Why Your Band Should Give Away Free Music Downloads

November 7, 2012{ 1 Comment }

14 reasons why you should give some of your music away for free

Digital Music News just posted a thorough list of strategic justifications for giving away free music. These include gathering fan data, quality control (vs. lo-fi pirated files), feeding the hype-machine, test-marketing, content crowdsourcing,  promoting virality, and more.

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As Paul Resnikoff says, free is no longer just another 4-letter F-word. Free music can be a crucial tool in your band’s promotion arsenal.

What do you think? Have you built your fanbase by offering free music, or is this just a fancy way of looking at the devaluation of music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Jonathan Lulich

    Some of the artists at TheMusicFeed.com @themusicfeed giveaway their music. These independent artists are very talented.