How to Create a CD Baby Music Store Widget

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CD Baby’s new Music Store Widget is the easiest way for musicians to embed a one-stop music store on their websites and sell their music directly to their fans. Artists can offer hi-quality MP3 downloads, CDs, and vinyl of all their releases from one convenient place. CD Baby will handle the tiresome minutia of order fulfillment (warehousing, shipping, payment, customer service, accounting, etc.) so you can have more time to record, practice, promote, and perform your music.

If you’re an existing CD Baby artist, below is a step by step tutorial and a FAQ to help you out with any issues you may run into.  Just follow the steps to place a Music Store Widget on your website, social media profile, or any other place on the web where you can paste in HTML code.

If you’re not a current CD Baby artist, click HERE to get started with your account.

How to use CD Baby’s Music Store Widget

Follow the links on the member dashboard inside your CD Baby account, or go to this URL: It should look something like this:

1. Select the Artist(s) you want to sell in your Music Store Widget. If you’re a label, you’ll want to select “all artists.” If you’re an individual artist, you will want to select your artist name.

2. Select the Theme to choose colors for the Music Store Widget that best match your website design.

3. Grab the Code by copying the HTML code in the display box. Paste this into your website or other site that allows you to paste in HTMl code.

Presto! Now the world can purchase downloads, CDs, and vinyl from your Music Store Widget, which should look a little something like this:

When a fan visits your page and uses your Music Store Widget to purchase music, they can add the item to their “cart” and continue shopping from your catalog. Once they’re ready to buy, they’ll click the “checkout” button and CD Baby will process the payment through making check out completely safe and secure.  Your CD or MP3 will be delivered to your fans just like any other purchase from the CD Baby website.

Feel free to make as many widgets you like and spread them all across the web.  We hope the new Music Store Widget makes it easier for you to sell your music directly to your fans online.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.  Below is some technical info and a FAQ that should cover most of the issues you might run into.


This is Version 1.0 of the CD Baby Music Store Widget.  We think our Music Store Widget is pretty cool!  However, we plan to make some improvements over the next few months in order to make it work even better on your website or Facebook fan page.

The Music Store Widget is currently configured to work in a website window at a minimum width of 408 pixels.  In the next version of the Music Store Widget, we intend to reduce this minimum window size significantly.

In Version 1.0, the Music Store Widget was developed to use iFrames only.  This means that it will not function in blog sites that do not allow iFrames to display, including MySpace and some versions of WordPress and Blogspot.  We are working to address this issue and hope to have a solution soon.

Since the Music Store Widget was developed in Flash, it is not compatible with Apple® mobile devices, such as an iPhone® or iPad®.

FAQ – Most of your Music Store Widget Questions answered below

1. Do I have to be music selling on CD Baby to create a Music Store Widget?
Yes, the widget pulls all information about your music from your CD Baby artist profile.

2. Is there an extra fee to create and use a Music Store Widget?
The widget is a FREE promotion tool that we hope will help spread your music across the web.

3.  How do I create a music Store Widget?
Follow the links on the dashboard inside your CD Baby member account, or go to this URL: . Once you customize the widget to your liking, just copy and paste the HTML into any website that allows users to paste in HTML code.

4. Where can I use the Music Store Widget?
You can use the widget on any site that allows you to paste in HTML code.  This would include your own website, blogs, social network profiles and more (excludes sites that do not support iFrames code).  The Music Store Widget is only supported on Facebook Fan Pages and will not work on your Facebook personal profile.  Click here to read more about setting up the Music Store Widget on your Facebook Page.

5. Is there a limit to the number of Music Store Widgets I can create?
There is no limit.  Feel free to create as many as you like.  Paste them on your website, social network profiles, and even encourage your fans to paste them all over the web.

6. What formats can I sell through the Music Store Widget?
All the formats you currently have available for sale through CD Baby will be available for purchase through the widget.  This can include (depending on what you have for sale at CD Baby) CD, MP3, DVD, and Vinyl.

7. How do I update the album and artist info on my Music Store Widget?
All the info in the widget is populated from your CD Baby album/artist profile.  If you need to make changes, just login to your CD Baby account and make the needed updates.  Please note:  These changes will take effect on the CD Baby website as well.

8. What size is the Music Store Widget?
The widget height is 575 pixels and the width is a minimum of 408 pixels.  When you place the widget into your site, the width of the widget will automatically expand to fill the space.  So if the width of the “Store” page on your website is 600 pixels, the width of the widget will automatically expand to fill the space and sit nicely on the page.

9. How does the Music Store Widget check out process work?
Fans that purchase your music through the CD Baby Music Store Widget will complete their check out at

10. What percentage cut does CD Baby take for sales through the Music Store Widget?
The percentage cut is exactly the same for sales through  You can see those in detail here –

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  • This is a HUGE move for you guys and a killer feature for artists – I've been waiting for years for this puppy to land. Thanks guys.

  • Excellent, I've also been waiting a long time for a CD Baby widget. The only thing better would be to make it so that fans could put up a copy themselves and somehow get a cut of the sales they generate. Then things become truly viral.

    • Thanks Mark. Not a bad idea. Anyone can embed the widget, so you could give the code to your fans. The revenue sharing would be more difficult. It would mean a lot more accounting on our side. I'll pass along the suggestion though.

      • Plethora

        I think we just need an "Affiliate ID" field in the widget's HTML. Is that gonna be too difficult? Please consider it.

        • Oh I gotcha, so they could use our existing affiliate program. That should be possible, to insert the id in the code before you install it. I'm just not sure what the affiliate code looks like. We're looking into creating another embed code that doesn't use iframe which might make that easier to insert the ID.

  • MartinMooreMusic

    Yay! I can finally get rid of my myspace and reverbnation mess on my page! Mine worked seamlessly for my website. Thanks again!!!! 🙂 If ya'll wanna see what it looks like on my page, go to

  • Yoga7daniel

    Where do you paste the HTML on a facebook fan page? Is this possible?

  • Asif Chowdhury

    I just implemented it on my site, however, I wish there were a way to sell single MP3s using the widget.

    • Hey Asif, if you've made your songs available on for individual download then it should be the same in the widget. But if you're talking about choosing to only sell certain singles, but not display the rest of that artist's catalog, then you are correct. That will hopefully be in the second version.

    • You can. Just click the MP3 you want to buy. Do you have MP3s for sale on CD Baby?

  • Mixedbusinesscontact

    Needs to work on iPhone & iPad…. HTML 5 version please…

  • That's on the list for the next version. Thanks for your suggestion!

  • Peace

    One thing that would be good to add to that is the track lengths like when people come to our cdbaby page, but other than that it looks great and if you add the track length we’ll post it in a number of places

    One reason we’d like to have that on there is our album is a mixture of stuff and some of the tracks are shorter than the average song and we want people to be fully informed of that before they buy just a single track, so without that we won’t use the widget, but thanks for having it and please let everyone know when you change this or that on it.


  • Kari Tieger

    is the html code the only way to access the store? isn’t there a URL that can take people to it, as well? I don’t see how to use the code on my facebook music page. thanks!

  • Teddy P

    about time! cd baby is the best and this needed to happen. everything looks great! only thing that will keep me from using it, is that i like to stream the entire song/album on my website. so, i will continue to use bandcamp for now. but if you guys ever start streaming full songs, then i'll switch immediately!

  • We're work'n on full song streaming. There's licensing issues that make it difficult, but we're work'n on it.

  • Hi Kari, you can always just send people to your CD baby artist page to buy your music. We didn't see a need to make the widgets live on CD Baby for this reason.

    If you would like to put it on your Facebook artist page, see here:

  • Thanks Peace,

    We are looking into longer samples. There are some licensing issues we have to consider.

  • Susanmcleanwoodburn

    CDbaby sounds interesting…How do I actually get payement?

    • You will get paid through your CD Baby account 🙂

  • PeggyLebo

    If you sell individual songs for .99 with the widget does CD Baby just take 9% and bypass I-tunes?

    • No iTunes involved at all. The download is sold directly from CD Baby. We take a higher percentage on direct download sales than the 9% we keep for digital distribution (sales through iTunes, Amazon, etc.), but it still works out so you make MORE selling downloads from CD Baby than you'd make for the same song sold through iTunes after they take their cut.

  • Sergiou

    Please can I have it in Great Britain Pounds?
    Please can I change the text for each album

  • George

    Is there a way to change the default item that is first displayed. In my case, a single track is presented on the widget, I would like to have an album displayed, with a selection of songs to choose from. Thx

    • Hey George, that functionality is in the works for version 2!

  • Hey Sergiou, since the customer really conducts the transaction through CD Baby's checkout process, the price is in US dollars. As for changing the text for each album, yes. Basically, the widget just pulls the style descriptions you've written for the album pages on So you can log into your CD Baby member account and change them there. It will reflect on the widget!

  • Geojerry

    The Widget stopped working today. It hangs with the load spinning on the frame. What's going on ?

    • Hey G, might've just been a little hiccup from the CD Baby. Is it back and running again?

  • Mine is doing the same thing and won’t load songs.

  • Hi Diana,
    Shoot us an email at

    We'll take a look!

    Chris B

  • Chris Daltry

    hi – i am having trouble adding your store widget through static html's app for my facebook band page – when i copy the code and try to paste it into where it prompts me (enter your content here), nothing pastes in – it remains blank. also, when i click "save and view tab" i get a warning from facebook that reads:

    "Note: Facebook policy forbids autoplaying media on tabs. Make sure your tab doesn't autoplay anything, or your page may get shut down!"

    any suggestions?

    • Hey Chris, lemme ask our tech people and get back to you.

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  • Jcphillips

    Does the widget pass back any information to the page that it is embedded in? I would like to be able to capture if they completed the purchase.

  • No. We don't pass sales confirmation info back to the website that houses the widget because it is possible for non-account holders to post the widget on their sites and we want to keep your info private.

  • Admin

    We have uploaded the widget into the facebook page but it is not showing the whole widget and we are unable to see all the songs available for sale. It doesn't have the lower bar saying 'powered by cdbaby' or anything either..What might have gone wrong?

  • Admin

    We have uploaded the widget into the facebook page but it is not showing the whole widget and we are unable to see all the songs available for sale. It doesn’t have the lower bar saying ‘powered by cdbaby’ or anything either..What might have gone wrong?

    • We've seen this happen before. First, try refreshing your browser. If that doesn't do the trick, grab the code again and re-paste. That usually fixes it.

    • We’ve seen this happen before. First, try refreshing your browser. If that doesn’t do the trick, grab the code again and re-paste. That usually fixes it.

  • Richy Kicklighter

    need to be able to change which cd or song is featured first so we can feature or promote a specific product at any given time. The song that comes up first in my store is just one song and has only sold maybe once and I can’t change it until you update the widget, how long till that happens?

  • Thanks. Not sure when the updates will happen, but that request is certainly towards the top of the list.

    • Dreamweaver200011

      I’m waiting on this improvement as well ~ please advise when this feature is funcitioning. Thank you!

  • Pickndawg

    Any tips on using the widget on Google-sites appreciated. Doesn't seem to work in an HTML window, and when I try to add the code to a Google Gadget, I get list of information that is missing (including style info) when I save it.

  • Gumbo Diablo

    I'd to see the ability to add other people's CDs to my store. My band is heavily influenced by Adele and by Los Logos, so why not allow us to include their CDs, too? We obviously wouldn't get a cut of the sale, but it would make for some nice cross-reference in music. An "artist we like" type thing.

  • mindburner

    keeps coming up ‘ wait a minute’ but I have already setup my songs

  • My sons have two Cd’s out and I started out with trying to use Wimpy player to put sound samples on a website. That branched out to let’s include ecommerce. That led me to Cdbaby. So now we are signed up and I tried the widget. Great except it only plays one song and quits. The person has to keep clicking for each track. Is there a way for it to just keep playing all tracks in order? Also as someone has all ready mentioned track lengths. Thanks Doug

  • Doug, thanks for the suggestions. We're working on improvements now.

  • Bibi Farber

    I chose to add the app on my facebook page but then navigated away and cannot figure out how to access that page again to paste the code. It will not let me start the process all over again. Do I have to scrap my whole page and start over? Help!

    Bibi Farber

  • Jennistorytree

    When I went to the iframes FB page, it didn’tgive me a box to add code to, it just showed FB page as is, then when I went back severla times it said all code has been used on all appropriate pages.
    My welcome page is form Edmodo.
    Then I found another iframes app but it asked me to allow them to access my page as me- that sounded weird- or is that what you have to allow- couldn’t they start changig your page then?

  • Lynndruryrocks

    I copied the static html for the cdbaby widget. It doesn’t have my music page listed in the drop down menu to choose. Is there a compatibility issue with having reverbnation myband on my FB page? When I tried to redo the process, it tells me that static html has been copied to all applicable pages, but I never got the “enter content here” tab.

  • The ReverbNation app shouldn't prevent the Static HTML app from becoming active. hmmm. Did you try starting the process over from the beginning and have the same trouble?

  • Siddharth Das Menon

    Hi, Need Help with widget…i have successfully made an account in this site but whenever i am going to create a widget the page ask me to sign up again. Now why would i sign up again if i am already signed up. I have provided with all the information what the site has asked me to provide… PLEASE HELP…

    • Petter Skretting

      Same stuff happens to me. How do I get by this?

  • The CD Baby members account page is telling you to sign up again?

  • Is it possible yet to embed the widget on a Facebook Page (as described) or is this yet to be developed? If so, how do I do this?

  • songsmithshawn

    Am I missing something at the checkout process? Is there a way for my customers to check out from the widget without needing to sign up for a cdbaby account? This is really annoying for customers, and adds several steps and time to the process, in addition to many being annoyed that you’re collecting their email and contact info. The widget is a great product, and I don’t mind paying you all for the download distribution, but insisting on our customer’s contact info and forcing them to sign up for your account is going too far to simply download one .99 song. Can’t you have a “guest sign-in”, like PayPal, and so many other sites have? Maybe you do, and I’m missing it?

  • Our widget does bring customers through the CD Baby checkout process, in which they'd need to have an account. However, we are integrating something into our checkout process so new CD Baby customers can use an existing account elsewhere (facebook, twitter, gmail, etc.) to make the purchase quickly without having to create an account with us from scratch.

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  • Khorenmusic

    Also needed here. Has this been completed yet?

  • Anonymous

    It all looks good and says it exported to facebook. In facebook the tab is there, but when I click on it there is nothing on that page. At all.

  • Anonymous

    It all looks good and says it exported to facebook. In facebook the tab is there, but when I click on it there is nothing on that page. At all.

  • Nyx

    I'd need to be able to sell only the MP3s through CD Baby on my site. I already have a process in place for selling physical CDs and don't want to confuse the issue with more than one way to buy a physical CD on my website. Will there be a "digital download only" widget through CD Baby?

    • Added to the list for possible future improvements. Thanks.

    • KDE

      I agree! Would also be good to be able to select only certain tracks to be available as download.

  • Rethic2

    Hi there. Would be indeed great to use this widget on Myspace. Do you have an idea of when this nice tool will be ready for it?

  • Rethic2

    Hi there,

    That would be indeed great to use this for Myspace. Do you have any idea of when it would be available for it?

  • I'm not sure. Though that has been added to a list of requested improvements, for sure.

  • Not sure on that one. It is definitely on the list of suggested improvements, though.

  • Is there a way that you could make the widget a pop-out widget so when people click on other pages of my website they can continue to hear the music. Also, nice would be if folks could hear the preview clips running continuously. Thanks so much!

  • No plans for that yet, but I'll suggest that to our tech team.

  • my widget will not expand to its full width on my page. Any suggestions.

  • I'll see if our tech people have any suggestions. Any chance you're embedding the widget in a section of your site that has smaller dimensions (in the code) than it may appear on the site? Like… two adjacent white sections are not divided by any kind of line or border, so it appears they're all one big section?

  • Annettesings

    i have the store onfb but on ipad no way to get to stor is this what the widget is for

  • Thanks CDBaby. Will you work on an HTML5 version? Thanks.

    • I'll check and see what our tech folks are up to.

  • At this point, no. Sorry. Though if you have French for your album notes and style descriptions, it will use that info to populate the fields in the widget, of course.

  • diedy

    is it possible to have this widget in other languages ? like french

  • is there an API so we can develop HTML5 player/form/carts on our own?

  • Interesting. I'll look into that. I know nothing exists like that at this time, but I'll talk to our tech peeps.

  • Jane

    works great except in internet explorer…my drop down menu covers the widget. Does anyone know the fix for this?

  • Bryant3304

    Getting started on Hostbaby and don’t know how to get CD Baby Music Store Widget on website. Can’t seem to find way to copy & paste code. New at this so keep it simple.

  • Should be able to copy the widget code from your CD Baby member account and then paste it into one of the HTML widgets in your HostBaby account. If you're having trouble, contact and they can help you step-by-step.

  • Mark

    i see the question was asked, but didn't see an answer. will the upgraded version be in HTML5? there are a significant number of ipod/phone/pad users out there and i dont want to use the widget till i know most everyone can use it. thanks

    • We are planning an eventual upgrade, but it's not in the immediate future.

  • Darrall Knight

    Can’t install widget into blogger. Pasted code into HTML/Java Script box and just shows as no albums for sale in this store on the page. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

  • Hmmm. Strange Blogger gremlins. Please send an email to with details and we can try to look into it.

  • Rob Meurer

    Can I stream the whole song rather than use lousy samples?

    • Sorry. The widget only streams samples. However, if you're using our MusicStore for Facebook it allows you to create a playlist of full tracks.

  • Reice

    I love the widget! One small problem… It can not be seen on an iPad given that it does not support Flash. Any plans to make available a version that will work on the iPad, Mac, & PC?


  • Well, to be altogether vague and unhelpful, I can say that it's on a list of to-do's. But probably not soon.

    • Tim

      Hi CD Baby,

      Love the widget but would like to put in another vote for making it work on mobile devices. Over 25% of our traffic now comes from mobile devices and more than 60% of that comes from iPhone/iPad. Our mobile access % has been climbing sharply over the last year. I expect CD baby is seeing the same thing in its traffic numbers as well. So just one more vote here for having an html5 version of the widget.

      Thank you as always for making so much available to all of us indie’s. What we can do now with a few clicks at CD Baby would have been unthinkable just a couple of years ago. Now we can sing and eat, too 🙂

      Best always.

  • Dat Gurl Famous

    This same thing happened to me did you figure out what the problem was.

  • Kmr214

    My store doesn't show on IE; it is fine in Chrome. Any suggesetions? (This is an IE9 on Vista … I've tried different browser compatibility modes under F12)

    • Not sure on that one. If you could, would you send an email to with that same info, as well as your artist name and the URL where you've pasted the store so someone on our tech team can look into it? Thanks.

  • Jon

    The last email campaign I sent, 40% of the opens were on an iphone. Until you guys go to html5, I can't use your widget.

    • It's coming soon Jon 🙂

  • Anton

    Too bad this widget doesn’t wok with any of the older Mac platforms, like 10.4 or 10.5, or on Mac products. Proved to be unusable.

  • Hmmm. I haven't heard of any incompatibility issues with older Mac stuff. But what version of Flash are you using? THat is usually where the issues appear.

  • Eljlyons

    Any updates on the wordpress incompatibility issue? I tried to install the widget on my site, today, and no luck. Would love to use this great feature!

    • There are still some issues with Flash. We're working to convert the widget to HTML5. But in the meantime, what's happening with the widget on your WordPress blog? Where are you trying to paste it? It's too big for a sidebar, so it's probably best to put it on its own page.

  • Absolutely. Once a new album goes live on our site, it can be included in the widget. Just be sure that the artist name for that album is selected for the widget. (Or "all" artists). If it's not updating for you, write and we'll find a solution.

  • Neil Campbell

    There is no guidance covering how to add a new album to your store once it has been created. Is it possible to do this or does the store need to be built again from scratch every time a new album is released?

  • Charity Kahn

    Getting ready to release a new album and am redesigning my web site in conjunction. Would love to move to the widget, but without compatibility to iPhone/iPad, not sure it makes sense. Any word on the eta for an HTML5 widget? Thanks for all you do.

  • Still in the works. Sorry I don't have a more specific ETA, but it is a priority.

  • Michelle

    Hi there, The widget isn’t showing up in IE…can someone over there please take a look? The page is


  • Which version of IE are you using? Just so I can tell the tech peeps.

  • djsmith9

    If flash isn’t installed on client browser, the area where the music store widget should be is blank (tested on v. 13 and v. 17). IE. v8 correctly shows an Adobe icon (passsed through from CDBaby I presume) explaining that Flash v. 11.5 is missing and would they like to install it? So users might want to configure an alternate message explaining this, unless Adobe has a better idea.

  • Zach McNees

    Guys, your store is great. However, reading the comments from many users and seeing responses indicating that making the switch from Flash to a more mobile friendly codec (HTML5) is not a priority instantly puts your theoretically great product behind the curve. Flash is dated. If a band communicates primarily with their fans via social media and those fans are connecting in huge numbers via mobile devices, then your product is not only unhelpful but completely invisible to a great deal of the customers! Switching to HTML5 should be at the very top of your priorities list with this store as it will instantly reach millions more viewers and thus increase sales for all of us including you! It would also be helpful to give the option for full song clips within albums. Streams only is frustrating for those of us that prefer not to choke our fans experience with our music.

  • I hear that. We do have plans for an update.

  • I Love CDBaby – However, the major things that keep me from selling through CDBaby are the following:

    1… Store Widgets are flash and do not work on some mobile devices.
    2… CDBaby only offers short clips from songs to played. I need to allow potential fans to hear a song in full at least in low quality to actually entice them to purchase.
    3… When posting a song release announcement and sharing on Facebook it does not embed a player in the post so that fans can hear the song.

    Recently, CDBaby decreased the fee’s per item sold down to 9%… This would have pushed me to sell exclusively through the CDBaby store on my website only if the above items would have been taken care of.

    I believe that CDBaby is really missing a huge market that is like me who is forced to use another store provider for our websites such as BC. Out of respect for CDBaby I will not spell out or advertise the other company I am forced to use. (Even at a higher rate)

    I sit and wait for someday CDBaby to finally get on the right track so I can make the switch!

  • I hear ya, Dave. Your comments will help us better prioritize some of our development work, so thanks for letting us know.

  • I’m working on a site that would automatically generate the widget for users once they enter their CD Baby ID. In the widget code, I see “src=’” followed by a unique ID. Is there an easy way for a CD Baby user to find this ID, or do they need to generate the widget code to find it?

  • We don't provide that in the members account, so they'd have to create the widget and check out the code to view the ID.

  • Chris Parian

    My widget is working fine in chrome but it’s not coming in at all in IE…However, it’s coming in fine on cdbaby’s create widget page.

  • Ramona Sexson

    The widget is not working. I have tried it thru different websites and it isn’t working can you tell me what is wrong?

  • Hey Ramona, sorry you're not having success using the widget. Please give us a call at 1-800-Buy-My-CD and we'll get it figured out.


  • Wesley

    I have albums for two of my bands on my CDBaby account, and I have a facebook page for both bands as well as a label page. I want to have three different widgets for each page, is that possible? I can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks

  • Hey Wesley, sorry — but you can only customize one Facebook MusicStore per account — so you'd have to pick whether it's going to be for the whole label, or just one of the bands.


  • Beth Alexander

    The store widget REALLY needs to be mobile friendly

  • We’re working on a friendlier widget as I type. I mean, I’m not working on it as I type — but our smart, techy-type folks are.

    @ Chris Robley

  • Malcolm Lindsay

    Can’t believe that there is no version for iPad etc…
    This was promised as a priority years ago.
    It means I can’t use the widget to sell – shame.
    I guess I’ll have to stick with iTunes

  • The free music online through Spotify is played through a desktop manager that you’ll need to download before you can get started with Spotify. Once you’re up and going you can search and listen to your favorite music,

  • Kay Baumgartner

    Is there any conflict between using CD Baby for albums and single tracks from those albums, and Bandcamp or Tunecore for “orphan” singles, on the same website?

  • What do you mean by “on the same site?” As long as no two distributors are sending the exact same song/album to a retailer, then you should be fine. You’re welcome to have a BandCamp account with the SAME music that’s being distributed through CD Baby. The only situation we would want to avoid is, say, Tunecore and CD Baby are both distributing song X to iTunes. iTunes won’t know which is the authorized distributor, and they’ll pull that song down until they get a clear authorization.

    @ Chris Robley

    • Kay Baumgartner

      Thanks, Chris. That’s what I needed to know.

  • Bob Mitchell

    My experiences with DiscMakers and CD Baby have been great. There is one big issue. The website widget doesn’t work on iPads or iPhones and I just discovered that it doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 8. I don’t know about later versions of IE. Looking at these posts, this has been an issue for a couple of years with promises that we are working on it. There’s nothing worse than having to start a connection with a possible customer with excuses of why such and such doesn’t work. If I were a customer, I wouldn’t trust the seller or CD Baby. Come on guys, let’s get this fixed.

  • Slimmm555

    When will the HTML5 player be offered?

  • It’s in production now. End of summer, at the VERY latest.


  • Clay

    Is there a way to modify the volume of the widget? It’s twice as loud as everything else on the page I’m building.

  • Jack Hartmann

    I’ve had a Facebook Fan Page since 2009. I added the CD Baby Music Store app this morning and suddenly everyone that wants to share one of my posts gets hit with a security check. They are told that, “It looks like your post contains a link that might be unsafe.” There is no link being shared. This started immediately after adding the music store. Our fans are getting very upset. Why is this happening? Facebook support is no help at all. I need this resolved. Someone, please help.

    • Jack Hartmann

      The issue has been resolved by someone. I don’t know what the solution was to offer guidance for others if they encounter it too. We didn’t change anything on our end. It took around 4 days for the issue to stop.

  • Jack Hartmann

    Why was my question deleted with no response? Email me at

  • Hmm. I haven not heard of that happening before. Can you send an email to with all the details (your Facebook Page URL, a description of exactly what is happening when people try to share your content, etc.) We can have our IT people look into it for you.


  • Hi Jack,

    I didn’t delete it. I just hadn’t approved it yet. I normally go through comments one a day, and you must’ve left your previous one after I’d made my rounds.


  • Ah, glad it’s all good now though.