How to Submit Your Track Information to Gracenote Using iTunes 11

December 10, 2012{ 16 Comments }

What the heck is Gracenote?

Well, you know how your iTunes player seems to automatically know the names of songs, albums, and artists when you put a CD in your computer? That’s the work of Gracenote! Basically, your iTunes player queries their database to match the disc’s musical “fingerprint.”

It’s important that your CD be registered with Gracenote for the sake of your fans. You don’t want them to have to type out the song titles by hand when they put your disc in their computer, right?

But the early bird gets the worm when it comes to initially submitting track info to Gracenote. So make sure you submit your album info correctly and soon!

With iTunes 11, the way in which you enter your track’s information into the Gracenote database has changed a bit.

Adding Track Information to Gracenote with iTunes 11

[Thanks to Mark Moore for this update on iTunes 12: “in iTunes 12 the option to submit track names has moved to the gear icon in the upper right of the UI. The process should be the same, where you update track names, add the album artwork, then submit.“]

Here’s some instructions provided by CD Baby’s own Bryson Hansen:

1. Open iTunes

2. Insert CD

3. Locate CD in iTunes (do NOT import yet)

4. Highlight all of the cd tracks

5. Right click and select “Get Info”

6. Click the “Info” tab

7. Change the album title/artist name/year/genre

8. Click “OK”

9. Now use this procedure for individual track names

10. Highlight track 1 and right click to select “Get Info”

11. Click on the “Info” tab

12. Update the “Name” and then click “Next”

13. Once you finish writing in your info for all tracks click “OK”

14. Highlight all of the tracks again

15. Click on the “Options” symbol on the upper right corner of the tracklist window

16. Select “Submit CD Track Names…”

17. Allow the progress bar to complete

Only 17 steps? Yep, that’s it! Then give iTunes a couple of weeks to sync up with the Gracenote Database. 

Hope that helps!

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  • Isn't this done automatically if we sell a CD through CD Baby?

    • It is, yes. But it does take a little bit of time. So if you're concerned with them having the info ASAP, it's best to do it yourself.

  • mulberrycoach

    Does the album art automatically follow?

    • Yes, if you're digitally distributing your music. Once your album is available in the iTunes Store, they'll share it with Gracenote.

  • You just have to resubmit.

  • Jeff Cashvan

    I see no "options" button anywhere.. "view" "add to" and the itunes store button are all that's up there..

    • iTunes may've removed or moved that button with subsequent updates. We'll have to check it out and update this post sometime soon.


  • Gary

    You have to burn a CD first with the songs on it. Then open the CD in iTunes and you will see the “options” button pop up.

  • Cookie Rabinowitz


  • Once Gracenote’s got the info, it should appear in all media players that query Gracenote’s database.


  • Cool. Thanks for the update on this.


  • I’m not sure about this, but will look into it (since it’s time to update this post anyway!)


  • I’m not sure about this, but will look into it (since it’s time to update this post anyway!)


  • Well, it should get taken care of during the distribution process, BUT… I always recommend doing it yourself first, just so you can make sure everything is correct and handled as early as possible.


  • Carla Ulbrich

    this was really helpful and very clear- thank yoU!!

  • Hmmm. That’s odd. So they all registered correctly at some point prior? I’m not sure what would cause that.