What will the music industry look like in 50 years?

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taping predictionTell us what you think the future holds for musicians and the music business

Plenty of brilliant minds have made bad predictions about the future. Want proof? Check out the infographic below from Ron Selling.

OK, since we’ve established that even the most powerful and successful people/companies get it wrong sometimes, you should now feel free to take a wild guess: what does your crystal ball tell you about the music industry in 50 years?

How will music be distributed and consumed? What will music sound like? How will musicians, composers, and performers make money? Will there be such a thing as a record label? 

Time to put on your science fiction hat and make some predictions! Let us know in the comments below.

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    Wow is the word, How many people said no too an idea! Lets keep dreaming!

  • Octavian Tavi

    The Music Industry will continue to exist in the future. Fifty years ago people enjoyed Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and many others, and I guess 50 years from now the Alternative/ Progressive Metal bands will be the people’s choice and the bands will get more sophisticated. The Virtual Reality technology will allow the fans from all over the World to buy a ticket with a “Virtual Sit” closer to the stage (and more expensive) or cheaper in order to watch the concerts live from their home (OMG, I wished I had the choice in 1964 to buy a “virtual sit” and watch from Romania the Beatles live on stage at Ed Sullivan show, or hIPNOSTIC live at House Of Blues Downtown Disney on July 18, 2015 such an awesome alternative /progressive hard rock band 🙂 ) The people will need to learn how to listen to, and understand the complexity of the alternative / progressive songs with a plenitude of guitar sound effects, mixed rhythms, meaningful lyrics, unorthodox voice line and so much more. I think the musicians, the composers, the performers, the music business and the “customers” will all benefit even more in 50 years… and beyond !