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October 8, 2010{ 44 Comments }

CD Baby artists: Get 100 free plays on Jango*

Jango is a streaming internet radio station with over 7 million active listeners. They strive to make music discovery both simple and social, by providing appealing ways for fans to find new music they love, while simultaneously listening to music they’re already a fan of. Users can customize stations, and those stations can be shared among listeners, so it’s easy to see and hear what people of similar tastes are listening to. Through Jango’s method of interspersing independent artists with established acts, they’ve created both a unique environment for listeners, as well as an opportunity for musicians to target potential fans in extremely specialized ways.

Jango Airplay, is the service for musicians that want to get their music heard on Jango, allows artists to highly customize the preferences for how their music gets played, making it simple to target listeners who are more likely to be potential fans. Using their standard service, you can choose to get played on the same stations as  established musicians that you either sound like, or share common themes with. With their Premium Targeting option, you can choose to only get played to listeners of certain regions, or even single out specific age groups or genders.

Jango encourages listeners to become your fan, and also to share their email address with you. You also get data that tallies how many times your songs were played, when and where they were played, and how people who heard your songs rated them. You can find out which songs resonate the most with fans, and where your tracks have the most impact.

CD Baby has partnered with Jango Airplay to give all CD Baby clients 100 free plays so you can give it a shot and see if you like it. CLICK HERE to try it out.

* Offer only good for NEW Jango Airplay users. Not valid for existing Jango Airplay artists.

Let us know about your experiences!

  • Steven

    Okay, never mind, I found the link. Man, I must be blind.

  • Sounds exciting. I'm looking forward to checking it out

  • Linda Vee

    Does anyone know if they ask for a credit card when you sign up for the trial?

  • They don't require a credit card until you buy. The free plays don't require anything more than uploading your music and album art. I have personally been very impressed with the amount of demographic etc. Data you can gather from Jango.

  • We love Jango !! While the guarenteed airplay is definitely sweet, it is really the resulting reports that are the most beneficial part of joining JANGO. You get to "target" your music to fans of other commericial artists and then you get to see if those fans "like" your music. But at the same time JANGO is compiling other data to determine where your true "artist overlap" is. The neat thing is, that I think we all have a "sense" of who we are as artists and who we "sound" like — but often that determination is made in a vaccuum and may not actually be very accurate. It takes a few months for the real data to emerge, but , for example, I would have NEVER guessed in a million years, that fans of FLEETWOOD MAC would be at the top of NEW DAY DAWN's overlap report. This wasn't even an artist that I was targeting and yet month after month, they kept appearing as the number one overlap artist. Also, I suspected that as a female-fronted band our music would appeal to more females than males — but thanks to Jango, once again, we were set straight on this notion. Our fans are divided by gender 50/50 đŸ™‚ You can even view all these reports at the single song level. The insight provided by these reports has been invaluable to us as we figure out "who" are market is. But maybe the absolute BEST part of Jango, are the nice little emails that I get on a daily basis telling me that "so and so" became a "FAN". Just like you can "friend" someone on Facebook, on Jango a listener can "Fan" you. Once they do that you can send the fans emails and bulletins… you also know their geographic location…so if you are touring a certain state, you can send emails only to those fans. I could go on and on. If you can afford the fees, JANGO is definitely worth the price.

    From New Day Dawn … a "fan" of Jango !

  • I logged into my Jango account and there was no option to obtain the free 100 CD Baby plays.

  • glenn

    Do I understand correctly that they want the musician to pay to play their songs?

    Hey great another pay to play scam; I would rather throw myself off a cliff. Don't give in people if you stuff is good people will pay you if they don't try something else.

  • I just signed up, they didn't ask fro a credit card, Linda.

  • Wow Thanks Guys!!!! A friend of mine started using Jango recently and it's been getting him a lot of fans from all over the world! I wanted to get on it too but did'nt want to put in my credit card yet. Now i don't have to!!! Comin through for us indie guys again!!!! Thanks again!

  • Les

    What's the cost after the 100 free plays?

  • This company looks good, and may give you a lot of air play if you are willing to pay for it. I have had over 1200 plays on their site, but when they took another $100.00 out of my credit card every month without asking me, I e-mailed them twice and tried to call their contact number. They did not answer either one. So this seems a little scammy to me. I will now have to end our relationship, and really do not want to, but I want to spend money when I want to, not when they feel like it. I will have to call my credit card company and cancel their ability to take money out. If they would answer me and let me do it as I wished, I would continue with them. WATCH OUT!!!!!


    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Hey Captain,

      I'll bet the auto-deduction is a setting you've selected (or maybe it is a default selection) inside your Jango account. I'm pretty sure I've seen "buy more" buttons in there, and when I worked with them they never atuo-charged anything. But I'd recommend you fish around inside your account, consult their FAQ, or contact their customer service to get that changed.

  • This is actually the first time I'm commenting using my real identity.

    I just joined jango about 5 weeks ago. My experience has been nothing but sweet as honey. Just like NEW DAY DAWN said, not in a million years I would have imagined that BEATLES's fans would be at the top of my overlap report. In just 5 weeks I got more than 60 new REAL fans and 80 likes. These are not people you request to be your fans. They take their own initiative to become your fans based solely on their likability of your music as Jango exposes it to them. You can't beat that. They can also choose to comment on your song and tell you if they like it.

    I know a lot of my indie artist friends out there would say why pay for your airplay. Understand this, success doesn't come free. If it does , we'd all be successful by now. The main reason we can't get our music on commercial stations is not because our music is not as good as major labels' music, but only because we don't have the big budget like they do to promote it. They spend thousands of dollars if not millions for their music to be on those stations. Believe it if I had that type of money, I'd do just the same. The opportunity Jango has given us indie artists to get our music exposed to the fans of those "Big name artists" is very rare. With a very low budget you can buy your own airplay. This is no different from what majors do. They spend for their music to be heard. They HIRE RADIO PROMOTERS, and that is not free my friends. It is REAL MONEY. My advice is simple. If you believe in your music and have some money. Use that money to promote your music. Don't waist your time and energy trying to find some radio stations that would play your music for free unless you are already an established and well known artist. I've been there and done that. Jamgo is the way for us to go. I started with just $10, now I'am spending 10 times more a month because I've been very pleased with the result so far. I wish I had a little bigger budget, but that's OK for now.

    Good luck to you all with Jango

    Robère Acare

  • Jim

    how do I get the free 100 plays option? It asks me for credit card info after I put my intial details down.

  • The link above will take you to my jango page if interested in hearing my music. Thanks

    Robère Acare

  • I was a paying member at JANGO until I found out from a source you don't get paid for your songs as they stream all over the world PS is there someone out there with more info on this please post……. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IF YOU HAVE YOUR ALBUM AT CDBABY YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE

  • Jango is good if you want to pay for more than you'll make, but it could net you potential new fans. Their fees are unreasonable in my eyes. They do report the plays and you do get paid for em, but ONLY for the plays you PAID to have played. Anything "organic" you won't get credit for. If you do the math, the fractions of a cent you get per play doesn't translate well with their fees. Even if you purchase the most expensive package you're still losing money. Unless, of course, the listeners go elsewhere to purchase your music. Is it worth the gamble? Your choice.

  • Unfortunately the targeting doesn't work: they always send the wrong artists!

  • So let me get this right. Musicians pay Jango based on how much they get played? So the more plays you get, the more you have to pay Jango? That's scary! The way I see it, the more a musician gets played, the more traffic Jango is getting, thereby increasing their premium for advertising revenue, they should thank musicians that get played a lot, not charge them..

  • Just shows how little things have changed. It's nice that this institutionalized, up-front payola system is made accessible to the average budget, and that we don't have to buy disc-jockeys or station managers football tickets or automobiles. If the big record companies think it's worthwhile, though, they will once again be in the best position to take advantage of it.

  • Glenn (Oct 13) – You certainly don't have to participate in a promotion for airplay, but you might want to think about this a different way. The "Pay to Play" concept is where radio station personnel receive under the table money or gifts as a bribe to add a single for so many rotations. This is usually done when there is a station or two holding out, otherwise keeping the song from a significant chart slot (like #1). The payout for a number one single (Billboard Charts) is significantly higher than say #2. So, the cost can be justified. The problem is an ethical one.

    ALL labels/promoters/managers, etc… have to pay for some services in order to participate in industry standard delivery formats. This is not considered "pay to play" or unethical in any way. This is a service that someone is offering. They have to charge enough to offset their expenses, make a living and a profit, otherwise the opportunity for this or any other low cost service would not exist.

  • AAA! I already made an account two weeks ago. If only I would've been patient. Oh well. I'm sure it's a great deal, and will be much appreciated by those who haven't signed up yet.

  • Linda Vee

    Thanks for answering my question Brad and Abi.

    Appreciate it.

    I hear too many horror stories about once you give an online service your card number you can't get them to stop deducting fees if you change your mind.

    Interesting the different opinions here on the site.

  • Glen has a valid point,everyone is holding their hand

    out expecting us to pay. Without the artist there's

    no music. Have these companies thought of that?

    The artist can always find ways to make money with

    music,the industry allows us to do it on a larger

    scale. Some artist have started their own labels.

    Don't hand us tin and call it gold. Protect your

    interest,the companies certainly do. Read the fine


  • Steven

    I think it's worth it to try. I signed up for the free 100 plays, and now I've purchased the $100/month package–but I'll probably cancel when it's up. You can also buy a one time boost rather than a recurring monthly charge.

    In the same way that iTunes opened the doors for indie musicians to sell their music side by side with known musicians, Jango allows indie musicians to be played alongside known musicians. If the collective public decides that I stink, then I can live with that. But I just want to know, you know?

  • There is no justification fore charging the artist.

    Radio stations pay the artist based on a cue sheet.

    The payments depend on the number of times you're

    played. Radio stations are paid though advertisements

    or donations to the station from listeners. The

    click ads alone can bring in a fortune.

  • Linda Vee

    Ugh Just make sure you upload the correct version of your song.

    I accidentally uploaded an older version of a song I had a rip of still in my hard drive and now I am stuck with it.

    If you have them remove a song for you they will not allow you to upload it ever again.


  • Robin

    so does anyone know how to sign up for Jango without getting the screen that asks you for a credit card? When I click on the link (100 Free Plays for CD Baby Artists!), I get

    which asks you to Make A Payment.


  • Linda Vee

    You can try my link if CDbaby approves this.

  • Might try it if I can find the magic no credit card setting. Visited the sight as a listener and unimpressed. The search engine is restricted to artist name and song name. It's not easy to search by genre and there is no World Music section, or even folk music section, or anything other than the usual generic rock/Hip Hop/Country sections.

  • Click the 100 free plays for CD Baby spot and it asks you to pay. Whatever agreement CD Baby has with this outfit, it is not being honored.

  • Isn't that payola?

  • Steven

    Chris, are you sure you are clicking that green "Get Started!" button on the upper right side of the page once you arrive from the Jango link posted here?

  • Linda Vee

    I can't find anywhere on the site including the FAQ to cancel the auto deduction they will take out of your credit card if you buy more plays.

    That makes me very nervous though it does seem to be a great concept and the first site I would consider paying for if it wasn't for the forced auto deduction situation.

    I want to be able to control buying more plays when I want without being locked in.

    But it's not rocket science to figure out why they do it this way.

    Unless that changes I guess I will take a pass. Too many horror stories about people being locked into that kind of thing on sites and getting no response when they want to cancel.

  • Roshan


    I thought composers and artist are supposed to get PAID for having their music

    purchased, downloaded, & streamed. Are you now saying you expect US to PAY

    to have people listen to our music.

    As a 30+ year full time professional musician/songwriter/producer I think this sucks.

    It reminds me of how the pay-to–play concept destroyed the club scene

    in L.A. in the 80s.

    It seems like even C.D.Baby is now part of the – "lets make it impossible

    for musicians to make a living" attitude.

    Why can't I get the storeowners to pay me to take their products when I

    go shopping?

    The next time I get my car fixed or go to the doctor, I want Them to pay ME.


    Cosmic Cat Music

  • I have been on Jango for about a year with my first 100 free plays. I have had 4 organic plays since the 100 ran out. I just purchased 1000 plays and in one week have have 14 fans respond. With about a month to go the stated average of 50 fans per 1000 plays will probably be right on. Here's my thing- record companies are marketing firms not creative entities. They sell the artist's, the music, the image, etc. making a living for the artist as well. Jango allows me to build a fan base with some of the fans giving me their e-mail address, etc. It's up to me to market myself to them. Everyone pays to play, no matter. Advertising and hyping any music costs money. While most labels don't pay to play on the air, they do pay to influence the Program Directors at the stations. Jango is way to build a small business, define your music, learn a few things about how people respond to you without touring and starving ont he road all the time and hopefully in the end have some custoemrs..err fans that appreciate you enough to buy your music and come see a show.

  • hank

    this is a bunch of bs this sight has never worked 4 me on any of my friends they want u to pay money to listen to songs. its criticism.

  • Mkim

    I keep getting directed to the payment page where I need to submit credit card info. What should I do to get the free play credit? Is there any promo code I can enter or something?

  • Ari

    Hey all,

    Been on for a few weeks, and have had positive experiences.

    I was offered 50 free plays through SonicBids, and I'm pretty sure the CDBaby deal works the same way… you have to click the Jango link from CDBaby's page while you're logged in to CDBaby.

    When my songs didn't go live after the 48 hours they promised, I emailed and within a day I'd gotten a response and my songs were up. They also gave me an extra hundred plays for the inconvenience.

    Its like any other music site, you get out of it what you put in.

    The coolest thing is their Fan Overlap report. It shows you who else your fans are listening to so you can better target your audience.

    I'll stop before I sound like an infomercial, but I've found them to be one of the few sites to deliver what they promise. You pay, they play, people listen.

  • Captian Kirk-Man!

    The difference between the Artist that become Superstars around the World, and Ones that just become Superstars in their local City/Town are the steps that they are willing to take to get to that next level… In my opinion, is "genious." First and formost "It gives you the "opportunity" to be heard!" And not just heard by anyone, but by people whom "you" want to target.

    For a new Artist fresh out the studio "this is definately for you." Because as a new Artist, you want as many people as possible to "listen to you music," and if you have to pay a few dollars($10, $30, $100, etc.) just to get that done, than why not… Just call it an investment in your future, heck, an investment in yourself.

    Artist like "Miriah Carey" started off as a backup singer (and while she was doing this, she was sleeping on a matress, on the floor, in a house full off people), "Jay-Z" was turned down by every label he went to, before he said enough is enough, I'll just start my own label to be heard and to have the type of success I want (and first started by selling tapes out the back of the trunk of his car), "Michael Jackson" started off (with his brothers) singing in local malls, doing "very small" talent shows, and look where he ended up (Number 1 selling Artist of "All Time")… And the list go's on and on… The point is that these Artist were willing to do whatever it took to get the success they wanted in the Music Busines, anybody in the right mind would be able to see that is "just a stepping stone" for you to take your music from point A to B, or B to C, or whatever step your currently at now to the step you want to be at tomorow.

    If you are an "indie" Artist, and you truly take your music serious, than you will take a chance with… As a Musical Artist myself, it was a no brainer. Because I realize that someone with alot of talent and drive (like I pride myself with), will broaden your audience on an unbelievable scale…

    The choice is still yours… I don't work for (and never have). I am just someone that focuses on the big picture of things, and if you do to than will be one of the steping stones to truly broaden your audience as an "indie Artist"….

    Make the choice… "A better chance" at Worldwide Stardom," "or" "better chance at just being "local" sensation"- "The choice is yours"

  • delaney677

    I think they exploit the vanity of Indie Artist. The concept is to earn money. Jango is great, if you are Adele. To tell you the truth, I don't think that the fans are real fans. They are only the incentive for the artist to invest more money. They are payed people from all over the world who need money. Take a look at freelancer, there are so many offers for these kind of jobs. The referral system sucks as well, they do not tell you that the other artist has to pay at first. I thought it was free and invited so many fellow artists, of course nobody signed in. Waste of time and energy.:(

  • You can sign up with Jango here:

  • MajaboyAKAHustleman

    You sound ridiculous. You think 90 bucks is an investment? lol good luck