Gigs from HELL!!!!!!!!!

Live concert horror stories
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What’s the worst gig you ever played?

We’ve discussed live concert horror stories before on this blog, and many musicians shared their funny or terrifying stories in the comments section.

Today I came across a Facebook Group where artists can share those same kinds of stories, hundreds of them, thousands of them, with the names and places changed to protect the guilty.

If you want a good laugh or cry this Friday, check out the Facebook Group “Gigs from Hell.”

Also, feel free to tell me about your live concert tribulations here in the comments below. I promise not to judge (too much). 

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  • I once Played a gig at a major auto show in the U.S.(Duquoin Street Machine Nationals) when I was just starting.
    The gig started at midnight to 6 am. It was like a scene from the blues brothers, accept you can insert Rowdy Biker Gang instead of the country crowd in the movie.

    Taking requests was not an option, but a requirement. We played Twist and shout, and after that I heard someone yell, “Play Shake it up baby again.” I did what anyone in their right mind would do, we played the song again…and again…and again.
    We ended up playing it almost 12 times that night.

    At one point I had an old timer of the gang just walk up on stage and he played air guitar on his cane while we performed Every Rose has it’s thorn and a few others until he kicked over a beer on stage that shorted out our lead guitarist’s pedal rig.

    All’s well that ends well. When we were done, the owner told us that times were tough and he didn’t have the money to pay us.

    But in the end, I have to admit, I had a friggin’ blast. We were asked to play there again, but politely declined.