Twitter Marketing: How to Pitch Your Band in 140 Characters or Less

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Can you describe your band in 140 characters or less?

It’s a good exercise, because the length of a tweet is about how long it would take you to describe your music to someone in-person without having to pause for a deep breath.

If you can create a concise 140-character pitch for your band, you’ll never have to stumble when someone asks you what you sound like or what kind of music you play. Instead of “umm… ummm… it’s kinda… well….,” you can just recite your 140-character pitch from memory.

A few tips for crafting your band’s 140-character pitch

* You can’t tell the whole story. Accept this from the start. Your pitch won’t convey the full breadth and diversity of your musical output, the whole biography, the whole… anything.

* It’s like a fishing lure. The job of the pitch is to attract the fish. Hooking them and reeling them is something else entirely.

* Play with the senses. Sandpaper. Lavender. Clanking. Moonlight. Use rich description for your music to create an immediate impression.

* Consider the social component. What will they gain? Does your music offer listeners some new insight or knowledge? Does it make them feel included in a larger group? Or give them pride and solace in the fact that they DON’T fit into existing groups?

 * Name drop. Did you work with a famous producer? Co-write with a Grammy winner? Go on tour with your heroes? Tell us about it.

* Boil it down to one memorable anecdote. I have no idea whether or not Bon Iver ACTUALLY recorded his first album in a log cabin in the woods in the winter, surrounded by snowdrifts, and eating nothing but venison (I’m sure I’m exaggerating his story), but that is the impression I was left with when I read all the press around that album’s release.

For millions of listeners, knowing something about the rustic, lonely recording setting magnified the sense of loneliness and heartbreak in his music. He trecked out into the wilderness with nothing but his backpack, guitar, and,… um,… full recording rig, mics, compressors, effects, and pre-amps. (Ok, so maybe there’s an element of pre-meditated marketing spin—but that’s exactly the point!)

So reach into the drama of your own story and pull out the most memorable part. Make THAT your pitch.

Can you capture our imagination in 140-characters or less?

Have fun with this exercise. Play around. If you come up with a few good ideas, you’ll have options!

And when you’re done, I’d love to read your “pitches.” Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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  • Real

    Great post. Thnx …
    I’ll try one:
    Real J.O.B – Real Jammin’ on Broadway
    Now performing on a street corner near you.

  • Munro

    After a full summer of sweat and creativity, the garage based recordings have compiled into a beautiful masterpiece. The rustic, folk-rock vibe of this album is sure to entice your ears and your heart.!home/mainPage

  • folkhogan

    Playing with the Reverend Horton Heat, New Hoodies, and a new announcement this and more on Back to you bob.

  • V. Peters

    Ok here goes..
    Close your eyes and visualise. 'The voice of mythology'. Indian mythology speaks through western music in this astonishing album. Taking you to musical heights and depts.

  • disqus_ojs6zoEoDm

    Hey ,,I,m in my man-cave,,recording an accapella gospel project.Ole-school harmonies,,heart-felt leads,,If you,re into spirit lifting EDIFYING mUSIC,,YOU WILL COME AWAY REJOICING INSIDE & OUT. My THEME FOR SINGING IS,,- .Music As GOD Intended !!! The Group {Soldiers Of The Cross}….Producer..Jerome Jones

  • Sun Dru-thi

    I'll try…
    "SUN DRU-THI: rock+ punk+metal+electronica all shaked in a new energy drink vomited by the RAMONES, this vomit was lying on the pavement & licked by the KRAFTWERK then they go to piss, this urine was kept by the PRODIGY and shot up in their veins, then they make an orgy and some drops of sperm fall out from the window in to the mouth of SEPOLTURA possesed by the spirit of BAUHAUS that thelepathically send some songs to SUN DRU-THI: exotic, extravaganza, the future, buy!"

  • Steve

    @vagrantsmusic The Vagrants have played over 600 gigs in 4 continents and are considered the best live band on stage. Have you seen them?

  • The Cuss

    The Cuss aims for rock 'n roll that is utilitarian, love laden, and worn in as your favorite t-shirt and jeans.

  • Eric Jaap

    Hey we mixed a whole bunch of different rock genres and added a dub step bass. Come check out to hear Epic Rock!

  • Idle Hands

    Idle Hands: Dirty Blues. A pinch of Southern Rock. A dash of Swing. Stir. Opening for Jimmie Vaughan Sept. 27th at Canyon Club.

  • William Star

    Who would you know, was born again, through this High Yellow. Who would you know was changed again, through this Iced Lemonade. William Star.

  • languishing myriad of life and death struggles teamed with Dixie chicks lead guitarist Tommy Nash. Timeless compositions from an ageless artist.

  • Barbara Kiss is a rising pop star from Budapest Hungary. After working with producers such as Marcus NAND, Kristian Nord (Tokio Hotel) Chris Wonzer ( Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry) Barbara has evolved into a very polished and professional artist. She knows that making money is important for Her to continue what She loves to do, But her priority and passion is to entertain the people and to leave them wanting more. She has just finished recording her debut Album titled From Me To You and her signature is a kiss from her lips stamped on every cd on the Album cover. She is very passionate about singing and you will hear it every song as she delivers up tempo songs or beautiful ballads . When you hear Her you will remember her and she always has time for her fans.

  • feezie

    Slightly neurotic, yet devastatingly heartfelt, Nermal fills
    the cracks in the bridge between Hip/hop, rock, and indie; all wrapped up in a
    nice, neat, electronic package with a digital download for a bow, to boot! With
    both members never being in the same room, let alone the same state, the
    boundaries of experimental “pop” music are relentlessly pushed towards the edge
    of insanity with every key hit and melody sang.

  • Michael / Feick&#039

    This is the short description for our new single, but I think it works ok for the band as a whole: "High-energy, fun and abrasive alternative pop in the vein of The Pixies and The Dead Kennedys"

  • Urban Folkerista Deb Seymour is a wry musical humorist whose original songs leave her audiences touched by wit and wisdom. Winner in the 2011 Great American Song Contest.

  • Tom

    Hi, here’s mine 140 about my band: What is SLOW? Lazy, tasty and sunny music – fresh and innovative
    remedy for the world’s crazy speed 🙂 Together we can SLOW it down.

  • nanodoug

    Larry Styles Band : Up the Yellow Brick Road

  • Hey Chris,
    We use: "Soul Punk. Think if Prince were Punk."

    Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!† The Deacon †

    • Nice. Succinct. And super intriguing—if you're a fan of Prince, which I am.

  • feezie

    Great article! This was challenging but a lot of fun! Here’s
    my go at it (don’t be afraid to check out the music, as well…

    Semi-neurotic, yet
    devastatingly heartfelt, Nermal fills the cracks in the bridge between hip hop
    and indie, pushing boundaries like no other.

  • Nice.

  • Sounds like a nice mix of class and rough-n-tumble. Have a blast opening for Jimmie Vaughan.

  • Portobello Road (PBR). Play it loud like when your parents
    left you alone for the weekend and you could give a shit about the neighbors!
    Awesome article. Thanks!

  • RTjman

    Pure Star Movement – we make music specifically designed to captivate your senses and take your mind to the stars. Just performed with Fireflight, and fresh off a tour this year with Nine Lashes, Ashes Remain, and Sent By Ravens.

  • AmyBeth

    captivating butterfiles in suspended animation no rules no old school just a savory taste of expression…..right is the new wrong! FULL SERVICE LOVE

  • The scum will just keep rising, so faders up….

  • George Wells

    Acclaimed holiday music superstar Patsy Trigg, beloved
    creator of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” has released her new single
    entitled “It's A Merry Christmas When Pigs Fly”. Many consider this to be her best major
    release since her 1979 classic

    Her new single takes place when
    Santa finds his trusty reindeer are missing and had been replaced by eight
    little pigs. Even with all the problems
    Santa encountered, he had the pigs ready to fly on Christmas eve. Children of the world received their gifts without
    a hitch. The eight pigs with funny sounding names would be considered heroes
    and forever remembered in Christmas eve history.

    Recently, Patsy performed her new song three times for the
    people at Dandee International. They
    fell in love with the song and signed a
    contract with Patsy to

    produce 17 licensed products.

    • The Count

      140 characters?

  • Raun Burnham

    Pocket Mass — choir in a cathedral, new music to traditional liturgy, be uplifted

  • Dylan M Blackthorn

    THAT Damned Band's album Mutantstrosities is an epically wild and phantasmagoric acoustic exploration of the themes of monsters and freaks.

  • 333Christdoor

    Good and Evil in the epic battle on a bloody runaway night train between Heaven and Hell

  • dave

    sorry – thumbs down from me. yes it's good to be able to present your story as an appetizer, but i'm getting the feeling that twitter's actually good for something else entirely. read up about the true twitter ninja's – amanda palmer who raised 1.2 million USD using kickstarter and tweeting …. look at the contents of her tweets – is she describing her music? using words such as "phasmagorific" etc? i don't think so. unsolicited eruptions (whatever they say) are just a step away from "check out my brand new album – you can get it here for just $12 …" (which also doesn't work, by the way) … sorry if i sound negative, but the web's full of irritating stuff – let's not add to that. and now for something positive: who are your followers, why do they follow you? if you have their permission, say something truly interesting, or do something truly interesting then then direct them to a video of what you did.

  • Jazz that is fun to hear.

  • frozen austin-powers-style, this band of 20-something's is straight from 1971, and recently figured out how to tweet.

  • Mokobenj

    Mokobenj derived from Mocha & Binge sippin coffee all night long writin songs. Soundcloud.

  • Marie Conniffe

    "Marie Conniffe sings uniquely personal and revealing stories of love, life and beautiful truths, in a stunningly mellifluous voice"

    Done! with ten characters to spare (not including the quotation marks)
    If you're tempted by the above description, you can find out more at

    Thanks for everything, cdbaby! You help us rock 🙂

  • Matthew Tkvrprjct Adams

    The Takeover Project is an aggressive fusion of Gabber and Hardcore, Progressive EDM, and gritty Industrial music laced with epic melodies.

  • Faiz Fadzil

    We’re not artists per se, but rather an online portal that showcases other independent artists. And we’re not a label either (not yet, anyways). So here’s my first attempt at a 140-character pitch:

    The Wknd is your guide to the Malaysian and South East Asian indie music. We’re all about passion, dedication and commitment to the scene.

  • Faiz Fadzil

    Ok I think I have a better one here. How about this:

    “You know that aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? The Wknd is like that, but for music.”

    Ask me why I worded it this way.

  • I agree with this method yet I caution artists on being too creative. The goal is to present something that influences the audience to check out your content.

    If you hook is weak then you won’t catch any fish.

    The same thing applies to social media. Make sure your hook (pitch) is strong enough to cause people to check out your content.

    I studied the Twitter Profiles of @tmz @CDBaby @ComplexMag @Copyblogger and more..

    Sometimes the content + link method can blend in…

    Using quotes or lyrics from a song could work as well.

    What do you think?


  • Agreed. You gotta fish with good bait! And I like the tweeting lyrics idea.