CD Baby Pro Publishing hits 100,000, expanding around the globe

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One of the largest music publishers in the world is on YOUR side.

We’ve hit a major milestone! CD Baby’s publishing administration service — available in dozens of countries and territories worldwide as part of our CD Baby Pro distribution package — now represents the single largest collection of songwriters in the world. We’re representing over 625,000 songs and more than 100,000 songwriters, making sure they’re collecting all the publishing royalties they’re owed worldwide.

We’ve also introduced our publishing administration service to more European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain) as well as Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and Singapore via direct relationships with each of those countries’ Performing Rights Organization.

CD Baby launched its publishing administration service in 2013 and we’ve quickly grown to represent one of the largest publishing catalogs in the world. That rapid growth demonstrates just how many music creators lacked the kind of professional publishing deals that ensured wide-reaching and efficient royalty collection.

“Valuable royalties were going uncollected,” says Jon Bahr, CD Baby’s VP of Music Publishing and Rights Management. “Our goal is to make sure all of the money generated from a song makes it to the songwriters. We’ve proven that we can do this at the astounding scale of representing 100,000 songwriters, which is far beyond the size of any single publisher in the world. We are thrilled to expand to Europe, Brazil, Mexico and beyond.”

CD Baby Publishing has uncovered significant royalties worldwide for our songwriters, not just from key platforms like streaming services, but also more obscure sources like cruise ships, online piano lessons, and airplane music. Artist/songwriter and CD Baby Publishing client Craig Cardiff spoke to the importance of CD Baby’s service by saying, “Without CD Baby Pro Publishing, I wouldn’t have been able to get any of the mechanical royalties generated from each and every one of my over 45 million streams on Spotify.”

Want to make sure you’re claiming and collecting all the publishing royalties you’re owed worldwide?

Take your music rights seriously and join CD Baby Pro today.

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