Save on CD Baby Distribution with Submission Credits

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Save money when you sign up multiple albums or singles at once

Bulk pricing doesn’t just apply to breakfast cereals and paper towels! Musicians that use CD Baby for all their digital and physical distribution needs have been asking us about bulk pricing on submissions for a while. Well, we’re happy to have answered their request. Now you can prepay for multiple releases and save up to 36%! Pay now at a discount and submit your subsequent albums or singles whenever you like for distribution to iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, and more!

You should save money and buy submission credits if:

  • You’re planning on releasing several albums or singles over the next few years.
  • You’re an artist with multiple unreleased titles in your back catalog.
  • You’re a record label with multiple upcoming releases.
  • You don’t know what’s coming down the musical pipeline, but you know you want to be ready.

Got a few holiday songs in mind? Writing a topical tune about events on the evening news? Save a bundle when you buy submission credits in advance. Plus, for each prepaid title, you’ll get all the usual benefits of working with CD Baby, including CD, MP3 and vinyl distribution, delivery to all the biggest music retailers (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more), a free MusicStore for Facebook so you can sell your music on the world’s most popular social network, detailed sales and customer data, weekly payouts, and the best customer service in the whole wide world of independent music.

For prices and details, click HERE.

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