Shopping for Music is Easier Than Ever with CD Baby's Mobile-Optimized Retail Site

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The techies have tinkered and toiled, and today their labors will bear fruit:

CD Baby’s Mobile Music Store!

CD Baby is happy to announce the launch of our new mobile-optimized retail site. Now it’s even easier for your fans to discover and purchase your music right from their smartphones. The artist/album pages have been streamlined- so if someone is checking out your music on CD Baby from their smartphone, they’ll automatically get the scaled-down mobile version (with the option to view the whole site).  It’s also exciting to note that the audio clips work on all smart phones including the iPhone!

We’re excited to get this mobile version of CD Baby’s retail site up in time for the holiday sales rush, making it easier for your fans to buy your music!

Note: if you purchase MP3s from CD Baby on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch you will need to access those downloads from another device (desktop) in order to import them into iTunes.

Discover your favorite new music!

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  • Drk

    Where do we go to download the app ?

  • Drk

    where do we go to download it ?

  • Info

    Maybe there is a problem with iPad And the Apple System: Why downloading mobile mp3 if i have to synchronize with my Mac at home to hear the mp3?
    Now i realise i Never bought a mp3 from my iPad.

  • Not an app. Just go to on your smartphone and you should see the mobile version.

  • That is the annoying thing about ipad and iphone, it's not easy to download and manage files (mp3s, PDFs, etc). There are some file management apps out there that might make it easier, but I haven't tried any of them.

    Chris B

  • It's not an app that you download. Just go to in your mobile browser.

  • HorsemenAlliance

    I am so please with this!! Search or youtube Horsemen Alliance Crazy – Thanks.

  • Wow. Great job with the mobile site! Websites are dead so slow on cellphones, this site is lightning fast! I've never seen a mobile site like this. It has the look and speed of an App!

  • Funchub_17

    Cool! This is really cool huh! So happy that there is a new app on mobile like this one.. I do love music.. I actually just built a site about music..

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