Click HERE. If you’re not logged into your CD Baby members account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once logged in, you can connect your CD Baby and Facebook accounts. This integration is what allows us to easily display your CD Baby information (albums, singles, reviews, tracks, etc.) on your Facebook Page.

2. Then you will be asked to select the Facebook Page where you want to display your MusicStore. This is especially important for folks who are the administrators for multiple Facebook Pages, since you can only display the MusicStore on ONE of your Pages. Click the right one and move along to step 3!

3. Customize your MusicStore! We’ve got a bunch of attractive themes to choose from. And since we already have your artist and product information in our database, you don’t need to upload tracks or band bios or style descriptions. Just upload an artist photo or banner, embed a YouTube video (if you like), and press the magic button that will export your MusicStore to your Facebook Page. Again, you MUST click the “Export to Facebook” button for the MusicStore to go live. You can come back at any time to make changes. When you do, just click that “Export to Facebook” button again and those changes will be reflected on your live MusicStore.

It’s that easy!

Oh, and I guess there is a step 4: go to Facebook to check out your live MusicStore! Then tell your fans and friends about it so they’ll know where to purchase your music.

For a more detailed FAQ about CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook, click HERE.


Use the CD Baby Music Store Widget to sell directly to your fans on Facebook

We also recently launched our new Music Store Widget, giving DIY artists a free and simple way to sell MP3s, CDs, and vinyl directly to fans. The customizable store can easily be embedded on your website, blog, or Facebook Page (through an HTML-enabling app like Static HTML: iFrames tab). Facebook’s importance as a music promotion tool is increasing every day, so we thought we’d give you step-by-step instructions on how to embed the CD Baby Music Store Widget on your Facebook band/artist Page.  Click read more to see the complete tutorial

Please note: This involves using a third party app that is NOT supported by CD Baby.  Both Facebook and third party apps can change without notice, so please keep that in mind as you try to add this to your page.

1. First, create your Music Store Widget by following the instructions HERE.

2. Log into your Facebook account

3. Search for “Static HTML: iFrames tab” in the Facebook search field. Or, better yet, just click HERE.

4. Click to select this app. You will then see this page…

5. Click the “Go to App” button. You will then see this page…

6. Use the “-choose a page-” pulldown menu to select which Facebook Page you would like to place your Music Store Widget on.

7. Click the “Add Static HTML: iFrames tab” button.

8. Paste the HTML code for your Music Store Widget into the box that says “Enter your content here.” As shown below:

9. Click the “Save and view tab” button.
Your Facebook Page fans are going to see the tab displayed as “Static HTML.” That doesn’t sound very appealing, so you’ll want to rename the tab. As you can see from the example above, I renamed the tab “Music Store.”

To rename the tab…
10. Click the “Edit Page” button on your wall.

11. Click “apps” on the lefthand side of the screen.

12. Click “edit settings” beneath “Static HTML: iframe tabs.”

13. Type “Music Store” (or whatever else you’d like to call it) into the “Custom Tab Name” field.

14. Presto!

Now your fans can purchase your music right from your Facebook Page. If you’d like to move the Music Store tab up or down on the lefthand Facebook display (Wall, Photos, Videos, apps, etc.), just click “edit” and drag the apps around to your heart’s content.

Read our Music Store Widget tutorial: How to Create a CD Baby Music Store Widget

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

Sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Facebook, Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, and more!

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  • I believe this is the specific link to the Static HTML iframes app
    I mention this because there are so many different ones, that I had to fumble through some trial and error before I finally found this one.

    And here's my app on Facebook

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey Steven, right you are. Thanks for pointing that out. I added that specific link to the instructions in a couple places so people wouldn't be confused by the multiple Static HTML options.

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  • We were able to create the store on our Facebook page:

    …however, we had to mess around quite a bit because the screen shown on step 8 didn't materialize for us after step 7. We finally ended up doing your steps #10-13 (and then repeated steps 10 and 11, then clicked on 'Link to this Tab' under “Static HTML: iframe tabs”) before we could choose the Music Store tab on the left hand side of the page and add content as shown in steps 8 and 9.

    Good luck to everyone creating this…


  • Right. WHERE on Facebook would I put this widget? I can't find a way to put this widget anywhere on my Wall where people would see it. Down at the bottom of my info page is a link to my artist page on CDBaby, but nobody ever looks down there. Where on my Facebook page as it appears to people would this widget go?

    • admin

      Peter – The app won't go in a wall post. The instructions above show how to add the widget to your Facebook page by creating another page. They used to be tabs, but now they are pages that show up on the left hand navigation of your Facebook page.

  • Marc

    Can this be used on personal facebook profiles or will the store only work on facebook pages? thanks

    • admin


      It can only be used on Facebook Pages NOT personal profiles.'


      CD Baby

  • Thanks for the guide! Didn't quite flow as per the instructions (that's Facebook's fault as they keep changing the layout and operations!) but now have the store app functioning perfectly on Facebook
    Next…the website. 🙂
    Great work Cd Baby!

    • admin


      What was different for you? Facebook can be a pain as they change things constantly. However, we put this little tutorial together a couple days ago, so it should be pretty up to date.


      CD Baby

    • Currently you have your reverbnation profile showing by default. You can change it to be this page… by going in facebook to 'Edit Profile' upper right button, Manage Permissions on left column, and set your default landing tab to be (what you named) 'Music Store'. I do this with this page

  • I've used both this and the new (in beta) hostbaby / listbaby feature for email signup (at bottom of my cdbaby widget) and they all work wonderfully.

  • Therubycanary

    Awesome directions for how to make this work on Facebook. It only took a few minutes, and I was up and running. Now, do you have any suggestions for how to make it work as a page on WordPress? 🙂

  • Lulu Mae music

    Thanks. This helped a lot!

  • Jym

    I can’t get the widget to show on my page. When I click on Music Store it brings up the field that I copied the code into. What do I do to make it show the widget?


  • Sascha

    Thanks for these great instructions!

  • You Bet!

  • Hi Jym, feel free to give us a ring or an email so we can help.

  • Kyle

    didn't work…
    first, step 6, there was no pulldown menu – only my "business" page was displayed (and pre-selected) – my personal page was not an option – does this not work on "personal" FB pages?

    then, when I got to the page, there was no box saying "enter your content here" – no reference to the app anywhere, as far as I can tell. But when I go back to the "Static HTML" page to try again, I get a message saying it's already installed on all applicable pages, but no clues as to how to get to it again. Surely there must be a way to see/edit the app once it's been installed, but I can't find it. Anyone help?

    • Correct. It does NOT work on personal profile pages. It only works on Artist/Band Facebook pages.

      Chris B

      • Kyle

        Okay, that makes sense (and highlights yet another thing I dislike about FaceBook – why would I want 2 pages with the same name?), but now that Static HTML is, presumably, installed on my 'other' page, how do I get to it to enter content?

        • Hey Kyle, I'm not sure I understand the question. If you follow the instructions in this article above, which step are you getting stuck on? Let me know and I'll see what I can figure out.

    • Correct. It must be an Artist/Band page. It won't work on a Facebook profile page.

  • David

    The order of steps here is incorrect: #3….when you search for “Static HTML; iFrames Tab” a page with five choices opens; if you click the first one at the top then a page called “Tradable Bits” opens and does not resemble the page you show here at all; but #5…the “Go to App” button is there, but when you click it it goes to another “Tradable Bits” page for downloading the app FIRST. And this page again does not resemble the page you show here at all; (please keep in mind that NOTHING happens with any APP on Facebook without first downloading it…you completely left this out!); So #6 here is not right. You don’t just “choose a page” from a pull-down menu since you haven’t downloaded it yet! When you do click “Install”, the typical page opens asking to access ALL of your information….but it also has a second part called “Manage My Pages” which allows “Tradable Bits” to log-in as ‘one of my pages’. You give the impression in your instructions here that this ‘app’ is a function of Facebook that is part of their platform for just having a Facebook music page when really it is a separate company called “Tradable Bits” that developed and maintains this app. So all of your info goes to some unknown company outside of Facebook which is standard for just about every app on Facebook…which is why I stay away from them. It’s bad enough that Facebook “OWNS” every bit of info of any kind you enter into their pages FOREVER even if you leave FB. Now I’m giving it all to someone else. You should explain all of this here.

  • David

    Expanding on my last comment: If you use your link at step #3 that says “or click HERE” a completely different page opens which does not go to “Tradable Bits.” So tell people NOT to search for NOT on FB but to use your link. You end up at different pages. In doing this the pages you show above do appear. But, I chose the page from the pull-down menu I wanted to put this app on..and it just didn’t work. No app appeared, no box for entering content, no tabs, nothing. So…(???)….next….

  • Matt Wheeler

    I posted the widget HTML to my brand spankin’ new Static Frames app; trouble is, that all I can see when I click the tab on my band page now is the editor screen. How can I see what the fans would see, namely, the widget?

  • You could log out and then view the band page as a guest.

  • David, I'll take a look at the instructions and try to clarify them.

  • Scarycath

    Steve thanks a million for posting the link to the Static HTML iframes app, it all worked so quickly I frightened myself!

    Thanks Kevin the instructions were great!

  • Barley Station

    The widget is great! yeah had to accept tradable bits first too, then got it working. Always cool stuff and ideas!

  • lani giro

    Firstly, I don’t care much for Facebook artist/band pages, they are very generic looking compared to myspace who allows a background pic and html modules all on the same page. But rather than waisting peoples time trying to put a html code into a html module on myspace that it doesn’t work, tell us in advance. Reverbnations codes work in myspace modules. Though surely you have a programmer with the knowledge to make a similar html code to reverbnation that will work on myspace. I think Derek Severs would agree.
    thank you

  • Hi Lani,
    We are looking into alternative configurations for MySpace embedding. It may be in the next version of the widget.

    If you really want a website that is completely customizable, you should try HostBaby.

    Chris B

  • Great widget!!

  • Thanks!

  • Dave

    All I see is the editor in Add Static HTML: iFrames tab on my FB Band page?

    • You might have to log out of Facebook and view your Page as a visitor, not an admin.



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  • Mac manus

    I cannot paste into the fb page!!

    • I'm not sure I understand. Which step in the process is not working for you?

  • Verticalkris

    doesn’t work!!!!

  • Verticalkris

    GOT IT!!! [except for changing the name from “Welcome” to: “Music Store” or “Buy My Music Here” haha, the actual app info doesn’t show up under “app” section inside????] haha

  • Contact and we'll get it working for you.

  • OK. Sweet. Glad to hear it's working for ya.

  • Vicindy

    My preview was not available at my cdbaby widget page.

  • Lauralynnent

    Help, I have had success before with FBML, but followed your instructions, went to the go to app here: found LUCAS HOGE page and added it, then it just took me straight back to his page, without letting me enter the code. The app shows up in EDIT my APPS, and I can even click, change the name tab. but it doesn’t show up at all or take me to any place to add the code? I was logged in as myself not the page admin also. HELP??

  • Send an email to and we can help you out.

  • Coastal Soul

    I like… thanks guys! widget on our Facebook page is sweet. Only criticism would be that as an admin to our band page, I cannot view the content… only the code1 Just as well the wife has an FB account. Thanks for everything!

  • Matt

    Hmm… I'm having the same problem as others below: I can't preview the store. Your suggestion — to log out and return to my page as a visitor — doesn't work, since Facebook insists I log in before it will take me to my band page. Any suggestions?

    • Once you've saved the changes, the "View Your Tab as a Fan" link should appear. You can view the widget by clicking that. Is that not working for you?

  • Thanks a million! This works perfectly!!

  • LStValentine

    Thanks so much! This works just as advertised – great instructions!

  • Rachel_leclerc

    I almost have it. However, I still see the HTLM of my widget in the box on my facebook page. Everythings else seems fine. On the left, I can go to music store – that works, but no store only the pasted HTLM – with a little help, I’ll get it. It will be great. Thanks

  • Bri

    Hi. I get the following error message whenever I click on Goto App…

    Static HTML: iframe tabs
    You do not admin any pages for which this application can be installed

    • Bri, are you attempting to put CD Baby's Music Store Widget on your Facebook Page using Static HTML: iFrames tabs? If so, let us introduce you to your new best friend: CD Baby's MusicStore on Facebook!

      It's an app that takes about 5 minutes (at most) to set up. And, though we're proud of our widget, this thing looks way cooler.

  • DavyJones

    Works great tks but cant get the Youtube videos to display…I have tried Crome and Explorer..short and long Youtube Links

  • Wade

    I’m following the steps to create the music store but after it prompts me to login to my FB acct. it says there are no pages associated with my acct. and it prompts me to create a page. I have been an admin to my band’s FB page for a year. Any suggestions?

  • This is a Facebook problem they're trying to clear up now. For the past couple weeks, folks have had some trouble logging in as admins for their pages. (not just with CD Baby MusicStore, but with many apps). I'd recommend trying again soon and see if they fixed it.

  • Sorry. The MusicStore can only be integrated into one page.

  • Edina Balczo

    How can I connect two facebook page to the music store? I could not find any solutions! please help.

  • micahel

    does this work with the new facebook timeline

  • I have business page, but it won’t let me connect to that one, it only brings up by personal page. The business page is not set up as a Music/band page, however, it is where I do my business.

  • I love the music store app, but I get ten times more traffic to my personal profile on Facebook than to my band page. I can’t seem to create a link that goes directly to the music store from my personal timeline. Is that possible?