The Art of Tasteful Boasting : How to Write a Great Band Bio

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The folks at recently invited me to be a guest on their webinar about writing great band bios and taglines. It was called “The Art of Tasteful Boasting” and featured 3 panelists: Julia Rogers, Editor in Chief at; Jem Bahaijoub, Founder of imaginePR; and… me.

Some of the band-bio topics we discussed:

* How do you get started writing a band bio?

* How do you deal with writer’s block?

* How do you find your narrative voice? 1st Vs. 3rd person bios?

* What is the relevant information you should include in your band bio?

* What are brag-able accomplishments? What is too much?

* How long should your band bio be?

Recordings of the webinar are now available on YouTube (video embedded above) and SoundCloud. To listen on SoundCloud, or to view a quick summary of some of the takeaway points, check out’s website.

How to Write a Great Band Bio

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  • StevenCravisMusic

    Thank you. I really wish there was a service that could get a bio onto

  • Steven, the way to do that, at least when I did it a few years ago, is to send them a press kit, press release, album, etc. They have a review process and curate the stuff that goes on their site — and then one of THEIR journalists writes the bio (for better or worse).


  • Kathy Banta

    This was really interesting and had a number of clarifying answers to everyday musician questions. Thank you. I would like to know where to go to get the free press kit starter? I couldn’t understand Sophia’s final words.

  • I'm not certain, but I'll bet you can find it on their site:

    Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for listening.