Music Marketing 101: The Importance of Cross Promotion

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Note: A few weeks ago, we posted an article by Brian Botkiller about social media cross promotion for your music. Here’s a quick follow-up.

I just finished revisiting a great article by Andrew Dubber titled “The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online.” It’s super informative and well worth the price of the download (um, free)– so snag a copy here.

One of the topics Dubber addresses that continues to resonate is the importance of cross promotion. “Cross promotion” can mean many things, but the general idea in this context is to leverage every opportunity to spread the word about your product (ie: your band, your music, your book) and where to find info on it (your website, your Facebook page, your blog) wherever possible. Link your online world to your offline world and vice versa.

Although Dubber’s article was written for the musician, the concept of cross promotion is relative to anyone promoting a service.

For example, you’re an author and you have a book signing. Your book signing info should be on the front page of your website, the current status of your Facebook page, and the topic of your blog entry.

At your book signing, your website address, Facebook site address and blog site address should be everywhere!– Inside your book, on your business cards, on the banner on your table where you’re signing books (if a fan takes a photo of you, stand next to the banner, even if they only leave with a photo it will forever have your website and other info on it.)

Maybe your business cards have a promo code on them for 15% off when they buy your next book online; this gives them an incentive to go to your site.

Make sure each of your sites also lists your other sites (ie: link your website on your Facebook profile).

And make sure to collect email addresses at every show/event you do. You’ll grow your customer database and have a direct avenue to communicate all the cool stuff you have going on.

The bottom line is to include your website, Facebook address, and blog address on everything from cd liner notes and book forwards, to posters, flyers, and t-shirts. Include them in your email signature and any speech you make or any conversation you have.

In his article, Dubber lists some specific and fun ideas for driving traffic back to your website/Facebook page, including:

– While onstage, take a photo of your audience, announce to them that you’ll be uploading it to your website and Facebook page for fans to download/spread via social media the next day.

– Taking it a step further, with that same photo of the audience, circle the faces of a few fans, post it on your website and Facebook page. If your fans identify themselves (reply to website, post a comment), they win a free cd or digital download, or a 15%-off promo code.

– Another fun one: while onstage, band says “let’s make a ringtone” and records spontaneous 30 second track saying “this is band x, pick up your phone, your phone is ringing, etc”. Band lets fans know that they will upload the ringtone to their website immediately following show. Have them enter their email address to get the download so you can grow your fan database. Cross promote via facebook as well (free custom ringtones at our show tonight!)

– Give away free download cards to everyone at your live shows, directing them to your website for the download. Once online have them enter their email address so you can grow your fan database. Cross promote via facebook as well (free download cards at our show tonight!).

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve had your own experience with cool cross-promotional ideas, please share in the comments section below.

-Molly King

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