3 Must-Read Articles on Writing a Band Bio or Press Release

April 6, 2012{ 8 Comments }

Critics, bookers, and bloggers don’t have the time to listen to every CD or MP3 they receive. Sometimes your music only gets to speak for itself AFTER you’ve spoken on its behalf. How do you do that effectively?

Well, over the past few months our pals at the Echoes Blog have posted some informative articles on the art of crafting your artist bio, press kit materials, and press releases. (There was a lot of “art” in that last sentence, huh?)┬áCheck out my 3 favorites below:

Press Kit Fundamentals- How to Write a Compelling Artist Bio

Press Kit Fundamentals- More Band Bio Writing Tips

Press Kit Fundamentals- Press Release Writing Tips

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  • Thank you guys so much for this blog. I love the information as I am a new professional musician just starting out.

  • Oscarhundley

    This is a must read for artist like me who really does everything myself. Writing my musical bio and press kit is the hardest thing to do for sum reason.

  • Monroe Quinn

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for posting. The articles contained invaluable information that was presented in a very clear manner.


    Monroe Quinn

  • Well, you could do some internet surfing, but honestly I think the best solution is to identify a few bands in your genre and region that you respect, you have gotten great press coverage for their releases. Ask if they used a PR person, and who. Referrals seem to be the way to go here.

  • Nice. Thanks for sharing. I like that you gave examples of a specific band.


  • Audiofanzine

    Thanks and you have a nice blog here. I'll visit more often now- keep it up!