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Want to know how to win fans and sell music on the world’s most popular website?

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Looking for tips to help you build and maintain direct relationships with your fans on Facebook? Want to know how to run an effective Facebook ad campaign? Curious what the best ways are to entice people to share and buy your music?

If you’ve got the temperament and time for social networking, Facebook can be a great platform to promote your music career. While we’re not dogmatic about anything, CD Baby has put together a free guide that will set you on the right path, offering suggestions, how-to’s, and tips for “power users.” Ultimately, in order to be successful using Facebook as a promotional tool, you’ll have to use your own authentic voice! But we hope this free, PDF guide will help you avoid stumbling around in the wilderness for too long while waiting to discover the approach that works best for you.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

Download your free copy of CD Baby’s Complete Guide to Selling More Music with Facebook now!

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