Don’t Frustrate Your Fans! – How to Properly Create a Facebook Event for Your Shows

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create an event on facebookWhen you have a show to promote, you’ll want to use every means available to promote it. This is very easy (and effective) to do with Facebook events, however a common problem is multiple band members creating separate “event” pages for the same event. What then happens is most of the mutual friends of the band will get 3 or 4 invitations to the same event, which looks like it’s 3 or 4 different events. This leads to a) your friends’ frustration that they keep getting different invites to the same show and b) your band looking at least ignorant or worse: like spammers. So, to avoid either of those happening, just follow these simple steps to properly creating an event on Facebook:

1. Log in to the Facebook and select “My Events” from the navigation menu.

2. Select the “Create an Event” button.

3. Fill in basic details about the show.

4. Choose the level of access to your event. If the event is open, anyone can see the details and add himself or herself to the guest list. You will probably want people to be able to invite their friends, so leave it “Open.”

5. Select the “Create Event” button.

6. Add details & upload a photo to represent the event.

7. Invite guests.

8. Once you’ve invited people, select “Edit Guest List”. From that page, you can find your bandmates whom you’ve invited and click the “Make Admin” button.

9. Tell your band-mates to invite their friends using the event you created.

10. Post a link to a web page related to the event, such as your MySpace page, website, or CD Baby page, where people can check out your music.

It’s that simple! With just a little foresight and coordination, you can easily invite everyone your band knows on Facebook.  Don’t forget: All your friends can share the event with their Facebook friends which can lead to bigger audience turnouts, bigger merch sales, and more fun for you!

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  • Great post. I see this all the time. The next step is to have all the bands on a bill coordinate so there is 1 FB event. So many shows have multiple events because each band set up their own. As mentioned, it leads to frustration/confusion to people being invited.

  • Great advice yet again. I'm only just getting into using Facebook for the band but it seems pretty good – already getting fans I've never met in my life, so we must be doing something right!

    I'll use this advice for our next run of gigs.

  • We create the event from our artist page in Facebook. This makes the event look like it comes from "your band name," rather than you individually. And as long as your bandmates are already all set to admins of your artist page, they can go in and invite their friends and edit the event.

  • However, I have had a major problem in that events created from the artist page do not allow you to send follow-up messages, such "event is selling out, get your tickets now" etc. whereas events created from your personal page allow you to send follow-ups to everyone on the guest list. Am I wrong about this?

    The only alternative to this is to send an update or targeted update to the artist page's fans but my experience is that a lot of people (myself included) don't check their update inbox, and there is no way to get notifications that you have new updates in your update inbox. Unless Facebook decides to give fan pages a more sophisticated set of utility features, I feel that I'm better off sending event invites from my personal page.

    But, I would love it if someone knows something I don't about this stuff.

  • One does not have to be an admin to have the ability to invite friends to an event.

    When you set up the event on Facebook, there's an option to let invitees invite their friends. As long as the invitee has RSVPd to the event, they can invite people too.

    Something I've done in the past is make up a screenshot with instructions overlaid on how to do this. Then I upload it to the event's photos. You may also occasionally set it to the event's main photo. That way the instructions sit above the invite link on the right hand column of the event page.

  • What I want to know is how to invite my fans to an event…we're having a benefit for Haiti on Friday, I an "admin", but I can't figure out how to a) post the event to my artist page or b) invite my fans…anybody know this?
    D : )

  • admin


    Yes, anyone can invite people to an event without being an Admin, but it's our understanding that only an Admin can see if people have already been invited. This keeps people from inviting the same folks over and over again.

    If someone knows 100% sure on this, please let us know!

  • If only I'd done this a couple of years ago I'd be rich. Must do this for my new single 'radicalised.' Meanwhile, as usual, I'll do my busking down there on the streets. Keep smiling, Dennis Derby

  • A major problem i have found is that if I create an event page from my facebook group, and i have another band playing at the event, they can't invite people from their group page. They can only invite their own personal friends one by one, or just post it on their artist or group page. Is there a way around this?

  • I think this is a good idea, makes inviting people alot easier

  • Mack

    Major drawback to Facebook event invites though is that you can only invite 20 friends per friend list. I spend lots of time categorizing all my FB friends into lists by region or city so that if I'm playing a gig in Dallas, all my San Diego fans don't need to be bothered with the invite. But with the 20 person limit, this requires many many individual friend lists to be created and maintained. Kind of a hassle for an artist trying to limit spam. I have nearly 2000 friends categorized for the dallas / FW area alone. A gig in that area requires me to send out the invite 100 times (2000 / 20 = 100) – my goal is to see a 10 percent attendance of all invites.

    I understand the wish to retard spamming, but it is a social network afterall. A band's social network is its fan base.

  • admin

    It might just be an issue with using lists, as I'm always able to invite far more than 20 people when I set up an event invite.

  • Since we are on the subject of Facebook, I have another problem maybe someone can help me with. I created a "Page" on my personal site for our band. Am I correct in assuming that first you have to have a personal page before you can make an artist page?

    Anyway, the page is up with videos and photos and commentary, but it doesn't show up at all on a Google search under our band's name. I evening tried our name + Facebook. I've noticed other Facebook pages regularly come up on a Google search, so something must be wrong with my settings. It has been up for over a month now.

    I edited the page to be visible to "everyone" but clearly it is not. I would appreciate any help! Thanks, Giovanna

  • Earnestine

    Yes, you need to have a personal facebook account in order to open a "fan page." Links and comments you post will show up as your band's name whenever you post on your fan page.

    Once you create the link, you can copy and paste the event link on your fan page and it appears as a regular facebook event. If you want, you can send an update to your fans as well and include the event link. You can't invite your fans if you didn't create the event, but you can invite your friends.

  • What's the difference between having a facebook page and an email group? I have two groups of about 35 and send info to them about concerts. Why would I need to use facebook?

  • WitchDoktors Page Ad

    I have the same problem as Giovanna – my musician's page (WitchDoktors) on Facebook does not show up when I google it. What gives? Anyone know?

  • The problem I have is that after creating my event for my band on the fan page I can only invite my friends not the fans.How can I invite my fans as well?

  • Hey Giovanna and WitchDoktors

    Have you "Published" your pages yet? you need to do this before they are visible to the public. This allows you to build your page and release it when it is ready.

  • WitchDoktors Page Ad

    @ Matt – thanks for the suggestion – as far as I can tell, the page is published and fully visible in Facebook – fans can join, post pics etc…. just can't get it to show up when it's google searched i.e. i want it to appear as WitchDoktors ¦ Facebook when searched externally – give it a go and compare the results to say something like Weezer Facebook

  • brian

    it's also a problem when multiple bands on the same show create separate event pages for the same event.

    is there a way for us to list on our facebook page the events already created by bands on the same show?

  • I have figured out how to make an event, but it only gives me the option to invite the friends I have on my regular facebook page… but I want to send the event to all of the fans on our fan page. how can I do that?

  • SB

    I have created an event through a group page, is there a way to invite all members of a different group (which I am not administrating) to the event?

  • Kyle and Tizoc,
    You can't. I've done a lot of research on this and there are many disgruntled page owners who are lamenting the fact that they can only invite their personal friends to Page-created events, and not 'fans'. You either have to befriend your fans (personally, don't want to do that), or just hope that your fans are paying attention when the event scrolls through their news – but it won't show up in their event list unless you invite them from your own personal page. Sucks, doesn't it?

    Some people are creating fake 'personal' pages for their bands to get around it but in many cases, it is a nightmare to convert over because by the time you figure this out, all your audio, video, and photos are published to your page, and you don't want to take the chance of losing your 'fans' that you worked so hard to get. Bummer.

  • Seems to me that creating Events on Facebook has changed recently in terms of who sees the event once it is posted. I use a personal page instead of a band page. In the past when I created an event it seems to me that I was able to tell Facebook to share the event with my all of my friends. This does not seem to be an option anymore. You can now only make the event public (anyone can see it) or by invitation only (from your friends list).

    Has anyone else run into this recently?

  • If an event is created through the Artist Page, then the event will say that that artist is going to the event. However, if anyone else creates an event that an artist is performing at, then the Artist page cannot RSVP to that event, and it does not show up on the page's Events list. If an event is already created and has tons of people already confirmed, than an artist page should be able to RSVP and invite, just like a personal page.

  • Ollie Woodall

    This is a pain in the a**

    When my band had a 'Group' page I used to be able to "Invite all members of the group" when I created an event. I don't see this option anymore, so I created a Band page instead, thinking it would be tailored to Bands and Musicians and find that when you create an event there, you can't invite the fans of the page?? Unless of course they are in you personal friends list.

    This is fairly useless. If you are a band and have a number of fans, you should be able to send them event invites. At the moment, fans will only see the event if they spot it in theor news feed or you send an update with the event attached (which again relies on the user noticing).

    Sort if out FB please.

  • a facebook dj

    when somebody creates an event, and they hire me to dj/perform, is there a way to add this to my events page without creating a new event.

  • J Pain

    I thought I must've been missing something. FB has really stuffed up this band/event invite scenario. Wish I could add an existing event to my bands page.

  • So is there still no way to invite fans to your events as opposed to just friends from your personal profile? If so, this is a major problem Facebook needs to fix! Seems rather silly that I can't invite people who've signed up to be fans of my band to my band's shows, but I can invite my personal friends who haven't all signed up to be fans! We're missing out on a huge segment of our potential audience, hoping they happen to catch it in the news feed when we post our events or take it upon themselves to check our event listings.

    Also… what happened to Events being listed on the lower left corner of the home page as opposed to just on the page when you click on "Events"? Help???!!!

  • Mario

    To invite your fans to a event created by another band or club, etc. :

    1. Open your bands page
    2. Click "Edit Page"
    3. Click "Marketing" (on the left just like was "Edit Page")
    4. Click "Send an update"
    5. …and there you have it, you can add a link for the event, some message and click send…this way ALL your band's fans will be updated 😉

  • We want to hug mark!! x

  • Jojo

    Mario, Updates are completely useless…they don't go to your inbox

  • steffo

    When creating an event on FAN Page, the invite emailed seems to be inserting
    the name from the profile page. We have multiple locations for stores on fan pages and want the invites to come from each page respectively.. is this possible, how?

  • Estelle

    I have a problem and wonder if anyone here has a solution.
    I have a band page, and a personal page. I want to connect them. The only way I can see is to list my band in my Music I Like section. The problem is that when I try to do this, Facebook can't find my band's page. I want it to come up with the thumbnail picture and link, like other music pages do. Why doesn't it? My band's page is fully functioning, comes up when I search Facebook, is properly classified as "Musician/Band." Why can't Facebook find it when I try to list Music on my profile?
    And/or, any other ideas to connect the two pages?

  • e

    Estelle, simply click the 'like' button on your band's page and your band will appear in the your music section of your profile 🙂

  • Deb

    "@ Matt – thanks for the suggestion – as far as I can tell, the page is published and fully visible in Facebook – fans can join, post pics etc…. just can’t get it to show up when it’s google searched i.e. i want it to appear as WitchDoktors ¦ Facebook when searched externally – give it a go and compare the results to say something like Weezer Facebook."

    Same problem here. My nonprofit page does not show up in a Google search. There are no settings that I can find that are similar to those in my personal profile regarding who can see my page. Other nonprofit pages of people I know are showing up. They have done nothing differently when we compare notes. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


  • Badboy

    Let's be honest… Facebook BLOWS for band promotion. I especially love how they change the way everything works every few months. I just created an event, why can't I see the guest list? Again I say…. FACEBOOK BLOWS FOR BAND PROMOTION

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Haha. Maybe a more diplomatic way of saying it is that Facebook is going through constant growing pains. I know it is frustrating when they switch things around on us, but it also seems like a pretty necessary promotion tool, especially since Facebook is so… (I hate this word!) ubiquitous. Badboy, have you avoided Facebook altogether for promotion? If so, what are you focusing on instead? Have you noticed any negative feedback from fans for NOT have a well-maintained presence on Facebook?

  • Angrypup2k

    lets be honest: FB BLOWS FOR EVERYFUCKINTHING!!!!!!!!! WHOW DO U EVEN VIEW AN EVENT U CREATED YOURSELF!!!??? this is the only subject they dont explain on the “edit your event” section DUH! how can u edit something you cant find!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s that simple! With just a little foresight and coordination, you can easily invite everyone your band knows on Facebook.

  • Nvn

    there r some business pages on fb uses profile account…try to search them…u can search them by fb search engine…be friends of them…and tell them to invite their friends for ur event…they had a perfect fans which we want…some have more then 1000 friends…hope it will help.

  • Tone

    #4 doesn't seem to work anymore. I don't see a setting for controlling access and giving admin control. Can someone confirm this?

  • Dee

    This not only effect bands ………….. I need to make FAN PAGES admins for my events. I’m involved with Offshore powerboating. We are seeing too many different event invites from the organization, sponsors, site promoters, and racer team fan pages creates these events. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO ADD FAN PAGES AS ADMINS!!!!!!!!!!!! Each race consists of 1 organization, 1 site promoter, 2-8 professional photographers, 20-40 different teams and anywhere from 10-50 event sponsor. This is beyond ridiculous that we are NOT able to ad these Fan Pages as Admins to events yet! URRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”

  • Simon Cabbage

    It does blow. & like, duh! Why don’t you tell me how to get a hotmail account.

  • Lauberland

    A better website that is similar to FB (it’s new, so don’t expect 100 million users) is They have catered to local musicians, bands, venmues, etc… and you can share from anywhere on the site and even link your google calendar and soundcloud accounts, as well as link youtube vids and upload your own mp3s into an embeddable music widget/player!

  • Mark Reategui

    This has happened to me several times. A promoter created an event that my band is playing at, I can invite people to this event and thats fine. But I have no way of adding the event to my bands events on Facebook.

    I can link it on the timeline but when I click on events, it doesn’t show up.

    Is there a way to include an already existing event to your bands FB page events?

  • I'm actually not sure. I kind of doubt it. Does anyone else on this thread know?

  • Can anyone tell me how I can invite all my friends on fb to an event (1200) as a group instead of one at a time?

  • Lisa_Marie_Explores_the_World

    UHmmmm. No.

    Some of you may not have noticed the help button on the top right of your page. If you click on it there is info to make your page better. Facebook wants your page to be awesome! There is a side bar of topics or a search tool.

    If you search for ” I need to create a page event” you get this:

    How do I create a new event through my Facebook Page?
    You can create new events from the events app below your Page’s cover photo. If you don’t see an events app, go to it from your Page’s settings:

    1. From the top of your Page, click Edit Page
    2. Select Update Info
    3. From the left column menu, select Apps
    4. Under Events, click Go to App

    From the events app, click Create Event in the top right corner.

  • Tim Gummersall


  • Tim Gummersall

    The sound of 2013.
    Spoken like a politician!
    Are we talking in different languages? Hope you're getting paid well anough for being so useless.
    With great lethargy, I bring myself to state the bleeding obvious: something which you know very well. We all know how to create events. What's the point if we can only share it with our friends and not with all our fans? Useless.