Learn How to Screenprint Your Own T-Shirts

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Got some free time this weekend? Make a few t-shirts to sell at your next gig! The guys from Make Magazine and Etsy.com break it down for you, step by step. (Glowing eyes and howling noises optional).

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  • Teri Werda Monahan

    Very nicely done. I am impressed. Teri

  • ted

    a few spare minutes? have you ever screen printed shirts it costs a fuck load for the equipment..takes forever and comes out like shit..pay the 6 bucks a shirt and sell them for 12-15. idiots

  • Linda Vee

    OMG You have to be kidding. Is this a joke?
    I know someone who runs a biz like this.
    What Ted said.

  • GREAT VIDEO! All I need now is a dirty apartment to keep all my dirty equipment.

    TED :stfu: The title is "Learn How to Screenprint Your Own T-Shirts" not "How to Run Your Own T-shirt Business" which you obviously failed at.