“I’m so freakin’ angry right now, I had to write this email.”

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[The following article is a transcript of an email that Chris “Seth” Jackson — an occasional guest contributor to this blog — recently sent to his newsletter list.]

I’m so freakin’ angry right now, I had to write this email. I’m writing because I don’t want you to make this same stupid mistake.

I’m running a Facebook group for some local musicians in Seattle. Repeatedly, I’ve asked them where their music is on Spotify. And I’m always greeted with silence.


You see, I created a playlist just to promote these local musicians. A shareable Spotify playlist is a great way to get your music discovered by potential new fans. Plus, you get paid each time someone listens. Granted, not much, but still, how many other ways do you get paid for doing nothing but letting people listen to your music?

But here I am on this Facebook group where these jerks spam me left and right to go out to their shows and like their pages. And hardly any of them have put their music out on digital distribution.

These people even have albums recorded! Why freakin’ bother going through the pain and agony of recording if you can’t be bothered to submit the result for digital distribution?

I asked this group of people to list their bands. So far about 30 bands….I can’t find any of them on Spotify. None.

This made me ANGRY. Angry that talented musicians are just simply missing out. Letting their music go nowhere.

Are you guilty of this? Hey, you! Don’t look away! Are YOU guilty of this?

If you are, I just…erg…want to slap you! You know what, just slap yourself. Do it! Now! Bam!!!

People are not going to discover your music magically. You need to promote it and get it out to where people are listening to it. Spotify is awesome for your fans, and they’re discovering new music there all the time.

There’s no excuse for you to not be there.

Just go to CDBaby’s site and submit your music. It costs $49 for an album or $12.95 for a single. It doesn’t even take that long. And, within a week or two, your music will be everywhere — including Spotify.

And don’t wait for perfection! Record a live album inexpensively and submit it. Take your demo and submit it. Get your music out there! Don’t wait years to do this. The longer you wait, the more fans you are losing.

Okay, that’s my rant.


And now for something completely different…my webinar about Facebook! Heh!

On Thursday at 5pm PST, I’m going to cover some kick ass Facebook tricks to promote your shows. If you want to attend, just sign up.

Click here to grab your spot.

And in other news, I’m slowly putting together my new sales page for my eBook, Book Your Band. Ugh, it’s a mess! But I’m putting together some advanced packages in addition to the eBook to help out your show promotion and booking needs.

Check it out the Book Your Band sales page here. (Don’t worry…it’ll get better of the next few weeks!)

And let me know what you think of the advanced package there. Is there something you want me to add to it? What would you like to see that’s not there?

Allright, I’ve gone on too long! Take it easy and talk to you again real soon.

– “On A Rant” Seth


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  • Thanks for posting my email, Chris! I wrote this because it really did piss me off the lack of local bands getting their music into the places where their fans can hear it. All this talk of how the industry sucks now, but no action to use the awesome new tools for music promotion.

    Hopefully, this just kicks one musician at least to take action and get their music submitted.

  • evan

    You're right … no one's music ever got discovered before Spotify and the like. Ever. So we should all support something that is heavily contributing to putting hard working, talented, musicians – and a large continent of the music industry – out of business.

  • Jorge

    Wow…There's more to this story. Spotify, iTunes and Pandora failed to collect all the greatest music available. Some groups like Radiohead and The Black Keys refused to get on board. The Beatles have only been on iTunes for less than 3 years. I would personally like to hear "Turn That Radio On " by Second Nature, or "Beautiful People" by Kenny Odell. Right now the only way to get those songs is to literally buy them. Music ownership is a rare option, but a treasured one that keeps the competition just beyond arm's reach. It's not wise to give every streaming site all your music.

  • peaksofeternallight

    Well… CDBaby is GREAT! I have a CD out and another one in the making. But as far as Spotify is concerned, I just don't like it. I make more money by selling 2 CDs than having one of my tracks 2 thousand times. I understand the potential of promotion, but I feel like they are ripping artists off. That's my thought 🙂

  • Jessi n Brian Maxwel

    The spotify issue is much more complicated than all that. Sure, you absolutely ought to use CDbaby or something to make sure people can hear your music online. But you really don't make any significant revenue for even thousands of listens on spotify, and it does offer an alternative for people to listen to your songs whenever they want without having to purchase anything. I do have my music on spotify and it doesn't matter to me that I don't make any money off of it because, as a relatively new independent artist, i think it is good exposure and an easy way to share and spread my music. And to be fair, Spotify doesn't really make any money yet either, so they don't really have the ability to pay artists any more for plays without going bankrupt. In fact I'd be much more happy with Spotify if they would just find out how to post direct links for people to buy my songs from itunes or go to my website when they listen to the song and then pay me nothing for the actual play. However, not everyone is in the same boat. Some of those bigger bands, like Radiohead, Black Keys, etc. may be better off avoiding Spotify since it is an alternative to people paying for their music and these artists certainly don't suffer any lack of exposure, though I'm sure savvy fans will find a way to get their music for free if they really want to.

  • Christopher Hunter

    While you're all defending yourselves from Spotify's low streaming payments, don't put any music on YouTube or SoundCloud either. And make sure you are never played on the radio.

  • anon

    Four years and seven albums worth of Spotify sales through CD Baby has netted me a grand total of: $5.41.

    How much do you think the average Spotify employee earns hourly?