CD Baby’s Top 10 Articles of 2012

December 27, 2012{ 2 Comments }

We published more than 300 articles this year to help you move your music career forward.

Social media marketing, touring, booking, recording, sync licensing, YouTube for musicians, and more!

To bring 2012 to a proper close, we thought we’d recap our top articles of the year — so without further fanfare, here they are:

1. Why Music Venues Are Totally Lost: An Open Letter from a Professional Musician
Jazz musician Dave Goldberg wrote a pointed and darkly humorous open letter to LA club owners, arguing that it’s actually a counterproductive practice for venues to book bands who are willing to work for free.

2. 10 Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Facebook Fans
Bands, solo artists, hip hop crews, jazz ensembles: you’re losing fans on Facebook; your engagement is going down and you don’t know why. Wait. Really? You don’t know why? The answer is simple.

3. 12 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Fanbase Using Timeline
As many bands and brands have discovered, Facebook now forbids calls-to-action and other direct marketing jargon on the cover photo. So in lieu of customization, how can you increase Facebook likes?

4. Making Money from Your Music on YouTube: What You Need to Know!
Did you know that you can now earn money from your music on YouTube? The video streaming giant is fast becoming one of the most popular music-discovery platforms, but it can also drive revenue.

5. Music Career Killers: Sure Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Success!
Don’t sabotage yourself! Once you recognize the common mistakes you’re making, you will be able to avoid them and get on with the real work of consistently creating music that your fans will appreciate.

6. The Top 5 Things You Need to Have Before You Start Marketing Your Music
Taking the necessary steps to becoming a proactive, marketing-savvy, social musician can mean the difference between success and failure. Yes, it is that cut and dry, and yes, it is that simple.

7. New Ways Musicians Can Earn Money in 2012
You might not earn an adequate income from any single one of these, but when you add them to your normal revenue, you might find an extra Neumann U-87 in your stocking at the end of the year!

8. Facebook for Musicians: A Definitive Guide
In this guide, we break down why Facebook is important, how it works, and most importantly, the specific steps you can take to make Facebook work for you, your fans, and your music.

9. Posting Cover Songs on YouTube: Music Licensing Law Explained
Cover songs can be a great way to gain attention, but assuming that a single license is going to cover you for every usage of a song is like assuming your doctor will accept pet insurance to treat your laryngitis.

10. What to Do After Your First Show: A 10-Point Checklist for Success
You booked the gig. You practiced. You played the show and rocked it! But now what? It’s important to capitalize on the momentum of that first glorious performance while the memories are fresh.

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