Music Promotion Tip: How to Claim Your Artist Page on Google Play

July 17, 2012{ 14 Comments }

[Important note: if CD Baby is distributing your music to Google Play, DO NOT try to upload your music to Google Play yourself . We’ll deliver your music to Google Play for you.]

In case you missed the news, Google has rolled out a new entertainment platform called Google Play where you can find digital music, movies, books and Android apps in one place and access them all from any Web browser or Android device.

Why is Google Play a big deal?

Because there are more than 400 million Android devices in the world today, and more than 1 million new devices are activated every day (that’s more than the number of babies that will be born today).

If you’ve opted to distribute on Google Play through CD Baby (check your members account for details), then your music should be in the music store. But when you get over to the store, your store page might look a little bare….

That’s because, as an artist, you are the one who can claim and customize your page in the store. It’s your music; you know your story the best and we want you to be able to tell it.

Use the Google Play artist hub to customize your page.

With so many devices accessing Google Play every day, it would be a bummer if a fan found your music but landed on a page without a photo or description of what you’re all about (especially if it’s a new fan).

From the artist hub, you can customize your Google Play store page. Add an artist photo, original bio and the genres to describe your music. You can also provide links to the other places you live on the Web, like your YouTube channel, Google+ page and website.

Claim your page for free when your music is delivered by CD Baby.

If you’ve chosen to distribute on Google Play through CD Baby, you can claim your store page for free, saving you the $25 fee for page creation.

* Visit

* Search for your artist page

* See it? Claim it for $0

* Not there? Make sure you’ve opted to distribute on Google Play (check your CD Baby members account for details).

(You will be asked for a credit card to verify your identity, even though your page is $0. If you have questions about it you can visit the Google Play artist support center).

Play by your own rules. Visit

[Again, it’s important that you NOT attempt to upload your own music to Google Play if you’re using CD Baby for digital distribution. We’ll handle the upload– then you can claim the page and complete the artist details.]

Sell your music on Google Play!

  • p.s. – quick question: now that i've set up my page, am i correct that cd baby will continue to receive my google play sales/data and pay me? the reason i ask is that i noticed on the google play artist hub that there was a section for payment info.

    i don't want to touch any of that if i don't have to. so basically, i would continue to upload/sell new albums to google play through cd baby and i would control my google play artist page from a more cosmetic/informational standpoint.

    curious of your thoughts. again, thanks for posting the article!

    • You've got it right. You don't have to pay anything. You just manage your profile information, and we'll handle the distribution/payment side of things.

  • James_Keith_Norman

    Being located in Canada, Google says I can claim a page or create one, but can't upload audio to it. However, to take advantage of the $0 offer, do I have to wait for the page to exist (rather than create one myself)? If I need to wait till it exists, do you know how long this takes, or should I just keep checking back with them? (I looked at my CD Baby info and the Google Music option is checked.) Also, because I can't upload music to this page unless I'm a US resident, does the CDBaby submission take care of this by assocating distributed audio files with my page (when it exists :)? Thanks!

    • Yes. We'll handle all the uploading/audio stuff. Once your page exists on Google Play, then you can go in to "claim" it and provide more of your artist information. Did you see in your members account that your album had been delivered to Google? If so, your page should be live soon. If not, send an email and we'll make sure the album is added to our next delivery queue.

      • James_Keith_Norman

        Thanks (again!) Christopher. Yes, the Google Music (that's the choice I see) is selected in my CDBaby account. So, I'll keep an eye on things and write to CDB if needed. (BTW, I was wrong before: Google's info says I can't create page unless in the US, so I will indeed have to wait for the page to be created in order to claim it. So I assume that CDB's submission will create a page that I can claim. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Thanks again!

  • Sorry. We can't claim artists profiles for them. What country are you in?

  • Hey JD,
    Send an email to and let us know which albums/singles you want delivered; we'll make sure it gets added to our next delivery queue.

  • Cross the border! ; ) Sorry, wish I had some more useful advice. Maybe a solution will be available soon.

    • James_Keith_Norman

      As a matter of fact, I'll be crossing the border soon to record again in Nashville. Unfortunately, Google requires uploading from US residents only (I don't think a week counts :). But I'll follow your advice in my second post above (sorry about the two posts; I didn't think my first comment had been approved!) Thanks, Christopher!

  • Hey Dawson, send an email to and let us know which albums you'd like delivered to Google. We'll make sure they're added to our next delivery queue.

  • If we haven't delivered it to them yet, please email with the album info and we'll make sure it gets added to our next delivery queue.

    • Winter Crescent

      Superb !!!! I just sent the email !!! Thank you Christopher !!!!!!!

  • Send an email to, or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD, and we can help.