How to Describe Your Music

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How do you come up with one good phrase to describe your music? Here are some ideas:

  • Email everyone you know (especially your fans), saying you’re trying to come up with a single phrase to describe your music, and ask their help. Maybe make it a contest.
  • Notice what’s most unique about you. Do your songs have a recurring theme? Unusual instrumentation?
  • Find a few 14-year-old kids, and treat them to pizza if they’ll sit and listen to a few songs, and describe it for you while waiting for the pizza to arrive.
  • Read a music magazine that’s describing other people’s music you’ve never heard before. Notice which phrases make YOU curious to hear more.
  • Offer to pay a music writer to help you. This is what they do for a living.

When you’ve got one you like, start trying it out on people. Watch their face. See if it lights-up. See if they get curious.

When you’ve got a great one, you’ll know it. Use it for years and years.

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