Pandora AMP’s new features: customize your profile photo, promote shows, and more

How to use Pandora AMP
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Pandora enhances its Artist Marketing Platform.

Pandora has just rolled out the “next wave of new features” for their suite of marketing tools called AMP (Artist Marketing Platform).

You can now use Pandora AMP to:

Learn how to use Pandora AMP’s new tools.

Pandora will be hosting a video conference for all AMP users on Thursday, July 27 at 11:00am PT (2pm ET) to run through the new features and give some pointers on using them. RSVP here.

Have you been using AMP? If so, how? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Yes I use it quite a bit. Wished it was easier as before when it was just pandora amp, now the stats go to next big sound, which isn’t as simple to me..