SXSW Panel Picker Time – We Need your Vote!

August 23, 2013{ 2 Comments }

PPvoting_slideIt’s that time of year again – SXSW panel picker time! And even though Austin’s premier music conference is still several months away (March 7-16, 2014), now is the time for YOU to decide which workshops and panels will take place during the event!

CD Baby has 7 panels up for consideration this year, and we’d love your votes and comments! If you like what you see below, please give the panel a “thumbs up” and if you’re feeling really generous, leave a comment or two (comments are even more valuable than votes). To get started, you’ll have to create an account (it only takes a few seconds). Voting runs now through September 6th. Thanks in advance for your help!

Making Money From Music in User-Generated Videos:

Wading through the Storm: Media for DIY Musicians

Now Indie Musicians Can Collect Royalties Too:

Artist Development In Unexpected Places:

How can music make a difference anymore?:

Lessons in social media from the Turkish uprising:

How can poetry be set to music in non-boring ways?:

What do you think of our suggested panel topics? Are there any ideas you’d like us to consider for next time? Let us know in the comments below.

For more information about attending SXSW, click here.

  • Are you asking about why someone should opt into CD Baby's sync licensing program? Or why they should put their music in a sync catalog at all? The answer to the second is to make more money from your music. The answer to the first is that 1) the sync-licensing portion of the agreement is non-exclusive, so you can work with other agencies to get additional placements for your songs, 2) your songs will be available and searchable in a catalog of pre-cleared songs available to license from Rumblefish through their Friendly Music catalog, so music directors can search there to find appropriate tunes for their projects, and 3) as part of our sync program, we also help you monetize your music on YouTube and elsewhere.


  • A lot of the sync revenue is definitely from YouTube, but artist are getting used in other places like apps, and other video type usages. It's a free service and is non-exclusive, so if
    you want to use CD Baby for YouTube monetization and also use a more boutique sync licensing agency who might get you better attention in front of Music Supervisors, you're totally free to do that.