How to Make the Most of Your Music on SoundCloud

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Promote Your Music on SoundCloudCD Baby friend and occasional blog contributor Praverb the Wyse has been thinking a lot lately about the best ways to use SoundCloud to promote your music.

He recently hosted a Twitter chat called “The Benefits of Using SoundCloud.”

He also asked some of his followers on Twitter to comment on HOW they make the most of their music on SoundCloud.

Here are a few of those artists and their responses:

Ben Z


* Utilize all possible tags, metadata, and other data fields when uploading tracks. SoundCloud has greatly expanded these options over the years and there is no reason for your track to not come up in searches. Tag things properly and you will be found!

* Get yourself some quality artwork. People do judge a book by its cover — and music by its album art. Album art should be high quality and original. This is your first impression to your audience. Make it a good one!

* After you successfully upload a track on SoundCloud you should post it on all of your other channels to maximize its reach. Be aware of time zones and peak hours on your social channels so that your upload will be noticed as much as possible in the first few hours. After that it will quickly become buried in peoples’ feeds.



* Use SoundCloud to share drafts and show progression. It’s ok to put up rough material as long as you do it often enough. SoundCloud is great for putting singles and music that you want streamed up as well – but other avenues such as CD Baby and Bandcamp can be better for your discography.

* Always participate in the community and give feedback to your fellow users!



* Artwork is key; it instantly gives people a perception of the song, quality, etc. It’s the first impression.

Big Sto 


* Repost, repost, repost. It’s the virtual version of word-of-mouth. More people see it. More people listen.


Check out our article “How to Promote Your Music with SoundCloud” for more tips and information.

And remember, CD Baby is integrated with SoundCloud — so you can distribute any music you’ve uploaded to SoundCloud worldwide via CD Baby, and any track you’re selling through CD Baby can be uploaded to SoundCloud with the push of a button!

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  • Praverb

    Wow thank you very much for using these tips. Chris you are an awesome dude. I just submitted it to the SoundCloud Community.

  • Marcus Hunke

    you forgot:

    1) post your tracks to groups. remove and add them again at a later date.

    2) pace your uploads – if you want to optimize your plays be strategic, don't just release everything as soon as it's ready

    3) engage your followers – reply to every comment, and do your best to check out each one of your followers work as well (especially important for those starting out)

    • Very good suggestions. Thanks.


    • Great additional information Marcus. Engaging with your followers is huge. It definitely has helped me a bit.

    • Shubham Kudtarkar

      sir i ‘ve recently recorded a song.!! so wanna collect some capital for recording the next one..!! can u suggest me a way to do it? plz..

    • Jenny Jizmo


  • The other commenters might have differing advice, but I'd say as soon as you have something good to share — share it. Get started, and build your community (and song list) from there. Though I guess if you have a handful of tracks ready, post 2 or 3 to get started.


  • Thanks for sharing yours.


  • Ben Z

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  • Sean Markey

    Great 80/20 list for soundcloud.

    Question for you: do you think there is a… specific number of songs or albums one should have to really engage listeners? For instance, maybe only having a few songs will cause someone to not really invest. However, having 39 songs may be overwhelming.


  • Michael Stover

    I think one suggestion I forgot to mention was strongly consider getting a premium account. LOTS of benefits to getting one.


  • d.

    Hi Chris, if I was selling T shirts I wouldn’t let Walmart give them away free while Sears sold them for 10 bucks.
    Why have your free soundcloud account competing with your sales (cd baby,bandcamp,itunes etc) accounts?

  • Well, I wouldn't necessarily advocate for making ALL your music available on SoundCloud — but it's a great way to share singles, works-in-progress, or special bonus stuff (alternate mixes, remixes, etc.). And the reason to share select works on SoundCloud is because it's an awesome social tool where fans can comment on specific parts of the song. It's a fun place to geek out with your fans about your music — and encourage them to share.

    If people like the single they hear on SoundCloud, they can purchase the rest of your music on iTunes or CD Baby.


    • d.

      I agree, cheers mate.

  • Steven Little

    Some good basics you have here…. missing some essential tips though.

    I find that the importance of sharing your tracks whilst they are private, to then immediately publicize it once the announcements have been sent out, is huge. Also posting comments with constructive criticism to related artists can be key.

    I learned a ton of these tips from this guide i recently read. Probably the most extensive write-up about Soundcloud out there. Might be interesting for you all ->

    Just my two cents… hope that’s any use!

    – Steven

  • Thanks, Steven.
    I'll check out that guide right now.


  • I find the best way to grow my fan base on Soundcloud is to collab with other artists

  • FeedingTimeAtTheZoo

    Also use bizarre images like these to capture your viewers attention

  • Dave Peters

    Don’t forget to utilse the new messaging system for sharing multiple tracks to highly targeted users

  • Ash Raman

    Just great content, reaching out and following the right people, getting into the right groups and constantly engaging with peers..

    See what it did to us..


    check out my sounds
    and posting your songs on youtube under more popular artist is another way to get noticed because some one is bound to listen

  • Luca

    I personally found out that the best way to get plays is to leverage SoundCloud Groups:

  • Cool. Good tip. Thanks for sharing!


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