Band Blogging Worthy of Your Fans’ Attention

November 12, 2012{ 2 Comments }

Blogging 101 for musicians—because the basics are all you need.

Chris Rockett of Music Marketing Classroom recently asked me to contribute some advice for his upcoming blogging masterclass for musicians on how to create entertaining blog posts worth sharing.

The advice I offered is basic, but it bears repeating: there’s no secret to successful blogging—just keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it visual.

Want to create entertaining content that is worth a minute of your fans’ time? As with most pursuits, it’s really all about the rudiments.

Keep your blog posts short

Fans are inundated with info about their favorite bands these days. If someone only has a minute to kill on Facebook and they’re trying to choose between looking at Metric’s newest Instragram tour photo or your 8 paragraph blog post about recording—they’ll go for brevity. So keep things short.

Keep the messaging simple

If you have a lot of news to share, great! Just break it up into multiple blog posts so you don’t muddy up the messaging. Shorter, simpler, but more frequent blog posts also help you feed the insatiable social media beast.

Let your visuals do the talking

Lastly, the more visual something is, the less you have to say in words—and that is going to appeal to your fans who’ve fried their online attention spans for the day. But crappy videos, photos, or banners only work against you; shoddy posts condition people to tune you out, so don’t produce half-baked stuff just for the sake of populating your blog with content on a regular schedule.

Your blog is an extension of your life, not the other way around

If you invest MOST of your energy into producing compelling and professional music, videos, artwork, website design, tour posters, and photographs—and if you work to create memorable REAL LIFE experiences—the blogging will take care of itself.

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How do you keep your fans engaged with your blog content? Let us know in the comments section below.


    Fans also love to see themselves on your bands blog – be sure to include photos of your band with fans and talk about things fans have done to help you out. Mention your fans by name and they will make sure all their friends visit your site.

  • like whats been said, i think i like simple too…