Facebook 101: how to make a band page on Facebook, Pt. 1

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Make a Facebook artist page

How to create a page on Facebook for your band in minutes

Creating a Facebook band or artist page is usually one of the first steps musicians take when establishing their online presence, and there’s good reason for that: Facebook is the largest social network in the world and it’s an important place to connect with fans when you have big news to announce.

Isn’t Facebook for… old people?

Even as social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have established huge popularity among younger demographics, Facebook is still the standard for social band profiles. In fact, Facebook has become so important, many music fans and industry people would find it strange if they couldn’t find an artist on Facebook.

Doesn’t Facebook want me to pay to reach my fans?

Yes, it’s true that over the past few years Facebook has made it increasingly difficult for you to reach your following on their platform through organic (unpaid) means.

I would argue that it’s still important to establish and maintain a Facebook presence for your music though, because when you have big news to announce — a new album, a crowdfunding campaign, a tour, a video launch — Facebook is THE place online where the bulk of your fans are likely to be hanging out. For those big news announcements, it’s probably worth spending some promotion dollars to make sure you reach your Facebook followers.

Organic reach is still a thing

Not all effective Facebook communication is done through promoted posts and paid ads, though. It’s still possible to have a piece of content extend its reach based on its own merit (or the merit Facebook’s algorithm deems it to have based on engagement).

Just for an anecdote about the current power of Facebook, towards the end of 2016 I simultaneously posted a video to Facebook AND YouTube. By the end of the first day, with no paid promotion, the video had way more engagement on Facebook than on YouTube. The video had as many likes, comments, and shares on Facebook as there were total views on YouTube, to say nothing of the total view count for the video on Facebook (which admittedly is unreliable, since it tallies muted videos that auto-play in your Facebook feed).

Long story short, every once in a while you can still get some serious attention from your Facebook audience without opening your wallet.

Getting started on Facebook

Creating and maintaining a Facebook band page isn’t difficult, but there are some common misconceptions that can cause issues down the line. Follow the steps below and you’ll be just fine.

Facebook profile Vs. Facebook page

First we need to clear up a little terminology. Facebook calls the typical individual profiles “Personal Profiles.” The profiles created by brands, products, organizations, musicians or bands are called “Pages.”

It can get confusing as the two can look similar, but there are some big distinctions in how they work. Also, you must have a Facebook personal profile before you can create a page, so if you’re brand new to Facebook, you’ll have to create that first. Once you’re up and running with a personal profile, here is how you can create a band page.

How to create your Facebook artist/band page

1. Go to this link http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php (or you can click the little arrow in the top right of your personal profile and use the dropdown menu to select “Create Page.”)

2. Select the “Artist, Band, or Public Figure button

3. Once that is selected, you will get a drop down menu where you will want to select “musician/band”

4. Enter in the artist or band name in the “name,” check that you agree to the Terms of Service (if you agree with the ToS, of course), and then click “Get Started.”

Now that you Facebook band page is created, be sure to post a profile image and a cover photo (which is also sometimes known as the header image).

Go HERE for more information on Facebook Page image dimensions.

Also be sure to drop your bio into the ABOUT section.

Why not just promote my music using my personal profile on Facebook?

As mentioned above, there are some key functionality differences that make a Facebook page a better option for promoting your music. We’ll detail those differences in Part 2 of ‘Facebook 101 for musicians.’

But the #1 benefit of using a page instead of a profile has to be the security for your personal information. Most people use their personal profiles as a way to share info, pictures and updates with their friends and family. So certain aspects of their life outside of music are visible for all their “friends” to see. If you grant a fan access to your personal profile, they’ll see all your pictures and updates. That might be too much personal information to grant your average fan.

Making a Facebook page for your music career allows anyone to be a fan without the worry that they’re getting to know a little too much about you.

Selling your music on Facebook

Once you’ve set up your artist/band Page on Facebook, you can be selling your music in minutes. There’s an easy way to create a Facebook Shop and integrate it with your CD Baby store — so fans can purchase music via Facebook, CD Baby will handle the order fulfillment, and you don’t have to worry about trips to the post office!

Go HERE for instructions on how to integrate a Facebook Shop with CD Baby.

Also, check out the following articles for more information on using a Facebook page to promote your music:

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8. Facebook for musicians: to post, or not to post?

9. Ten reasons why you’re losing your Facebook fans

10. This is how you should use Facebook Live to get results

Do you have a tip for new artists on Facebook?  Please share in the comments below!

Oh, and be sure to read part 2 of this series HERE!

Creating Effective Facebook Events

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  • I have a fan page on Facebook. It works really well and I feel it is the best way for me to reach fans.


  • I am from spain i have a fan page on Facebook also and we got 1200 fans now,is a very good promotion around the world,i think is better than myspace:


  • I find the my Facebook "music" page to be very useful. It's a lot easier to update than MySpace. You can post songs, video, discography, concert dates, everything. If if you post to your wall frequently, you'll show up in people's newsfeeds and to keep you in their minds.


  • We're called Morphine Killer, and we are from Stanton, CA.

    A fun thing we have done is used FBML (Facebook Markup Language) to create an opening page for people to see:


  • I like the fan page because it doesn't get as cluttered as a personal profile, and you can better track actual fans vs friends (fans can be strangers).

    Gonna have to dabble in FBML!


  • m

    also after you get over 100 fans you can get a better URL for you name (eg. facebook.com/bandname)
    by going to : http://www.facebook.com/username

    and clicking "Set a username for your Pages"

    and selecting your artist page…


  • I've spent a lot of time trying to get my facebook artist page to work correctly. Presently, if I want to post anything from it on my friends' pages, my personal profile icon will be to the left of my posts. I'm wondering if the Reverbnation application is confusing matters? Also, when I try to log in to my artist page, it tells me I still have to CREATE an artist page, which I've certainly already done… I even have a personalized address to the page it says I stll need to create! This rigamarol is utterly maddening! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • You can give your facebook artist page a much neater and easier to remember link, like ours- http://www.facebook.com/sumoelevator

    In order to do that, browse to http://www.facebook.com/username and choose "Set a username for your Pages."

    Glad to help,
    Yevgeny from Sumo Elevator

  • Melissa

    I don't know, I actually ignore a lot of the "fan" pages. I like my friends, most of whom are also musicians, but isn't a fan page just one more thing to look at? My time is limited, what benefit does the fan page give the fans themselves?

  • Linda

    I'm not crazy about Facebook. I can't get my artist page to work right either.

  • Rip

    Hey! Thank you for sharing this article…I appreciate you take the time and effort to help independent artists to understand the power of viral marketing on the web…!

    I'd like to share my FaceBook page and I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy making it


    Thanks again!

  • Facebook doesn't have a convenient song player like MySpace. After wasting lots of time trying third-party add-ons that didn't work, I ended up making a separate tab which duplicates the main Discography page from my official site (ElectricEarl.com). It has links to the individual album pages (also on my offical site), where there are links for playing MP3s of my entire back catelog. It's only because of knowing HTML that I was able to do this. Facebook is not "musician-friendly."

  • I've also heard that the personal profile pages are limited to 5,000 friends or something. So if you've developed a big facebook following on your personal page, you're limited once you hit that number. A fan page has a lot more capacity, or maybe it's even unlimited.

    I also find the facebook fan pages incredibly frustrating and non-intuitive. I can never seem to even find it, let alone get it up and running!

  • Thank you for your tips and advice!
    I find it's difficult to get people to sign up to be my fans because they all send me friend requests, even though these are people I don't know, they seem to want to be "friends" on my profile page.
    My fan page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalia-Saw-Lady-Pa

    Thank you and all the best,

    Saw Lady

  • Yes, many thanks for all the help that we independent artists are getting from you. Facebook fan pages are very visible in search engines and they kind of propagate vey well from fan to fan. However a well defined website, with a design convention reflecting the album and universe of the artist remains an important promotion asset. See for yourself at http://WeekendOnMars.com and search for Weekend On Mars in Google. Enjoy!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=5



  • Thanks for writing about fan pages. I have been wondering how to use it to my advantage.

    Wondering how to approach the fan page when I work in two languages:

    1) English for worldwide audience

    2) Hebrew for Israel audience.

    Is it best to make two separate fan pages? Or combine languages on one fan page?

    Eliana Gilad – Voices of Eden – Ancient Healing & Transformational Music

  • ITs starting to work 'OK' now – (I help manage Holly Brook's face book music page). . . but there were already fan groups set up so I couldn't use the "music" group for her official page, or so it seemed. It now shows up as 'business" or "other" Which is a tad annoying.

    Her original email list which ballooned with the hit song "Where'd You Go" with Mike Shinoda was lost in 2008, so it's been difficult trying to reinstate fans again.
    Any ideas for converting it to a real "music" or artist page or group? Maybe this isn't even important.
    Messages are welcome at at http://www.facebook.com/HollyBrook

    PS. I like the way facebook can analyze fans, but Myspace is catching up on that too!

  • Yes, a great way to immediately reach your fans with no junk mail or hassle.

    You also have the ability to easily check your stats and see what works to boost hits and interests in 'insights'.

    Check it out!


  • I hate Facebook.

    Sounds like a pain in the ass to open a personal profile…. then open a band profile. Why the restrictions? I tried it for about 6 months when it first came out. I thought it sucked then. This too will pass, like myspace.

    Though myspace might be a thing of the past, but it still works for me. Reverbnation ain't too bad either.

    Screw facebook.

  • Elvis Duffy

    I never accept fan suggestions because facebook has been so great for real friends. But I'm not opposed to putting a fan page together for myself if it's going to help.

  • Great article! Anyone can stop by for a free listing on Selling Indie to further promote their facebook or myspace page.

  • I've had problems with running the fan page as well. I ended up with 2 personal profiles, one attached to the "fan." It's weird to navigate, a scan of my drivers license is required in order to upload songs so I skipped that. I have to search my band name from my own profile page in order to get to the fan site. While Myspace certainly seems in decline and has changed their format, the music sharing was easier there. I haven't found the facebook fan pages to be of much benefit.

  • I have some basic questions that NO ONE has been able to answer.

    1. In the comments above, "Music Pages" and "Fan Pages" are mentioned. I've also heard about "Facebook Groups". Yet the article says there are only two types of pages: "Personal Profiles" and "Profile Pages". What are the differences and what is the best option? Is there a place where the differences are explained?

    2. What is the relationship between a "Personal Profile" and a "Profile Page"? Can we keep them separate? Are there separate logins? This is my main question. I don't want my actual friends to be bombarded by my music stuff, and I don't want those interested in my music to have access to my personal information.


  • Here's our: http://www.facebook.com/dynamobliss

    I agree with Electric Earl about the player. I'd like to find a way to integrate the player from bandcamp.com on the main page.

  • I've had a lot of experience with my Facebook Fan page now (www.facebook.com/simonspire), and I think it's a mixed bag. I think having 'fans' rather than friends is more accurate in terms of tracking, but the requirement of TWO Facebook pages is somewhat frustrating and unnecessarily complicated.

    The biggest problem is only being able to send messages, and comment on other pages, from one's personal profile. The Fan page just isn't as interactive with other profiles.

    The main advantage, as I see it, is being able to send out Updates from the Fan page to all fans (I believe Facebook prevents this from personal profiles), some expanded functionality possibly, and tracking fans. But I'll be interested to see what other advantages CD Baby points out in the next installment.

    It's quite a dilemma this whole personal vs. fan page decision on Facebook! Because you still have to invite Profile FRIENDS to events, rather than fans…some inexplicable restrictions and limitations in the Facebook system if you ask me.

  • Facebook pages are a great way to push the people who have ditched myspace and gone solely with Facebook back in your direction. Facebook needs to work on they're presentation of music (my player still won't play after we've taken all the necessary steps) and page design. There really is no difference from a fan page and a personal profile as far as design goes. PLUS, you can't talk to a person from the fan page without them contacting you first. It's kindof dumb. It is still necessary for promotion, but dumb!

  • We are just setting up a Pulama Fan Page on Facebook.
    Thank you so much for your article CD Baby, this will be a great help.
    Happy New Year!

  • 2,000 plus fans and counting! Yay 🙂

  • facebook is a joke

  • This is great!
    Way to go cdbaby

  • i'm kind of new to facebook,and i just set up my fan page. it's picking up pretty steady,but figuring out how everything works has taken sometime,so we'll see how well it works.

  • Hi folks, I LOVE Facebook!

    I have all three: Private Profile http://www.facebook.com/andreagerak
    Page http://artist.to/andreagerak and Group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=88048605684

    Well, you all know what is a Private Profile, where you have Friends.

    On the Page you have Fans and you can send updates (like letters) to ALL of them in one go, but they can't reply to it.

    In the Group, you have Members and you can send messages to ALL of them in one go, AND they can reply to the whole group or only to you, individually. This is a very cool feature.

    There are other differences too between the three, one thing makes it better for this one, another thing makes it better for the other one.

    The good thing to have ALL THREE (even if you don't work on your Page and Group too much) is that

    1. on your Friends' profile, it shows that they belong to your Page or Group, which has a viral effect, their friends can join, too.
    2. with one button and a few clicks, your Fans and Members can invite their friends to join your Page or Group, as well as the Events you create there, and any other content you post.
    3. you get new Friends from Fans and vice versa – well, who else would support your music better than those who are your friends as well?

    So I use them this way: only my music related content on Page and in Group, but on Profile, everything else, beside promoting my music, of course.

    If you (like I do) decide to have a big Private Profile, where you accept everybody as friends, it's smart to filter the info and other content you post, and not to share anything you would consider too private.

    It might be also a good idea to open one more Private Profile, only for your REAL, closer friends and family.

    @ Eliana Gilad about bi-lingual Page:

    I have the same one Page in English plus Hungarian, and do my postings like this:
    "Somehow I couldn't post this yesterday… hopefully a good wish is never too late 🙂 —– Valahogy nem tudtam (etc, the Hungarian text) :-)"
    Or, if it's too long, I write the Hungarian in a comment.

    I hope it helps a little – and of course, you are welcome to join :-))

  • Nick P

    I like the music page for the most part. The biggest draw back is not being able to send actual messages to fans. You can send "updates," but they don't show up in a person's inbox. They show up in a sections called "Updates," which most of our fans never use or don't know where it is. So all of the messages we try to send to fans, never make it to them.


  • I also found setting up my band page rather frustrating I don't think any musicians were involved in the design of these pages) However I got round most of the hassles and manmaged to get a page with the tabs that most bands would need: INFO MUSIC GIGS VIDEOs. Take a look at my page: http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Groovechasers/227

    If you'd like to copy any of my ideas just send me a message via facebook and I'll explain how I did it.

  • Much better than MySpace in so many ways, I only recently set mine up and found it paid off on my last tour regarding attendance and getting the word out, but I fully agree with Simon Spire above on some of it's downfalls:

    "The biggest problem is only being able to send messages, and comment on other pages, from one’s personal profile. The Fan page just isn’t as interactive with other profiles."

    Cheers once again CDBaby


  • Thanks. Always interested in some more tips!!!

  • There are too many options online for promoting your band!!! It's unfortunate because if the few labels that were left would actually do the work like they used to (remember the term Artist Development??) then a band could be left to doing what they do best – write songs. We've all become webmasters.

    MySpace has all but died for bands. Facebook is a good networking site, but nothing beats the old http://www.YourBandName.com approach.

  • I find Facebook really hard to use. I too have an Artist page, but had to create a Personal page before that. I find the whole thig really confusing.
    1)Anyone that searches Abi Moore gets straight to my Personal Page instead of my Artist page- meaning that I'm building up loads of Friends instead of loads of Fans!
    2)I also find that when I post something up about gigs/ events, it wants to take me back to my Personal page. It always puts it on my Personal page and sometimes NOT on my Artist page.
    3)I have to search specifically for my Artist page from my Personal page, by typing my own name into the Search box which is really annoying.
    4) Even though I uploaded my songs onto my Artist page, they don't seem to show up on the page- surely this is THE most important thing for us musicians?
    Maybe I just don't get it(!)- but I prefer MySpace- it's so much easier to use. I can't see why Facebook won't just allow you to have an Artist page without the Personal page. I have enough friends, thanks!

  • I have a group page for my band, is it any different than the fan page?

  • I think Facebook artist pages or whatever they call them are useless and frustrating. They are always shuffling things around and your stuff gets buried. The URL situation is ridiculous. The URL for my page is some long code with my name in there somewhere. The setup really pushes for you to be buying promotional ads on Facebook (which are as complex a system as their pages) and you have to get past that to look at your ads or edit your page. Worst is that people that are your fans AND your friends at the same time get spammed twice if there's news you want to get out to everybody. It's nice to hear people have had good experiences with Facebook pages, though – maybe there's some hope.

  • I meant to say "The setup really pushes for you to be buying promotional ads on Facebook (which are as complex a system as their pages) and you have to get past that to look at your STATS or edit your page"

  • I set up an Artist Page separate from my profile on Facebook about two and a half weeks ago, and I already have 125 fans, some of whom I did NOT solicit. admittedly, getting a music player on the page was a CHALLENGE, but I have it now, and was able to put up a discography and photos, and I feel it looks pretty good now. it's a great place to post news and performances.

    Myspace may be easier to use, but the good thing about this page is that it's hooked into my facebook network, where I have more than 400 friends, most of whom I actually KNOW, unlike myspace, where friends are all over the world, and I may never meet them. when I post something on my Artist Page on Facebook, I know that people may actually come to see me play. 🙂

  • G'day!

    The facebook profile pages are really usefull. Took a bit to get me head around it.. but it's definately worth while. You can update fans via the update and the news feed which is real handy. There's heaps of applications for music things aswell. The sync with reverbnation is handy too.


  • Nice Tip ! My band has a fanpage, too! Look at it here:

  • I have enjoyed the Facebook profile page creation and how it works. It is a good tool.


  • check out this FB disappearing rocker trick pic:


  • As a result of trying to find ways to promote our band JALEBI Music we currently have band profiles and pages all over the place and now also on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/JALEBI.Music

    All these profiles, pages, media players, widgets, etc. are certainly useful for letting people know you or your band exists and to attract new people every day to at least listen to your music. However, actually selling your songs in significant numbers is still a big question mark on all of these sites, Facebook included!

    In my humble opinion….MySpace has lost steam and followers because at a certain point there were more bands and musicians becoming "fans" and "friends" of other bands and musicians and sending tons of promotional messages and bulletins to each other and not to real fans or friends….so when all was said and done…no one was actually buying or selling very much music. Sure, MySpace has made some changes and they are trying to salvage what they can! Facebook? Well, it is not really musician or band friendly in a number of ways. For example: Difficult navigation, various annoying restrictions, low visibility for band and fan pages, lots of applications that can clutter up the landscape, and so on.

    Solution? Keep on going! If you still have the passion and energy to do it then more power to you! Just make sure that after all your hard work and profile pages, Facebook, MySpace, etc, etc, and so on (whew!)…. that you and your band do not wake to discover that you are "running on empty"! (smile) But hey, it is still one hell of a ride and a learning experience! Right? Right! Hmmm…what's YOUR karma!?! lol

    Namaste, baby! : )

    Shirley Marie Bradby aka MiraBai Devi Dasi
    JALEBI Music lead singer

  • As Kari wrote above, "getting a music player on the page was a CHALLENGE". I absolutely agree, and I think Facebook has little excuse for not providing an easy-to-use solution for sharing music. Besides the artist not having *any* control of the graphic design of a Facebook page, the lack of a usable music player is why Facebook will *fail* as a go-to destination for band pages (in the way that Myspace, love them or hate them, still remain the de facto band solution).

    My favorite spot online to post music is through bandcamp.com. They allow you to set it up with your own domain name as well – bandcamp is actually what's hosting my music page:



  • Can't see my fan page without logging In?
    I have a facebook fan page with almost 500 fans, I would like to know if it is possible to see the page without logging in. I found other pages that you can see it.
    For example:
    My page: http://facebook.com/PhillyVenues (without log in goes to the login page)
    Other Page: http:facebook.com/MaryKay (goes directly to the page)

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you in advance for your help


  • i managed to have a player on my personal FB page (which is not very personal anymore…) through my Reverbnation profile. yes, that means you have to set up a new profile, but actually this reverbnation has many very useful tools to promote your band and it is quite easy to incorporate their html codes on FB, Myspace, your own website…
    I'll try to incorporate it on my group page (I'm still wondering if that's any different from a band page)

  • The facebook interface for music is a mess. You can upload videos and pictures but you can't just upload Mp3s and have a way for visitors to select and play them. I tried iLike and My Band and both are cumbersome and involve other programs and sites. Both are designed to do much more than just play mp3s. I even tried another add-on, I think it was Mp3 Player Next and even that was a mess.

    There's no reason why adding Mp3s should be any different than videos or photo albums. I mean they're just files, right?

    I can probably upload them to my other host and just create a link page to stream them. I'm sure that would be easier than these add-ons. But it's still not as clean as just adding a "music" tab like your "photos" and "videos" tab.

  • julien

    For music you should use a website called "Blinker" bln.kr , it is a super new MP3 player that you can embed into your facebook status profile. This company is amazing you should check them out super easy to use. http://bln.kr

  • You can have an app called music player only on fan pages, not personal pages.

  • I just have a Revernation Profile and use the widgets there for my facebook music page and my own website. Its pretty easy, and works well. I like Reverb Nation alot, their widget for capturing email address sign ups is pretty handy, and much easier than trying to code my own or pay more for that service through my web hosting company.


  • I just got a Songrila player that people can buy songs from and it goes directly to your paypal account. They say it's easily added to your facebook page, but I still have to try it. I'll try to comment after I actually try it out. Good luck!
    – Jeffrey

  • Thanks CDBaby for the Facebook information.

    So one has 'created' a Profile Page.
    What does one do next?

  • Vel

    So Facebook is king now? I can't be the only musician who thinks this really sucks. Many of us have cultivated our Myspace networking and got many gigs, tours, interest, etc… Now it's practically a wilderness. It seesms that updates, adding new songs, is futile because hardly anyone is on it.

    It makes no sense to bitch about it though. The pubic has chosen the boring layout and music unfriendly Facebook…and there's nothing we can do but migrate where potential fans are. I don't even give out my Myspace address anymore unless someone specifically asks. That's sad.

    My question is where will musicians go online when Facebook becomes old hat in a few years? Just asking. Meow.

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  • So many quick to ask and not look for a second thru responses!

    MP3s on Face Book are easy and total control unlike MySpace lameness!

    You have to start an artist page and go to FACE BOOK APPS and download the Music Player from Face Book! Authorize it – takes a week.
    Upload an UNLIMITED NUMBER of tracks and control the BUY NOW LINK to your CD Baby album page or to the Track Download link on CD Baby. Once it is set up it is better than anything you will find online because you have control over where you direct sales links! THAY IS VERY COOL!

    ~~~~~~~POST MP3 TO FACE BOOK EASY ~~~~~~~~~~

  • Tim

    On facebook, how do you edit the pages if you want to update or change information. I have been unable to do it.



  • The Reverbnation tool for Facebook seems to be the most appealing I've seen. I was hoping CD Baby would have created a FB App that would let me preview my tunes from CD-Baby on a tab on my band page and then link to CD Baby for sales/downloads. But unless that is in the works I guess I'll have to create yet another account on another music site.

  • Alex

    Hey… I need some tips or advice from anyone who might have better knowledge of band profiles on Facebook.

    I have my own Personal Profile, and I just recently created a band profile Page for my band… I created it fine without a problem… However, when I was creating this, the system required a FB Personal Profile in order to create the Profile Page.

    This is ok, because I just login to my Personal Profile,and whenever I just go to my band profile, I already have Edit and Admin access without having to do an additional login, just by being logged in with my personal profile I can already do this.

    The reason I need some help is… I don't like the fact that I can't comment on my Band page as my own person, If I wish to comment anything on my band wall, it will appear as posted by the band name, not by me/or my name, and I want to be able to comment on my band page as any other regular fan or individual, and on other ocassions be able to comment as the band name.

    Does this make any sense??? I hope it does! Any help would rock! thanks!

  • Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately there is no way to comment on your own Fan Page as yourself (unless you remove yourself from being an administrator).

    I believe it has something to do with Facebook's privacy rules.

  • cvd

    When you create your new facebook band page, Is it possible to put a link ( Ad ) on you facebook personal page so that your friends can choose to join your new band profile site? Or do have to send them an invitation? Please advise

  • how do i create a regular or normal profile page with just my artist name, or to put it in a different way. how do i sign up for a profile without having to enter my real name. ive seen people with they're band names or dj names but when i try to sign up for a account it sends me a message saying that i cant use my "fake" name and ned to provide a real one. why ? help!

  • could you guys send the link for facebook?

  • omfg

    Yeah, could someone send us the link to facebook?? Can't find it?? o_O

  • Greg Vail has no clue what he is saying. Facebooks fall is going to happen so much faster then you guys think. MySpace always has, and always will be the leading site for musicians. BTW, if you want to make a music page on facebook…DO NOT USE THE APP GREG SUGGESTS…it is a scam. use either reverb, or the easiest, and most overlooked…ilike.com. The total setup time with Ilike=20 minutes top, for full mp3 playlists, linked straight to your twitter acct. and youtube for viewings of full length video. If you wish to go the reverb way, it costs a bit, but is well worth it. The app Mr. Vail has so slickly thrown up on the topic here…he must be the developer of it…stole my music, and never gave it back.

  • ATT…Mr. Joey Gee…because they sell your info to other sites…google your name, you will be surprised at what you find…and where you find it.

  • Brainstrain says:
    " BTW, if you want to make a music page on facebook…DO NOT USE THE APP GREG SUGGESTS…it is a scam."

    While I don't know why they would want to "steal" my music, one day I went on there and the app just didn't work anymore and my mp3s were no where to be seen. There are undoubtedly ways to negotiate it, but Facebook profile pages are complicated and frustrating.

  • Ohhkay.
    I am not interested into getting into a freakout competition or argument about which is better, Facebook or MySpace.

    The bottom line is, you have to go where the majority of the people are hanging out. Yeah, Facebook has not really caught up with MySpace as far as the music uploading capability and options thereof. They will, though; have a little patience.

    The point is, do you want maximum visibility? Then you have to go where the most people are.

    If you want to spend tons of time making your page look a certain way, that's what YOUR OWN WEBSITE is for! But for simply CONNECTING to the most people, Facebook is growing enormously.

    If you're mad about how poorly the music players work, complain to Facebook! If enough musicians start using their Profile Pages and complaining that the features don't work well, they'll fix/upgrade them.

    In the meantime, is it really that difficult to use both?

  • Here's some more tips on creating a successful facebook page we just published: http://blog.artweb.com/2010/07/how-to-create-an-a

  • ram

    no one ever awnsered tims question i have the same issue whenever i try to change my band information tab it just directs me to my info

  • Pat Connolly

    I have a personal FB and now I have set up a Profile page for the bagpipe band I play in. I want to upload Youtube videos of our competitions and when I am on Youtube and hit Facebook icon it only allows me to upload to my personal profile page. How can I direct you tube to upload to the band's profile page. I am the administrator. thank you!

  • Bev Trayner

    On the Profile Page for my band I don't seem to be able to get back to the Home Page after I've been in somewhere like "Settings". Can anyone tell me where the "Home" navigation tab is (it's somewhere up on the top right in my Personal Profile).


  • @Rose
    Myspace is covered in spam. Marketers hit myspace hard and they never corrected things to stop it. Facebook has also been hit hard but they put a lot of things in place to stop it. So much infact that it has affected normal users. Quick example is a the photo id thing. Another is the 5k friend limit in addition to watching ips. The average user cant create 10 accounts with 5k friends without having the ip flagged. Myspace didnt do it and look at them.

  • Myspace doesn't work anymore, facebook is essential to everyone now

  • Wes

    Hey!! How do I get my own recorder original music onto my band's profile page?? I don't know how and would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

  • yeah my space is past its best now, facebook all the way:)

  • strumstrum

    I NEED HELP!!! I was trying to update my MUSICIAN fb page by uploading a pic, etc… and now my fb page is completely GONE!!! Anyone know what happened?? It doesn't say the page doesn't exist, it's just a blank white page.. no profile info, no picture, no name, no nothing!!! HELP!!!

  • Bri Doom

    I have a personal profile and have set up my band page…fine.
    I have blocked people from my personal profile, but these people can still post on my band page!

    1. Is there anyway I can view their posts while I'm logged in? (I only realised they have been posing on my band page because I viewed it whilst not being logged in (not very often)!
    2. How do I block them from my band page also?

  • i love facebook

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  • Dave

    My experience with Myspace, I tried to redesign my page, (homestudio), very difficult so I started again from scratch. With my first myspace page I got 800 hits in a few months (2005 / 6). My new facebook page(2008 – 2010) , 200 in 2 years. Obviously myspace has drasticly dropped in popularity. Most of the other music hosts are for musicians (8 notes and Soundclick are very good). So now I go for facebook although I dont think that it is a healthy social trend.

  • iLike is a wreck. Cluncky. Uploading songs doesn't work. Everything you need to do to try to get it to work is scattered all over their site your "personal" facebook page and your "musicians" facebook page. It's like a windows utility or program – you pull your hair out for a while and then move on to look for something that works.

  • Tim Hoffman

    I tried to change my password an email & now I have been locked out for the last year I try to talk to these people to no avail! They won't let me in, or close out !! So the bad music players are just part of the problem.

  • Michelle

    I'm surprised that (so far) I think no one has mentioned http://www.rootmusic.com. They are the very best…and until them, FB had no proper band pages. Reverbnation is pretty good esp for indie musicians, however to answer the folks that also want to upload youtube videos and/or links as well as a continuous music player for their songs, RootMusic's BandPage APP is by far the best. There is a free version – with all the same features as the paid (very low costs mind you) version @ $1.99/month and under $20. for the year–the sole difference is you can customize the top of the FB tab to your liking as well as the colors. However, the user friendly and intercative features are the same.

  • Soundclick, which I have been with now for a decade or so, allows a very rapid Facebook artist page linking for the entire mp3 content of Soundclick pages. My problem is simple. I have a personal Facebook page with high levels of activity. I have created a band page. But nowhere on my personal does any link to my band page appear, and I can't find a process to add one. So no-one will ever see my band page. My personal page lacks the mp3 tab which the band page has. How can I make my music FB page visible on my personal FB page, permanently?

  • Very clear web site , thankyou for this post.

  • I have the same question as David Kilpatrick, "I have a personal FB page…. I have created a [fan/like] page. But nowhere on my personal does any link to my [fan] page appear." I know how to eventually find a link to it under "info," "interests & activities," then scrolling down a list of hidden links to the fan page link. "How can I make my [fan] page visible on my personal FB page, permanently?"
    Karl Beckstrand – Author

  • Ellie


    Go to Profile, Edit Profile, Contact Info, website.. and add the link to your Band Page.

  • I can create my Facebook artist/band page already . Thanks for all inside .

  • matt

    i've made a facebook band page, we've added over 200 people to it, but we don't seem to be able to have more than 6 likes. people are trying to like it, but they can't :/
    does anyone know the remedy to this?

  • Tom

    Also had some probs with the FB music player App. Gonna check out Root and Rev Nation. They seem to be the ones that a lot of peeps are trying out and with some good success. Also for those with Q's about FB band pages etc you might check out utube

  • Aniruddh

    I created a new page on fb two days ago and i reccomended about it to all my known ones in all possible ways i can and also ask them to inform about the same link to their friends.Fortunately i have got an enormous 'likes'and new joiners yet but i would like to ask that as being an administrator of my created page how will i come to know that my posts,photos,videos or links are visible on the users walls who are already connected to it so that if they wish they could like my posted stuffs and comment on it.

  • thank for How to create your Facebook artist/band page Article.I love FB.

  • Alexzender Saga

    Ok. this dnt make any sence at all.. alot of u are talking about Reverbnation site to promote ur music- i also have it just for the hell of it, doesnt hurt me but, why?? if u cn upload ur own music to ur band page, im talking about MP3's so basicaly u dnt need reverbnation on ur band facebook.. what we actually need is a dam link in our personal pages that stays permanent or sumthang that friends can see about our band music page when they visit us, if anyone knws how plz let me knw tnx.

  • very useful guide on how to setup a band page, thank you for sharing.

  • Russ

    I shared a link from my personal profile to my fb band page and it showed a couple of other recent links i did on my profile and another bands profile. How can i share a link to my band page without those extra posts showing up below it.

  • I am working with a band and want to set up a fan page on facebook for them. Should I make the fan page from my personal profile or use theirs? They don't have one yet, but I'd like to get into more promoting of bands and need to be able to set up more than one fan page if I'm going to do this. I want to move my skills into social marketing and build them, but obviously I'm at the starting point. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks!

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      You can set one up that is linked to your personal profile. Then, when the band members have individual personal profiles, you can make them "administrators" of the band page so they can make posts, comments, etc.

  • Imogen

    Can I just check:
    I am setting up a band page – do I need to set up a personal profile first to do this?
    If so how do i hide the personal so you just see the band page ?

  • Chris R. at CD Baby

    Yes. You would need to set up a personal profile first. Then, from that profile, you could create a band page and your personal profile would act as an administrator on the band page. When fans visit the band page, they only see the band page. Your personal profile's comments, posts, and activity is not visible on the band page.

  • rashid

    I need the setup two different types of pages one will be of fine art models, I understand Facebooks polices on nude/semi-nude pictures so I want to know if I can link a web site on the pictures that I cannot post on fb or would that still be taboo. and secondly I want to set up a page for a band one for the entire group and one for a single artist of the band that would equal three pages, can this be done?



  • I am trying to make my band page the opening page when people click onto my page. Does anyone know how to do this ?

  • I didn't realize you have to use your personal profile to create a band page. I already had a personal profile, but I signed up a cecond account on facebook for my band and in the process i was able to click on band page rather than personal. When I created the account i used a separate email address and a separate password so it was not associated with my personal profile. SO i'm sorta confused how this was possible if all the forums say you must use your personal profile to set up a band page. Also if anyone knows, I know with the personal profile you can search and send freind requests to your profile. , why is it that you can't do that with the band page? With the band page they have to "like" your page to be part of your friend list. I want to be able to send friend requests from the band page to market my local area. any ideas?

    • Hil

      thats what i am trying to figure out. how were you able to create a “personal profile” for the band? ive tried it and it wouldnt except the name and info. i would rather not have a bunch of people on our personal profile. bleh.

  • I took this info was able to make a successful page for my Turbo Tyrant Group Here: http://www.facebook.com/TheTurboTyrant?sk=app_178

  • kid dolo

    i made one check it out for rap its:

  • A good tip is to make a landing page, where you offer your potential fans something in exchange of them liking your page.

    See it in action here:

    If you like my bands page, you can stream audio. I did the html/css/fbml myself, but there's websites that will do this for you. You just follow a step-by-step guide and the landing page is automagically created for you for free (All the services I've checked out will put their logo on your page, but you can remove this by upgrading to a paid account). Just google "facebook landing page tool".

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Krister, nice! Well done. Do you have any idea how many people click like as opposed to simply continuing on to view your wall or other info?

  • This is excellent information! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this topic.

  • Well, I can compare numbers from Facebook Insights, but for the time being, I haven't set up any means to monitor this in a more detailed manner. But most service providers who provide this type of services, will offer a statistics tool.

  • Elflearning

    Very interesting. It took us a while to figure out the basics. Now we’re struggling with the specifics. Any chance you could post on specific apps that help make a band page rock?

  • Have you installed the CD Baby Widget?

  • richardthornett

    Hey I’ve got a personal band profile for my own music, but also a band profile for a duo i’m in. they are both using the same email though so wen I edit one it affects both. how do i change the email for one of them ?

    Thanks alot!


  • Rich, are they profiles or Pages? I'm assuming your personal profile is linked up as the administrator for 2 pages. I'm not sure how transferring that to another email address would work. You may be able to set up the other email address (and associated Facebook profile), make that account an administrator for the Page, then remove the admin status to that Page from the original profile. However, you might want to consult Facebook first because I'm not certain that would delete the Page. I'll ask around.

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  • Misscrazyrox1

    How do I keep my main myspace page from linking to our myspace band page when I link our myspace band page to our facebook page?

  • Brijeshjayasurya


  • i like this

  • Can someone please tell me why my info isn't showing up on my INFO PAGE? I spent 10 minutes typing it all out, then hit "submit". It says "your info has been updated" but when I went to the page and looked for it in the "info" tab, it is no where to be found! There is a link ON the info page that says
    Exxxx Xxxx Band edited their Members, Genre and Record Label THREE TIMES, cuz that's how many times I entered it but no info is there! So strange…

  • Starla

    why good is the band page if I can't post my widget of songs on it?

  • Andrew

    How do I get my profile page to show on my personal page ( so when I click it, it takes me to my profile page?

  • I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you wanting to link to your Band Page FROM your personal profile? For your own use? Or do you want to make this link for the public?

  • Snit's Dog &amp

    What drives me crazy is not being able to separate my personal page from my band page.I'd like to invite people to gigs from my band page but it won't allow me to do that

    • If you create an event with your band page and invite yourself, you should be able to then go to your profile page and invite all your friends.

      Just make sure you allow set the event to "public"

  • Andi Lee Davis

    OK We did this and got signed up to a community page. I’ve contacted Face Book about changing the category but they are about a helpful as a chocolate tea pot. How do we do this because we are a band and not a community?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Craig-Seidl-Piano/199516036728079?notif_t=page_new_likes



  • Andi Lee Davis

    Ok figured that out you have to remove the category underneath the Basic Information -> Remove the Community Page Topic (IE have it blank) Then your page comes up with Band / Artist instead of a community page about music…

    Still can't get a music player for facebook up to demo our tracks though. Does anyone know how to do this. FB is soooo confusing. When you go to apps there's no button to add an app. When you go to music it says you have no catalogs… but there's no option to add a catalog. What's the point in having an option when you can't even add to it?

  • Danny

    Facebook/cdBaby login issue:
    I had a store up but I changed my info around at facebook and now I can’t connect from cdBaby. I cannot find any way to update my information here at cdBaby. I’ve been searching everyone – can someone PLEASE point me to where I can fix this. My facebook store connect button tells me I have no page but I have 2,015 fans at https://www.facebook.com/danny.taddei and I need to connect my store! Thank you for your help

  • I'd recommend trying again. Facebook was having some trouble recognizing Page admins. Not just with our MusicStore, but with all apps. I think they may've fixed it by now.

  • Why limit this to Facebook, please allow us integrate this page to our websites as well.It would make a good music page section…

  • DuckieTK

    My friend converted her personal page to a musician/band page. In doing so, all of her friends (inluding myself) went from being friends to being “likes”. When I go onto her music page, it shows that I “like” her. I know this because it is giving me the option to “unlike”. However, when I go to my personal page & go into my info area, I cannot find her anywhere. Her page seems to be fine. She is hooked up with the CDBaby online store. But she is nowhere to be found on my page! Why is this?

  • How do you mean that she's nowhere to be found on your page? Like, her comments disappeared from your profile's wall? That makes sense, since she can't comment on your profile as a Page.

    • DuckieTK

      No, like her music page isn’t showing up on my “Arts & Entertainment” section. If I want to go onto her page, at this point, I have to search her name & get there that way. But when I go onto her page, evidently I have already “liked” her page! I don’t understand why I have “liked” her page, but can’t find it on my page to get onto her page. I apologize if I made it sound confusing!

  • No worries. Hmm. That is weird. Any Facebook experts out there have advice?

  • Annerose346

    did you ever get this figured out?? i created a band page for my band, and then it turned into a community page ABOUT my band. out of nowhere, there is another "musician/band" page for my band, but i am not the administrator and i don't know who is (if anyone). all it has is the wikipedia info for my band and nothing else. but it's frustrating because when people search my band on fb, they find that page, not the one i started! what's going on? who started that page? why is my original one just a community page??? any way to fix this?? thanks.

    • Sorry. Not sure on that one. I think contacting Facebook is the best way to go there.

  • Natsings

    Does it say anywhere about copyright terms? I know that Facebook automatically owns everything that is posted therein – which could pose a problem for us as songwriters. But, since we are linking through CD baby, does that mean we still retain the copyright to our work? Very important.

  • How did she categorize her page? Sometimes people unwittingly categorize their page as people/personalities/businesses, rather than musicians, which throws their page into a different section of your info tab.

  • Twinjj

    Try GetLikesFacebook http://GetLikesFacebook.com to get free Likes! I’ve already received more than a thousand free likes for my page. Very easy and effective!

  • bLEhhh.

    I want to say my occupation as "Bassist at Demising Memories," but I can't find out how to do it! Help anyone?

  • Alexander

    How do I give the BandPage (on my bands profile on Facebook) icon on the left in the Facebook menu the name of my band?

  • Rtdriver1

    after i set up my band page and got moe than 25 likes i followed tutorial to get a url instead of all those numbers but now it directs me to my personal page. how can I fix this

  • Tinamariewilliams

    ^^ having the same problem. did you figure it out?

    • hotclubmenno

      I had the same problem not to be able to share sound, then I found http://www.soundcloud.com and they integrate with your FaceBook page . . . ..

  • How do you get the Linked Catalogs to work on facebook?

    • Hmmm. Not sure off the top of my head, but I saw a few articles when I did a Google search. Anyone else out there know?

  • What do you do when you want to put music on your Bandpage, but Bandpage doesn't recognize you as an admin for your facebook page?

    • I'm not sure I understand. Is someone else managing a Facebook Page for your band?

  • How to get 50million likes for your band page http://on.fb.me/Vitalik_Recording

    Tab icons occupy prime screen real estate and deserve the love

  • Silvana Aparicio

    i set a page to entertainer..is it possible to change it to artist band or public figure then able to post up music?

  • http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=222732947737668 I think that is what you're looking for.

  • True, but I've always found the idea of buying likes a little disingenuous. And then there's the fact that those likes are probably not worth much in terms of actual engagement, sharing, etc. Better to have a few real fans than many fake ones. That's my feeling about it, at least.

  • Marcel

    If you struggle in getting some fans, you can always buy FB likes for your fanpage on the internet, this will increase your credibility
    there are plenty of services, most of them are expensive but if you google enough you can find diamonds with discounts like this: http://facebook2k-likes.blogspot.com/ it seems like they sell 2500 likes for just eight dollars, its a good deal I guess

    • xREEL

      Thanks for the link mate, I’ve used these likes to promote my fanpage, it seems that more peoples are now interested in what Im doing (thats probably becouse my likes amount is high and It makes me look professional), at the beginning I had 4 guys talking about my fanpage, now its 12, thats awesome

  • Info

    Just before facebook provided the option to change your personal page to an artist page, so that you just have one (artist) page when you log in, i’ve set up a new personal account (and deleted the old one) where i don’t allow friends but only use to manage my artist page. i would also like to delete this account so when i log in i’m directly on my artist page but it doesn’t seem possible…it’s a problem cause right now i can’t use and merge apps like instagram under my artist name…so is it possible to delete my personal account which manages my artist page and just login to my artist page?

  • Well, there is this: https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/2011/04/how-to-swit… Just be sure to read the warning up top first!

  • Rcarnett1

    i have a recording of 2 songs from an old band i was in.want to put it on my facebook.i have it in my i tunes library and in my windows media player and on a cd.how do i put it on facebook??

  • Well, you could always sign those tracks up with CD Baby for distribution, and then use our Facebook MusicStore app to share, stream, and sell them!

  • Pat J

    I'm late to this discussion yet have a question. My son is 16 so the fb page he made for his band won't allow it to be public because he's not 18. How should we handle that? Make a profile for us to link to the band page? Or is there a way to make the band page without this restriction?

    • You could make the Page for his band and be the main administrator. Then, when he turns 18– you can add him as an admin.

  • help

    So I am an admin on my band page. We recently parted ways with 2 members of our band, one of which was the ‘Manager’.

    Is there anyway I can remove them from the band page/ become the manager?

    Thanks for the help

  • If you have admin access, you should be able to remove other profiles as authorized admin.

  • fan of the band

    This may not be the right kind of question for this forum, but i’m having trouble (oddly) finding any info on my question via Google search. Question: I would like to make a fan-run fan page for my favorite band. Do i pick the Artist/Band/Public Figure (catagory) – Musician/Band (sub-category), then, just SAY on the page that it’s a fan page (which will be evident by the page name anyway), or something else? There is at least 1 Offical page related to this band, and several fan-run fan pages. I just want to pick the right catagory before i start. 🙂 Thanks.

  • To be honest, I'm not sure. You might ask the people who are admins on those other fan-run pages to see what category they chose. At the very least, you know they didn't get shut down, so they probably chose an allowable category.

  • Kumquat

    Things must have changed, because I signed up for a Facebook Band page and was not required to first have a Personal Profile. And oddly enough, I now want to create a Personal Profile for the first time, but it won't let me create one since my e-mail address is already associated with the Band page. Any advice on how I can create a Personal Profile AFTER I already created the Band page? PS I am a CDBaby customer

    • I don't know offhand. But I think it's time to update this article. I'll dig around and do some research. In the meantime, if you can't find that info through a Google search, write to Facebook's support team. And then… hold your breath for about 2 months. But they should get back to you eventually.

  • This is an outdated article, but I still found it somewhat useful. We already set up a Facebook page for music production, and to feature artists, etc. Before I link other apps to the official page, I was wondering if ALL admins considered as “manager” (with full access for edits) will have access to the other apps as well? For instance, if I link up “BandPage”, “SoundCloud”, or “CD Baby” with our music production Facebook page, will the other admins of the Facebook page have the same access that I do on the linked applications? I want to make sure that other admins on the Facebook page can add new tracks for streaming and things of that nature before I link it with my personal sign in information as one of the admins. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or guidance on this one. =)

  • Yeah. We'll try to get this article updated sometime in the next couple months. As for admins, I don't believe that your other admins will have access to your linked up apps. I believe that they'd need to be logged in as the person who set up those app accounts. So, if The Beatles Facebook page was set up by Ringo, but Paul is also an admin, Ringo can only access/modify the apps for which Ringo@TheBeatles.com is the username/email, and Paul can only access/modify the apps where paul@TheBeatles.com is the username/email. But, obviously, both can log in and make updates to The Beatles facebook page.

  • donovan

    how do I put my band name after facebook.com/

  • You do that as part of the band page setup process.

  • Sorry, im confused. Is setting up a facebook profile page for my band different to setting up a fan page?

  • A profile would be like… your personal account. With a maximum of 5000 friends. A page is what you'd want to set up (FROM your profile) for your band — where the amount of fans you can have is not limited.

  • Hi thanks for sharing these valuable tips. Can you tell me how I can set up the username for my band profile on FB? It said I can’t do that and must switch to my personal profile in order to do that. Then I have already have a username for my personal profile. How can I set up a different username for my band profile that is separated from my personal profile? Anyone knows the answer?

  • Some of the details might've changed, but basically — follow the steps here (or start at #2 and follow the prompts in Facebook): https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/2011/06/how-to-set-


  • My band/musician page doesn’t have a “like” button OR a search bar so I can go like other bands/musicians. How can I change that??

  • Try looking at your band page when you're not logged in. Both profiles and pages have like buttons. Every facebook page should have a search bar at the top.

  • Maxwell Stephens

    Very useful guide on how to setup a band page,We are also jazz band manchesterfor event and more things

  • i need to make band appliction page how do i do this

  • I have had a personal Facebook page & an Artist page since 2008. I have uploaded music & videos multiple times through multiple apps & they always end up disappearing. I finally joined Reverbnation thinking that would be the end of it. Now all of my Reverbnation stuff is still there when I look at it as an admin, however it tells me that it (the Reverbnation app not my actual page) is not published!?! Whenever I try to publish it, it forces me to use Facebook as myself NOT my page but when I do that it wants me to sing up for a whole new Reverbnation profile & then it will end up being added to my personal profile NOT my Artist page!?! I want to scream…in fact…I have. I can't seem to find a solution to this anywhere. Anything I find about it is outdated. I don't want to have to keep uploading the same things over & over again. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I wrote to the Facebook team but got an immediate auto response thanking me & telling me that they do not respond to "feedback."

    • Jazz Purr

      I know all this shit is mental..soon people with any sense wont want to play gigs in the hope of building a following..theyll just want paid then fuck off up the road to enjoy themselves in the real world..some idiot was bragging that he spends up to twelve hours a day keeping on top of all his social media..utter nonsense

  • I’m setting up my own band and i find these series of comments very useful. Thanks for sharing the queries and informations.

  • jeff

    why cant we create a personal profile using the band name then create the band page from that

  • I suppose you could set up a personal profile with the band name — as long as Facebook doesn't catch it or have any objections — but then when people search for your band in Facebook they'll see both the profile AND the page as two separate options. My advice would be to NOT confuse people, and just give them the one band page option.


  • Eric Schneider


  • Eric Schneider

    Please post once this gets resolved, Danielle. Thank you.

  • Mary

    Is it possible to change the main administrator on a Facebook band page? I want to take over my band’s Facebook from the fan who originally set it up. I would rather take sole control of it than have him simply add me as an administrator. The band page was set up using his personal profile; how do we change this link so the band page is connected to my personal profile instead?

  • Yep. You can change ownership. Check out this for details: https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/


  • Deborah

    How do I get ppl to see my facebook page from their profile search. The page has been published. Do I need a certain amount of likes?

  • Are you asking how someone would see your content if they’re on THEIR own personal profile, and NOT visiting your page? Well, if they liked your page, it’s possible they’d see your updates in their News Feed. The more frequently they engage with your content, the more likely they are to see your content in their News Feed (according to Facebook’s algorithm).

    @ Chris Robley

  • Bethany Kate

    How do you post videos from youtube? I have a youtube account and I can’t seem to post my vids to my band page rather than only my personal page?

  • I’m not sure I understand exactly. Are you having trouble uploading your videos to your YouTube account/channel? Or sharing them? With social media platforms, you can usually just grab the URL for the video on YouTube and paste it into your tweet/update. As for uploading to YouTube, you can do that from within your video manager section once you’re logged into your YouTube account.


    • Steve

      Actually, I just read this and I don’t think you understood Bethany’s question … I have the same question. I have a FB Band page. And I have a YouTube account. I make music videos and post them directly to YouTube (because there is a small chance of some revenue from it). The question is, how do I/we take those YouTube videos and post them as Music Videos on our Band page? That’s MY question, and I think it’s what Bethany Kate was asking above.



  • How many likes/fans do you have? Depending on that, it might just be worth it to create the separate band page and keep your personal profile for… personal stuff.


  • it wont let me use the bandpage on fb? i wanna upload music instead of linking it all from soundcloud but it keeps aying its not been approved?

  • Cathal Berkeley

    how do i add people to my page? as in they can post as the page too?

  • You need to add them as an admin. Not sure where that is exactly on Facebook now, but look around in the edit/user menus and you should find a place that saying something like “add new admin.”


  • Sadie

    Need help! So I made a band page 2 years ago, but have no idea what email address I used to register with! At the beginning we created a few different email addresses then stuck with one. But the facebook page was still created using the first email address, which I can’t remember!

    I now want to create a bandsintown account but need to log in to the band facebook account to link it, but can’t do that. I can only access the page through my personal account.

    Is there any way to find out the email address I used to create the band page? I could probably find the password once I know the email address!

  • I would recommend doing the “password reset” process on Facebook using every possible email you could’ve used. Eventually you’ll have hit the right one!


  • Michael Carolina Cracker Higgi

    Why? when I share a link I posted on my band page , to and as my personal profile . It only says I shared a “link” instead of I shared “Carolina Crackers music’s link” like it does when I share anyone else’s status?

  • Peter Davison

    My “page” is an album page. Can I change this to a “Musician/Band” page and not lose my likes, etc.? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Davison/107510077882?sk=wall Also there is an automatically generated Musician Band page for me (apparently thru wikipedia), can I merge this with my page? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Davison-composer/109532989066502?ref=br_tf

  • Great article, still working on choosing a cost efficient host and tools for our website (we are Irish) and using facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LimeTreePartyBand) so far, what do think about it? Also just created YouTube channel (https://plus.google.com/u/0/100701819506155452067/about/p/pub), how does it look from your perspective? Any suggestions highly appreciated.

  • Great article, still working on choosing a cost efficient host and tools for our website (we are Irish) and using facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LimeTreePartyBand) so far, what do think about it? Also just created YouTube channel (https://plus.google.com/u/0/100701819506155452067/about/p/pub), how does it look from your perspective? Any suggestions highly appreciated.

    • Thomas H Mikkelsen

      I usually get paid for this, but i’m a mussician myself 😉
      – Your logo needs to be resized alittle bit so that you have space between the edges and the text.
      – You should post a photo or article with every post. It catches the attention of the eye, and sets the mood of what you want to communicate.
      – When someone post on you wall, every one can see it on the left side. So I allways advice that you like and answer everything as fast as possible. Otherwise it looks like you dont maintain you page or are being rude.
      – You really need a video with better sound. From what i can hear you play really well, and have a good energy and contact with the crowd. Perhaps hire someone to film a gig, or have som friends film from several locations and have a good microphone recording on the stage. Its easy to put together in moviemaker.
      – Last but not least. You need more action on the site. More likes and more comments on your post. Get your friends to like your site, and use a little money on adds.
      Hope that was usefull. And good luck with the music

  • You can change your Page category. Check out details here: https://www.facebook.com/help/222732947737668

    As for merging the auto-created page, check out this page: https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=172068939628202


    • Peter Davison

      Thanks Christopher, changing to Musican/Band worked great. I tried the thread you sent about merging/claiming the auto generated page, but my official page does not show the gear icon and on the auto-gen page, the gear icon does not offer claim this page. Any ideas?

  • Hmmm. No. Sorry. I don’t have any experience claiming pages like that, but I wonder if you can contact FB support about it?


  • You can obviously share the link to a YouTube video in a FB post, and the post will auto-populate with the video. However, it sounds like you’re asking how to add your videos TO Facebook, as in: those videos living on Facebook. (Which I’d actually recommend anyway at this point, since Facebook greatly favors posts with media uploaded directly to Facebook).

    So, a few options:

    1) Do you still have the video file saved somewhere? If so, just go ahead an upload to your FB page.
    2) If you don’t have the file (except on YouTube), you can go into your YouTube channel’s video manager section and download the video file from there (though it will be slightly compressed, I believe). Then upload THAT file to Facebook.

    Because of the changes in FB’s algorithm in terms of what content they display to your fans, it’s probably best to upload newly edited videos to YouTube AND Facebook (as separate uploads from iMove, Final Cut, etc.)

    Does that answer your question?


    • Steve

      Yes, Chris. Thanks. I think that’s what I have done in the past (load them to Facebook and YouTube separately). I just wasn’t sure if the YouTube video could be added to the MusicVideo portion of my band page, because I heard that there could be some potential revenue (although in my case, only a pittance) generated each time the YouTube video is played. Thank you for your comprehensive response.

  • My pleasure. One other thing to note: with YouTube, you can earn a share of ad revenue generated from the use of your music on YouTube. So it’s based on ad $$, not views.

    Check out this article for details: https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/2015/04/how-monetization-works-on-youtube/


  • Prince Raseno

    Hello, how do i verify my artist page,on facebook since we have cdbaby?

  • Can you be more specific? What is it you’re trying to do? You should just be able to create a page for your music. Is Facebook not letting you do that?


    • Thomas H Mikkelsen

      Perhaps he ment verify it on email? But that would be strange. And what is a ‘cdbaby’?

  • Johnny Campbell

    I have my Facebook page but new to change the group from Public Group to Musician/Band. I have no About button to make that change?

  • Freddy Elise Foxkiller

    Just created a Facebook page for a band, everything is running smoothly, but it seems to be impossible to find the Facebook page in google when I type the name of the band. How can i reference on google a Facebook band page ? Thanks !

    • If you just created the page, it might take Google a little while to index it. Give it some time and it should appear in a search if you’re typing the band name and “Facebook.”


  • Dave Choquette

    Is there a way to manage the order of the videos I posted on my band page? Also is there a way to make a video private till i’m ready to make it public?

  • The videos automatically appear in reverse chronological order in the video tab of your Facebook page. But you can select a featured video to appear at the top, and also create playlists where you select the order of whatever videos you add to the playlist. As for keeping things private, you can select the privacy settings while uploading (only friends, custom, etc.)


  • You’d just be the originating profile, but you can make all your fellow band members administrators of the band page.


  • You don’t need to give them a password to your personal profile. You can just make them all administrators of the band page. Then they can also control it from their profiles.


  • Usually, if you’re logged in from your personal profile, you can toggle between them in the upper right corner where you can select “Your Pages” from the little arrow dropdown.


  • Oh, no. I don’t think that a visitor to one of your pages will see that you manage other pages or profiles.


  • Do you like using your personal Facebook profile for keeping up with friends, sharing family photos, ranting about politics, etc? If so, I’d recommend keeping them separate, and creating a new page.

    Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify.

  • mavleen gomez

    Really useful article by you..
    Thanks for sharing

  • I’m not sure. Have you written to their support team?

  • Edis Kittrell

    Question: I now have both a personal page in a band page. But I have a lot more “friends” on my personal page than I have “likes” on my band page. If I promote an event on my band page, will my friends see it as well? Also, how do I send out those invitations to my friends to “like” my page? Thank you very much.

    • Your friends will not see your posts from your band page (unless they also happen to be fans of your page). However, you can share posts from your band page directly to your own personal Facebook newsfeed — and THEN your friends can see it.

      As for the second question, there’s an “invite friends to like this page” feature on your page (usually in a right-hand sidebar). Click that and then you can send invites to friends to “like” your page.

      Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify.

      • Edis Kittrell

        Thank you for your prompt and helpful advice. Much appreciated.

  • Jim Carollo

    I set up band page, I’ve done it previously, however I’m not able to access the same fields as before, specifically the Band Members section. My other page has them listed, but with newly created page when I click on it, it won’t let me type in box and Save is greyed out. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  • Jere

    I created a Facebook Group instead of a Page 3 years ago. We have over 300 members. I prefer this because we control it and creating events seems easier.

  • I THINK they have the ability to run adds using the CC on file, but I’m not certain of that. They could always enter their own CC info to run the ads they initiate.