Haiti Relief: CD Baby will donate $1 for every CD sold

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map_haitiAfter collecting donations in the office and volunteering our time to help sort and ship supplies, we wanted to do more to help the victims of the horrible earthquake tragedy in Port Au Prince, Haiti. By selling your music on CD Baby, you can help raise funds towards those affected by the disaster.

Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, we will donate $1 from every CD sale through our website, and $1 from every download sale over $8.99 on our site, to the American Red Cross and to Mercy Corps, a Portland-based relief organization with a large presence in Haiti. With your help, we hope to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

Please donate directly
I also urge you to make your own direct donation if you haven’t done so yet. Together, we can make a difference. Please click below to make your tax deductible donation right now.

Mercy Corps donation form

American Red Cross donation form

Or text “Haiti” to 90999 and a $10 donation will be charged to your phone bill.

On behalf of all CD Baby employees, I thank you for helping out during this time of great human tragedy in Haiti.

Brian Felsen
President, CD Baby

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  • Thank you, CDBaby!

    Your heart and $ are in the right place.

  • cheryl

    Maybe I'm just missing something, but it seems curious to me that CD Baby would not be advertising this on their own website. When I first heard about it I went directly to their website to get more info, but I couldn't find anything. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Thanks for doing this – we all need to help. The purpose of making music is to make other people happy 🙂

  • First, thank you for doing this. My band, FREERIDER, will match CD BABY's $1 and raise it $1 by contributing $2 from every CD or album download purchase from now until Feb. 28.

    Second. FREERIDER is performing "unplugged" at a Haiti Relief Concert to benefit the American Red Cross Haiti Fund on Feb 3. at Precinct in Somerville, MA. All concertgoers will be directed to our CD BABY store to make purchases, rather than selling CD's at the show.

    Third and last, I can't believe there are not more comments on this topic!

    Peace, drums & guitars.

  • Please help those in Haiti recover from the disasterous earthquake.

  • I am glad we have another venue to donate to such a great disaster!

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  • Thanks CDBaby.

    I also donated to haiti when you paid my cd sales.


  • Rob

    This is just one more reason for us to be proud to work with CD Baby. Thank you!

  • Thanks for doing this, CD Baby! Coincidentally, Willie T & Doctor X are donating 100% of our share of CD and whole-album MP3 sales sold through CD Baby to the Red Cross to help with earthquake relief efforts through Feb. 12th. Your announcement provides a timely incentive for our fans to purchase now for such a worthy cause.

    Best regards,
    Willie T & Doctor X

  • Besides donating my own money to Haiti, I will continue to pray for them. Lifting everything up to Heaven for them.

  • it's great that CD baby is doing this trying to let people know your haiti relief and getting them involved. I'll be posting your efforts up on http://www.knowyourhaitireflie.info because I am proud to know that your helping out with haiti relief.

  • by the way http://www.knowyourhaitirelief.info is a social media and i earge everyone to post something about the haiti relief on there or eithere at http://www.knowyoursocialmedia.info so we can get the world to know about CD baby

  • Thanks indeed for mentioning this Brian as well as listing
    the American Red Cross addresses for example. I received a letter
    in the mail recently from the ARC with the same name as one of
    the places you mentioned-(International Response Fund)and so
    I can rest easier knowing that my donation will probably be going
    to the right place(!)

    Thanks again as helping people in need is a great thing and something
    I'm hoping to do alot more of as time goes on.

    All the best!

  • CD babys is awesome for doing this. Keep up the good work in changing this world one dollar at a time..

  • I swear that some people don't even bother to actually read the article, then just go on spouting a bunch of garbage. Seriously, it's tiring.

  • Hey man, that's an excellent article. Do you mind if I post a trackback on my blog? You'll probably get some visitors from it. Can't wait to read more.

    • Chris R. at CD Baby

      Not at all. Please feel free to repost any article you find on our blog as long as you credit the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog and link back to us. Thanks!

  • Sadly I could not participate in the one dollar campaign for the EQ victims as I came to know about this article just recently only. Anyway, it was a nice an humanitarian gesture to deliver our support to the victims.

  • It is now one year of this devastating disaster. Do you have any plans to commemorate this by starting a similar campaign for the victims and relatives?