Free Webinar: Get More Fans and Sell More Music!

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Learn how CD Baby’s all-time single-day top seller set the record!

Sign up now to attend a FREE music marketing webinar titled “Get More Fans and Sell More Music!”  On September 22nd at 4PM PST, CD Baby marketing manager Kevin Breuner will be joining music-marketing consultant John Oszajca to discuss the strategy that helped set the all-time record at CD Baby for single-day sales.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the “Get More Fans and Sell More Music” webinar:

– The sales process that was used to help set the all time single day sales record at CD Baby.
– Learn what most independent musicians are doing WRONG and why it’s been so hard to sell albums (until now).
– How to sell albums with no record label, radio play, press, or touring.
– How to set up an automated system which will generate consistent album sales as well as additional income.

The session will be streamed online on September 22nd at 4PM PST and is completely free, but you’ll need to reserve a spot if you’d like to take part.  For more info and to sign up, CLICK HERE.

CD Baby helps you sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more!

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  • Martin

    For those of us overseas, hope you can record it for a later podcast. Would love to hear it

    • John Oszajca

      Hi Martin,

      It's likely we will send a replay link to those who register. So if you're interested but can't make the time slot then register anyway. That way you'll get the replay link, assuming it does get published.


  • Where is this being held?

  • Ron

    For those of us on the east coast who will be in the middle of a gig, hope you can record it for a later podcast. Would love to hear it…

  • On your very own computer, if you so desire. Details here:

  • Ellis Godard

    who/what WAS "CD Baby’s all-time single-day top seller"? seems like it'd magnify the appeal if they're interesting. or, it might magnify interest if they really really suck but sold tonz anyway, lol.

    also, how can it be that "seating is limited" and "seating is first come, first served" at a webinar? isn't the number of seats a (variable and unlimited) function of how many register? cuz… my chair will be here whether i register or not.

    • Webinar's software caps off the attendees, so it's not like UStream where "space" is unlimited. Also, for a hint on the artist: he may or may not have an album on CD Baby called "Removed."

  • Anonymous

    Awaiting the confirmation link and looking forward to it! Thank you!

  • Robbaleman

    How long will the webinar last?

  • Kat Parsons

    Hi! I am performing overseas at the moment so will not be able to tune in, however I signed up as directed below in hopes that you post a link to a recording of it! Thank you!

  • Lonestarrtpm

    This sounds like a powerful piece of information look forward to it

  • John Oszajca

    It will be about an hour and a half long.

  • Kate

    Can't make the seminar in real time, but I have booked a seat and hope to get a note about a link for later. Thanks!

  • Jeannie

    It sounds great to me! Thanks for the valuable info and I'm looking forward to listening. Please send me the link.

  • Camille

    I'm also unable to attend the webinar at planned time but look forward to getting the replay link.

  • Manueetrejos

    4 pm pst, here I´m already in, here in my country we have eastern time zone, would it be at 7pm then??

  • Dear John,
    I have registered for today's Webinar but due to the time difference (it will start 2am in my country time) I think I won't be able to watch it. Is there a possibility you send us a link and watch it later?
    Thank you,

  • Sugargliders

    Nice one Mr Oszajca n CD Baby thanks for all your time u guys Rock
    I'm going to try and tune in

  • Norman Ross

    I love Cd Baby, I am awaiting the confirmation link, I am looking forward to this. I can't wait to put my first album or music on Cd Baby. Norman Ross Coming Soon!!! I love You Cd Baby!!!.

  • Norman Ross

    I love you Cd Baby, I can't wait, I am looking forward to this.

  • Suzanne

    I tried to view it on two different computers, a mac and a pc. I did not have any luck getting the webinar to transmit. 🙁

  • Qi

    HI guys, guess i'm a day late for the webinar, is there anyway someone could email me a link to the replay?, thanks!

  • Are you going to have that seminar again? I open the email to late, sorry.

  • Maiken

    Hi. Is it possible to se the webinar? Best, Maiken from Copenhagen Denmark