Protecting your voice and preventing vocal cord damage

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Vocal health tips for singersAs a singer, your instrument is your entire body, not just your lungs, or lips, or vocal cords, or tongue. The way you treat your whole body — from the food you eat to the quality of your sleep — will affect your singing, and either help or hinder your ability to connect with your audience using that most vulnerable and human instrument.

So how can you keep your voice healthy for the long-haul?

Check out the following articles, many of them from our friends at Disc Makers (who’ve written a free guide all about good vocal technique, care, and maintenance):

1. How to prevent vocal cord damage

2. Vocal health basics

3. Eight ways to improve your vocal health

4. Don’t tax your voice before a performance

5. Lessons from Adele (how to protect your voice)

6. How to sing better right now

7. Practical tips for proper vocal warmup

8. Overcoming music performance anxiety without drugs, drink, or pills

How do you keep your voice healthy? What’s the worst damage you’ve done to your vocal cords? How did you recover? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • 3 years of secondhand smoke of various sorts which made me incredibly sick and almost took my voice completely… I used to sing for hours effortlessly, now it’s an effort to sing around the cracks and pops. I changed my diet, drink a lot more water, and am doing pilates to improve my core strength so I have the control. It’s not effortless anymore and I hope soon it will be fun and easy again.

    • Oh wow. Sorry to hear about that struggle, especially around something so central as your voice. I hope you continue to have great recovery.


  • Make a habit of relaxing and warming up the vocal cords before exercising or extensively using them.Avoid consuming dairy products before performing.Consider hiring a good and famous vocal coaches.Drink plenty of water. Six to eight glasses a day is recommended.Avoid cold or overly hot liquids.Don’t smoke.