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Spotify Verification, now open to all

Spotify artist verification — which previously required that you have at least 250 followers on the streaming platform —  has been a hot topic on this blog.

In fact, an article I posted a few months back called “How to get your first 250 followers on Spotify” got almost 5000 comments.

Well, good news for anyone who’s been stressing over those first 250 followers: Spotify verification is now open to all artists, regardless of your following. 

This change is part of Spotify’s re-branding of “Fan Insights,” now called “Spotify for Artists.” For more details, go HERE.

I’m sure some artists who’ve worked hard to get verified on Spotify will be annoyed at these changes. But as I said in a previous article, the obvious silver lining is: hey, now you have a bigger following on Spotify! And that will make a big difference the next time you release a new single or album on the platform.

And if you haven’t gotten verified yet on Spotify, go do it!

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  • Julius Coxswain

    This is amazing. I wonder why Spotify made this change.

  • This is amazing! Granted… i’ve spent the last couple months building my Spotify followers (i’m currently at 171) lol but hey like you said at least i have a bigger following now! I’m going to keep working at it anyway & get myself verified!

    [Side note] – I #follow4follow on Spotify & YouTube! My artist name is Tehondi & I make dope positive rap music! 😀 https://play.spotify.com/artist/1K8giOEUZf2MzUixSXiSFh
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/Tehondi
    New album “Truth Ain’t Dead” coming soon! @Tehondi .

  • great! Thanks for your help and to all the artists that make this happen!

  • Louise Louise

    Did you ever see the Wire? How Stringer was trying to get out the game but Avon still cared about his corners?
    Well I’m Avon, and I still want my corners. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. https://open.spotify.com/artist/1st81Sgs8IgkaJMYCRAqTI

  • thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge…and for helping eliminate the 250 follower requirement

  • Dirk Radloff

    Great news

  • Black Jewelz

    The irony is priceless. I only wonder if the approval process will be more scrutinizing now rather than less. Though my follower count is numerically up a little now, I have not gained many more active listeners—if any. Anyway, I applied for access as a Spotify artist last week. No word yet.

  • Jody Whitesides

    It was originally only a process to get verified on Spotify. Then they changed it to 250. This is going back to the original way it used to be. The real trick is getting verified on Instagram.

  • Nicola Boschetti

    Hey…! Thank you for the info, I just applied to get my verified ticket.