Boost your music sales this Christmas in 3 easy steps

December 3, 2013{ 2 Comments }

Sell More Music This Holiday Season

Your last-minute holiday music marketing checklist

It happens every year around this time: music sales are exploding! Here are three ways you can make the most of the holiday season’s music-buying frenzy:

1. Email your fanbase

Artists often overlook their newsletters in favor of social media. Don’t forget to contact your most loyal fans: the ones who took the time to sign up for your email list. Remind them that your music is available for purchase on If you’re worried about seeming “sales-y,” you can include this reminder as part of a larger email announcing shows, a video launch, an album release, or a new holiday single!

2. Offer a holiday discount

Lower your CD’s selling price for a limited time, or use CD Baby’s quantity discount feature to encourage fans to buy two discs for the price of one (by setting the discount to 50%). Then they’ll have a gift for someone on their list too!

3. Give download cards as gifts

Download cards are a great, inexpensive way to introduce people to your music. This can translate into better concert attendance, as well as more album and merch sales down the line. Plus, download cards make great stocking stuffers!

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Earn More Money from Your Music During the Holiday Season.

  • Kyle

    Another idea kinda like the discount card. Would be to offer a gift with every order. Depending on the act, your time and how much your fans like you this could be something as simple as a personal tweet, skype call/ lesson if you have musician fans or a hand written Christmas card.

    • The Skype call/lesson is a great idea, and it's something CD Baby offered as a drawing prize at Folk Alliance. The winner got 30 minutes on Skype with Mary Gauthier, an amazing songwriter, and you could use it for whatever: songwriting critique, guitar lessons, just chatting about life, and interview, whatevs. Fun times.

      @ Chris Robley