Different kinds of “press” you can get for your music

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Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.29.52 AMWhat does it mean to “get press” for your music?

Well, it could mean a bunch of different things:

* features

* show previews

* premieres

* album reviews

* interviews

* and more

Want to know the difference between these kinds of press, and how to secure each kind of coverage?

Public Display PR wrote a handy article on this very subject. Click the link below for a good music PR overview:

For more information on DIY publicity for musicians, check out:

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  • Tom Hendricks

    Those are practical ideas. I’d like to suggest a bigger one that would help all artists, musicians, painters, writers, actors, dancers, etc.
    What is missing is reviews. Take an indy like myself. I can never get a review in RS or Spin, or a national magazine. I have gotten a blurb in Texas Music, and that is a big deal. I can’t get anything in the local Dallas press and even the few times I’ve been mentioned, that issue is gone in a day or a week. So it’s no big ones, and the small ones are not seen by many.
    What’s left. Here is a goal of mine – a review site that charges a processing fee, but that reviews everything you got. And your review would cost the same as the biggest stars in music, and you would get the same attention. That would put online everyone, and I mean everyone, who needed a fair review. No ads needed, so no one can buy influence (the costs would come from the processing fees.) Then if you do fair reviews, and at a fair price (say $20 processing fee. And you do good reviews that are quickly done and posted, you would change the world. No site does that now. They all charge too much, or take too long, or set up too many roadblocks, or end up fake, or don’t know what they are doing, etc.
    But that simple thing, would change music (as well as all the arts) overnight an quality would trump any amount of corporate money or influence.

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