How does YOUR vocal range compare to the greatest singers of all time?

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Great singers' vocal ranges

With this fun, interactive chart from Distilled, you can compare the vocal ranges of today’s top artists with the greatest pop, rock, and soul singers of all time.

The chart allows you to sort singers based on the highest and lowest notes they ever hit in the recording studio, as well as by their overall vocal range. (You can hover over the bars to see the songs on which they reached those notes.)

Check out the chart HERE, and then let us know — what’s your vocal range? Can you consistently hit the notes on the edges of your range, or do you have to be “in the zone?” Comment in the section below.

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  • darcy

    Interesting list of singers. I think my vocal range is similar to that of Elvis Presley!

  • HowieWest

    Interesting stuff. There are several other singers that I would like to have seen on this list, like Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot and Art Garfunkel.

    What’s really important, though, is to know your own vocal range and what you can reliably do live.

  • Yeah. You don’t want to have to chance-it on stage.