Social Media for Musicians: 10 Musts for Social Music Marketing

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social media for musicians: a checklistThe nuts-and-bolts of promoting your music with social media

It’s a busy life, being a DIY musician. Amidst all the booking, touring, songwriting, snapping Instagram photos, and hunting for mandolin strings at 11pm, it’s easy to forget the basics of social media marketing — or at least conveniently ignore them when your schedule is full.

But as they say in the sports world, “It’s all about the fundamentals.”

So here’s a checklist of social media musts every musician should live by:

1. Respond to every comment —

Seems simple enough. Someone’s taken the time to engage with you; they deserve your attention. But when you get busy it’s easy to let those things pile up and go unanswered. If you don’t have time to personally reply to every Facebook comment or tweet, at least like/favorite them.

2. Make sure your website is social-friendly —

Does your website make social sharing easy? If not, download one of the plug-ins that enables share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, etc.). Don’t make someone have to do extra work to share your latest song or blog post.

3. Customize your social profiles —

No one wants to follow THE EGG on Twitter. And a big, bland Facebook header image isn’t doing you any favors either. So really take the time to add compelling profile images, background images, bios, etc. Oh, and don’t forget to put something in the “About” section on your Facebook band page.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the real world —

Your family, friends, and existing fans are the ones who can help you spread the word early on. Don’t be shy about asking for some sharing, engagement, and retweet love.

5. Don’t confuse your personal profiles with your band profiles —

When you’ve got a personal Facebook profile, a band page, multiple Twitter accounts, and everything else — it’s easy to get confused about where you’re posting new content. Make sure to double check that your latest Instagram photo of a smashed guitar is going to your band page and band Twitter feed. It’s not rocket science to fix a mistake, but it’s a bit of a pain — and kind of embarrassing too.

6. Reward frequent interaction —

Offer prizes or have a “fan of the week” title for people who regularly interact with you through social media and share your content.

7. Post consistently —

Don’t disappear for months at a time. You don’t necessarily have to tweet or post something on Facebook every day (though it never hurts!) — but avoid long dormant stretches. It conditions your fans to forget you.

8. Remind people to follow you via social media —

Use your stage banter, the signage at your merch table, your album artwork, and your email newsletter to tell folks where they can find you on social media. Make sure to put social media follow buttons on your website too.

9. Have a conversation —

Don’t just promote your music non-stop. Engage with other folks you admire. Ask for your fans’ opinions. Show them your goofy side. Tell them a secret.

10. Don’t autopost everything —

There are tools you can use to post a single update to multiple channels — Facebook, Twitter, etc. — with the push of a button. But people who follow you on each platform want to get a unique experience in each place. So while it’s ok to use the autopost method occasionally, try to make an effort to give each of your social media audiences a little something different.


Well, those are some of the basics of good social media marketing. I’m sure I forgot quite a few, but that’s where you come in! Let me know in the comments section below what you consider to be a social media must for musicians.

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  • These are all really great tips. I definitely agree that you should interact with those connected to you rather than just posting about your music.

    • Elena Wathen

      I absolutely agree! If you constantly just promoting yourself and trying to sell your own stuff, why would anyone want to follow you? You have to post content that is interesting but still relevant so that fans actually want to read/watch/share it.

  • Great advise! Thanks

  • Thanks Shannon!

  • Nice list – well said!

  • Another reason why I, and many people I know, have stopped using Facebook and Twitter. We're tired of constantly being hassled by all of the above!

  • MichaelandDorine


  • MayanFox

    Cheers Chris – good advice.

  • Clara Bellino

    Thank you for all the great tips! I have a question for you: got a video from an ex-band member today, really cool footage I don’t have. Facebook makes it impossible for me to post it on my fan/music page. Am I missing something? That’s where it belongs, not on my personal page, not that it hurts there, but I want to share it with my fans, can’t do it. Do you know why? Or how to get around that? Don’t tell me to ask FB I have in the past they don’t anxwer. Just curious if you know. Thanks!

  • And what with doing all this on top of travelling and performing etc. when are all those poor Muso's ever going to be able to get a decent night's sleep, pray tell ?

    Talk about Multi-tasking in a job !

    Zsheesh and Lawks Gramercy !

  • Great Tips!

  • Thanks, N.


  • You can post video when you make an update/post. You'll see "status," and then "photo/video." Click that video option and you can upload from there.


  • A few of these make me wonder if people are really stupid enough to make these mistakes…

  • Musoid

    Here's your best tip, work your ass off through endless trial and error
    perfecting something really special so you're not just one of a billion
    other mediocre artists clogging the airwaves with more generic crap.

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  • Angela Ford

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • great advices! thanks! todays are great times for musicians – you can contact your listener directly without label, promoter, FM-stations, Public Relation Agency. your audience is seeking for you!

  • Great tips! If one more were allowed I would suggest:
    #11 – Clone self so you can do 1-10 effectively and still spend time making innovative music 😉

  • Christopher Weldon

    WelStylesDon- master mix music videos: