Check out SoundExchange’s Digital Radio Report: are you collecting what’s yours?

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SoundExchange plays a crucial role in helping artists and labels make money from their recorded music today.

In 2016, SoundExchange distributed $883.9 million in digital performance royalties (fees owed to rights owners and artists for non-interactive streams of their music on platforms like Pandora and SiriusXM).

Last week SoundExchange released their latest Digital Radio Report — a a really cool graphic outline of quarterly payments that includes:

  • top streaming charts for 2016
  • total number of payees and payouts
  • featured artist videos
  • and much more

To check out the full report, go HERE.

Even more importantly, remember to register with SoundExchange to collect your digital performance royalties. Remember, these are NOT publishing royalties; you can’t collect them from performing rights organizations such as ASCAP or BMI.

Are you collecting your digital performance royalties? If not, register with SoundExchange today!

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